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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 17 ☆[18+]


I went to sleep with Lumidora and got up a little early in the morning.
It is a little embarrassing to be seen by Kuon, when I am sleeping together with Lumidora... I get out of the bed and washed my face and wear my clothes. Thanks to Tia, these clothes are light and feels comfortable. These are horrible because there is defensive power above previous breastplate armor...
May be Lumidora noticed that I moved away out of the bed, she comes down from the bed.

"Good morning Lumidora."

"Oh, good..."

Whether she is sleep talking or weak in the morning, the words of Lumidora is a little strange. But, I will not tsukkomi. Just like me, Lumidora starts washing her face. When she finished washing her face, she start wearing her clothes and came to me. And a soft touch is transmitted to my lips.

"Again, good morning Kyosuke-sama."

"Good morning Lumidora, your way of calling did not change."

"Yes, I would like this way of speaking during work, but..."


"During night, when we..."

"That's right."

I embraced Lumidora and took her lips this time.
I tangled my tongue and enjoyed the inside mouth of Lumidora. The eye of Lumidora was also a melted away. I endured to push her down as it is and sat on a chair near a desk in the room.
I heard a sound of knocking the room soon, Kuon came over.

"Good morning, Kyosuke-san, Lumidora-san."

"Good Morning Kuon"

"Good Morning Kuon-san."

"Kuon, will you put some tea?"


Let Kuon make a tea and asked Lumidora about current situation report. If orc lord numbers increased, they will become important strength.

"First of all it was a report of current situation. 2 lords, 4 generals and 2 farmer goblins."

"A-re? What happened to the orc?"

"Yes, it seems that it died of a injuries in the fight of the other day."

"Okay, what else is there?"

"Considering the food of the monsters, it seems that food will run short, if we do not increase the fields a little more and grow crops."


"For now... should we do that?"

"I understood."

"Kyosuke-san, thank you for waiting."

"Oh, thank you Kuon."

"Yes... Congratulations Lumidora-san"


"Thank you"

It should not have been noticed. But, it seems that was exposed to Kuon.
Suddenly, I spitted out the tea I put in my mouth.

"Kyosuke-san, are you OK?"

"Gefugefu... I am fine, it will be fine. But, Kuon when did you notice it?"

"The moment I entered this room, I understand."


"The atmosphere of Lumidora-san has changed and she had the sexual smell of Kyosuke-san."

"I see..."

Yesterday we entered a bath after that thing and to fool her I left few fruits on the room.
But, it seems Kuon still noticed... Kuon fearsome child...

"What about iris?"

"Come to think of it, she did not come back yet."

"Shall I go and call her?"

"No, Kuon prepare the meal, Lumidora take it easy."


"Certainly yes."

I left both of them in the room and headed towards the Iris's room and entered quietly. Sure enough Iris was still sleeping and was exposing a cute sleeping face.
I approached not to wake her and gently stroked the iris's soft hair.

"Huh... master-sama..."


I don't know what kind of dream she was seeing, she is grinning while calling my name. I also whisper at her ear and I wanted to tease her a little and gently started rubbing her boobs.


"Oh, your nipples are standing..."

When I'm rubbing her breasts, Iris' breath becomes rough and the nipples begins to stiffen. I stroke and pinch her hard nipples or roll my tongue over them. Iris's voice began to panting.

"Aa~... Nn~... Ha~a!"

"She's not waking up... If it come this far... I want to do it..."

Flipped up the Iris's skirt, lowered her panties. I put my tongue in her vagina and made vulgar sounds deliberately. To the enlarged clitoris I gently fondle it with my fingers.

"Aa~... wa~u... master... master-sama..."

"Nn~ fu~u!"

By the Iris seeking further pleasure, my head is pressed by her hand and the face is caught between her foot. I was not be able to breathe, but I will not stop my caressing and intensely attacked her.

"Waa~a... Aa~a~a..."

"Puhaa~!! I thought I was going to die..."

Once Iris climaxed and came. She released her hand from my head and I was able to inhale fresh air again. My face was covered with both my saliva and Iris's love juice. Even though Iris supposed to have been came, but even with her rugged breathing, she did not wake-up. Or should I say how big sleeper is this girl... Listening to the panting voice of Iris, my junior also gotten erect. I insert it in the Iris as it is, inside is quiet wet that it entered to the root without any resistance.

"Ku~... Ha~a... it is different from Kuon and Tia, this feels good in it's own way."

"Nu~... wa~a ha~a ha~a..."

I slowly moved my hips and attack inside the iris.
While shaking the waist, touch the clitoris with my right hand and caress the nipple with my tongue.

"Ha~an... Aa~... nu~u... ha~a ha~a, master-sama?..."

"Good Morning Iris."

"Ha~u... Good morning... An~..."

"Did you wake up?"

"Yes... Master, what are you...?"

"Do not you see it?"

"Wa~u~... I understand, but why while sleeping..."

"Do not you like it?"

"No, Aa~... well... it feels too good..."

"Iris, I am about to cum!"

"Haa~... I am also... Iku~ cumming..."

"Ku~! I will cum inside!"

"Iku~! Aaaaaa...... it's cumming inside... ..."

I came inside Iris's deepest part inside the mouth of the womb and fall beside Iris on the bed.

"Ha~a ha~a..."


"Good Morning Iris, I came to wake you up."

"Good morning, it is really a pleasant way to waking up."

"Since Kuon prepared meals, let's go."

"Yes, I will come soon so please go ahead."


When I got rid of my erection and returned to my room.
The breakfast preparation has already been completed. Kuon and Lumidora are waiting for me.

"Kyosuke-sama, yesterday you did that much..."

"Because, it is Kyosuke-san..."

No good they found out, I have to make amends later for both of them.
I longed for a harem, but it's pretty trouble some...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+

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