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I use semen in another world and live by relying on others power Chapter: 05 [18+]

Dee looks at the cloth that was laid on the soil table made by Lina, where there is written a pentagram star and on the tip of the 5-pointed star, she placed 5 colored crystal like objects. Starting from top to right. On top Green, Red, Yellow, White and Black.

"Oh, aren't they beautiful stones? So, what should I do now? "

"Aa~, these are mana-stones and they will shine when passed magic power into them. And with glowing stones, we can determine which ever attributes you possess!"

"I see, then how should I pass my magic power into them?"

"Just place your hand on top of this cloth and concentrate your power."

"I see! Then, I will try and see♪, is it like this?"

Dee reached out his hand as he was told and concentrated magic on his palm.

"Ohhh, Lina my hands feel warm. Ah, the mana-stones are glowing!"

"That's right! Also... 3 attributes of Red, Yellow and White. What should I say? It's amazing♪."

"Really? Lina? That is amazing! I can only use fire magic!"

"That's right! Even I can only use light and earth!
Dee can use fire, light, earth... Don't tell me? Our attributes were rubbed on him... No way! Normally, a born child may have almost same as either father or mother... Well, I cannot confirm right now. So, I'll do it later."

"But, that's right, it is not bright. With this you cannot use strong magic."

"Is that so? Is my magic weak?"

"That's right! Even though Dee can use 3 attributes, but your power is as strong as manastones brightness, which is weak. But, with training it will increase, so train with me♪."

"Oh! I will help with training! I can use fire magic! Also practice swordsmanship even if you can use magic to avoid attacks!"

"Un~! Thank you♪ Shakti. Lina♪, what are the other attributes?"

"Let's see, I will teach you one after another! Green is of tree attribute and black is of water attribute. And I will also teach this as well! What surprised us earlier is that normally magic attributes one could have are of one or two attributes, even rare are have 3 attributes and they are called triple, and they are active magicians in Royal Palace Magic Division."

"Hey~, is that so? But, I am not interested in those things. I would like to stay with you two as it is♪."

"Mou~! Dee again with such a face."

"It is true♪, if you make such a face, it will ache again."

"Ha ha ha♪, I'm sorry♪. Let's hurry up and go!"

"That's right♪."

"Yeah, let's go!"

The formation is as before, Lina is at front and Shakti is at back. And today also Dee getting a piggyback on Shakti back.

"Sorry Shakti, for asking piggyback today too..."

"No, it's fine Dee is not heavy at all!
But, if it becomes a battle, get down right away."

"Un~, I understand! Oh, that Shakti? Well, what kind of fire magic is there? Is there a fireball as well?"

"Aa~ there is like that. But, emission system of is difficult, so unless without practice cannot use. I basically do not use the emission system."

"Eh? Shakti can fight without magic?"

"Does Shakti fight without magic?"

"No, I will use it basically to raise the basic ability! Magic have two types of systems, which are emission system and support system. The emission system is the magic that releases magic like spells, my support system is the type which will raise the basic ability and fight! Thanks to Dee, the basic ability is rising, so it became even more amazing to use magic! So when I helped Lina, I was surprised at the battle with goblins! Goblins looked as if they were stopped!"

"It's amazing Shakti!"

I see, there is something like that in magic! Then, I wonder if I can also be good at close combat, if I learn support system♪.

"Oh it is amazing♪. But, I'm afraid! In order to master this support system,
you need muscles like me! Otherwise the body cannot maintain magic and you will be blown, hahaha!"

"Dee! Do not listen to what such a woman says. Dee, you do not look good, if you have muscles like such muscle idiot! So, practice emission system with me!"

I see, Shakti's magic have such demerit... If so, should I remember the release system?"

"What are you saying? You know, muscles like this are wonderful!"

Shakti said by showing her arm muscles.

But, it is strange. Even though, Shakti should be muscular, why is her tits are soft?

"Aa~ Dee! Where are you touching?"

"Eh? Ah! I am sorry! I thought it was mysterious, even though Shakti had such muscles, but why your tits are so soft? I tried to confirm by touching them♪."

"It's totally true! Usually if one have muscles their breasts will get smaller by loosing fat! It's strange, is not it?

"Well, that is something I do not know! It's always like this from the past."

