Thursday, 11 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 10 Masturbating Maid[18+]

Maids who take care of personal belongings.
They are an indispensable existence to live a comfortable life. but, I want only girls with good appearance to serve me.

That's why, I switched the maids who serve to beautiful girls as maids.

There no meaning of maids, if I made them fully naked. So, the usual clothes are basically left as maid outfit.

Right now, in-front of me is such a beautiful maid. She took off her 'hoyahoya' panties and handed over to me.

I masturbated with the panties that I received and I returned the panties that are covered with my semen to the maid.

And the maid wore the panties that had covered with my sperm and started masturbating over the pants.

With the sounds of both semen and love juice mixed together. The maid continues to stimulate her vagina until she reached the climax.

And the maid showed her cumming to me.

Well, it is not bad to see such a metamorphosis masturbation.

I felt that my mood was rising. I pushed down the maid as it was and pushed my penis into her vagina and put came inside her. She made a bright red face and expressed her gratitude with embarrassment.

Alright, let's commit the beautiful maids one after another just like this.

And, I carved the future plan in my heart.


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