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IUSAP06 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 06 (Part 1) [18+]

"That's right, even though you helped me, I did not give my thanks nor named myself. My name is Karen a former adventurer, I lived at the near by village with my husband. Thank you very much for helping me."

Karen sat up and talked face to face with Dee, but when Karen got up, Dee's decamara(Big penis) which was still in her got stimulated and got bigger.

"Aan~♪! It got big again"

"Oh, sorry!"

It has become big again♪. But it cannot be helped! Her vagina tightened up again and there are these busty tits in front of me... It will be strange, if it did not stand up, is not it? But, she is not trying to pull it out?... No way?

Aa~nn♪ No good, this penis feels too good♪. The itchy feeling of my vagina still does not go away... Anyway, who is this boy? It is good that he helped me, but... the process was by having sex. I never heard such a way before... Un~ but, how big was it!? This boy's body is small, but his penis is same size as his arm...

Then, Dee and Karen stared at each other and confirms the current situation. Karen's pussy tightens further, Dee also gets bigger inside her. And Dee suddenly began to lick the big boobs in front of him, and put the big pointed nipple in his mouth, which was at the tip of the big tits in front of him.

It's bad! My body moved without permission♪. But in this situation... is it Karen-san? This woman tightened her vagina and there are such big boobs in front of my eyes, I could not help it! Besides, Karen-san started to move her waist by herself♪. As expected of a married woman... It will be wrong, if that man was her husband... That she will be a widow...

"Chu! Picha... Lero Lero." (sounds of kissing...)

"Aan~♪ Do not lick a nipple, if you do I feel it again... Aau~un♪ I feel too good. The waist moves without my permission... Uun~..."

When Dee moved his decamara(big penis) inside rubbing against the walls of her vagina, Karen could not hold her voice down and moaned loudly. She came from the pussy by flooding her love juice with the semen that Dee cummed a while ago.


"Aaa~ not there, it feels too good... If you know such a thing, I am already..."

While moving his waist, Dee licked one of the boobs and rubbed the other side with his vacant hand.

These boobs are amazing♪, and her pussy's feels amazing. Just by rubbing against the walls of her vagina, it got wet and tightened against my penis. And this feeling hitting the base part of my penis from a little while ago was probably clitoris. It is bigger than Shakti and Lina.
That's it! I forgot that! I need to go and help those two as soon as possible. But before that, I and Karen needs to cum first.

Then, Dee supports Karen and lie on his back. He thrusts his big penis into her vagina and started teasing the clitoris that gotten bigger.

"Aaa~ not there, above that wall feels good... Aa~ not Au~ Aaa~♪ there Aaa~♪ do not touch there Aa~ I am weak there no~ ua~ Aaa~♪"

When Dee continues to thrust his waist without hesitation, he felt something in the back of her vagina.

Hmm? What is it? What is the feeling of getting behind this?

Gotsu gotsu

"Aan~♪ don't, my womb, my uterus is coming down...
If you touch it, I will become strange."

I see, is this the womb!  That means, it is like erotic manga and so on! That means that I can have sex with womb's mouth.

"Aaa~♪ not there... if you poke it so much, it will enter...
Aan♪ it entered.... Aan~♪ Aaa~♪ a he~e fu~aya~u..."

Dee further attacks the back of her vagina, breaks open her womb's mouth and inserted the head of decamara. When he did it, Karen's face melted and came with a Ahegao♪.

Bokkoru Jupujupu Bokkou Jupu

It's bad, this feels too good and waist does not stop!

Karen was already in a state of Ahegao♪ and came as it is.

"A-han aa~a he~e it feels too good  awaa~a~ I don't know what I am saying anymore iku~iku~ I am cumming again."

"I also cumming! I will put it in! Uu~."

Dee sprayed his semen as it is in her uterine mouth. And Karen climaxed for the second time at the same time, as she moved her mouth 'paku paku' like a carp. while in a state of ahegao, her mind seems to fly around.

"Fuu♪♪. It felt too good♪, Karen-san♪."

"Ahe~e... Un♪, no more..."

Un~, she have not regained her sanity yet... Have I done a bit too much? But, it felt too good! Un~, it cannot be helped♪ because it's too good. Well, for the time being I will pull out my penis and I should go to Shakti's place. 

Boko jjupujupu

"Aan~♪ ya~ nn~ no more Aan~♪... what?"

When Dee pulls out his penis from her vagina and it stimulated her.
Because of that Karen regained her sanity as she felt it. So, he said to Karen, what he did not informed her yet.

"Is that so... As I thought my husband was... But at that time my magical power had run out, so it cannot be helped..."

"Then, I'd like to ask? What happened in the Karen-san's village? And why Karen-san and your husband were here? Can you tell me about it?"

"Yes, that's right. I will talk about everything. Well..."

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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