Thursday, 25 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter 18: Ice Hime's (Sealed) Penis Milk Ice-Candy

Ice-chan's penis milk Ice-candy became very popular in the streets.

This is a product that was made of Ice Hime-chan's pussy shaped mold and semen will be poured in frozen it by putting a stick inside.

This product will be sold with 2 pieces as a single piece.

So that it can be enjoyed in both the upper mouth and lower mouth at the same time. 

It became popular among girls and women.

Besides, this ice-candy has a hit. (winning prize)

If you are lucky enough, your family members might increase by good luck.

I did it.

To the Spirit country, who was a co-developer with the country of Ice got a lot of thank giving letters.

It was exactly that as a developer gets to be exhausted.

Right now, in the Ice country all the young girls walking in streets have this Ice cream in their mouths.

And the unprecedented baby boom seems to be happened.

For the future, the Ice country intends to increase production of these Ice-candies.

Once preparations are complete, they plan to export these candies to the Spirit country in the future.


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