After some time later while walking, Lina stopped suddenly and Shakti was wary of the surroundings.

"What's wrong, Shakti? have you found any enemy?"

"... No way!"

"Yes, that's it! Let's hurry!"

"What's wrong with both of you? Suddenly your faces become frightening?"

"Yeah I'm sorry, I will explain it briefly, now the village we are heading for is already right there. It is now being attacked by monsters! So if we do not go, it will be annihilated... But."

"Oh, that's right! If we go as it is, it will be a battle, so Dee will stay here! From here it is dangerous for those who can not fight!"

"That's right! It's good! Dee stay here and do not move. I and Shakti will defeat monsters quickly!"

That's right. Even if I go there, I will become their burden...

"Un~ I understand! I will be waiting here! So, both of you be-careful!"

"Aa~ it's okay. Thanks to Dee, I gotten stronger."

"That's right! With my magic I will be able to finish it in a moment! "

By saying that, Shakti and Lina ran and went through the forest. Dee, who was left behind in the forest sat down on the spot.

Even if I went there... If only I have more power! But, I still cannot use magic... Lina said to me, if I had to use magic I need good image... How should I? What are the attributes I can use now? Fire, earth and light, three types of magic have emission system and the support system. In them emission type magic needs practice to use. I wonder should I try a bit? First I need to concentrate magical power on my palms... Oh! It gathered and next I need to imagine a bullet shaped fire. Oh! It came out and I need to imagine a bullet that was fired from a hand gun. Because, it may become a forest fire if I hit a tree. I shoot it towards sky!

Dee shoot his finger to the sky as a pistol!  Then the fire bullet in front of him flew away into the sky!

I did it! It was amazing, I was able to use it!  I just need to imagine it! Could this be? I can also go? Let's try and see!

"I did it! In this case, even I can fight! But, it's still small.
However, some how I may manage! Let's go well! "

Dee went through the forest to the village by himself.

"It should be this way right? Both of them should have went this way.
Is it possibly? ... I got lost?"

At that time I heard a scream from the depths of the forest.


"Eh? Scream? Is there someone this far?"

When Dee slowly went to the back of the forest, a couple of a man and a woman were surrounded by five goblins. Man was full of blood and sat down in a state, do not know whether he had consciousness or not. Woman also loosing blood from foot and shoulder.

"5 goblins... can I do it... but, if I don't those people are in danger! ... let's go!"

Dee who resolved, was saving magical powers towards the goblins with both hands.

I need to imagine more than one! More, more!

Multiple fire bullets appeared in front of Dee.

"Yoshi! This will do, right? Then, Fire Gatling!"
"Good at this point, right?
Fire Gatling! "

"Gyagya! Gya! Gyagya!"

Dee 's Fire bullets were all hit the targets beautifully and wiped out the goblins.

Woman who saw it fainted, may be because of relieved feeling, she fainted and Dee ran to the two. And Dee saw that the man was already dead and the female was just fainted.

"Man cannot be helped... he's dead... but woman was just injured and for the time being safe. But, she needs treatment as early as possible otherwise blood will not stop! ... it cannot be helped, right? ... Anyway, I thought when I saw her from afar, but this woman is big! Is she taller than Shakti? And tits are over 100 centimeters. This is! These are like basketballs!"

"Uu~n, ha~ ah ha!"

Oh, I forget! if you do not treat her early, this woman will definitely die. If I do it as it is I will be in danger. Then, how about this.


Then, a dome which surrounds the fainted woman and Dee was made. Dee used light magic and it gotten a little bit brighter inside.

"Oh, I somehow done it! It's a bit narrow and a bit dark.
Well, it can not be helped! Well then, let's start!"

Dee first kissed her and droops his saliva into her mouth. Then removes her clothes and became naked. there...

"Uwa~a, it's amazing♪. It's more of a bomb boobs than a big boobs. Besides, her body is somewhat erotic♪. It's not fat but it's a good flesh feeling, but it feels like she's going to absorb my fingers♪. I want to touch it all the time♪. And even though this tits are soft it is also good♪, that her nipples are stiffening. It is also good♪"

"Aa~ a~un aa~."

Dee teases big tits while kissing, nipples also attacked as 'korikori' and reached the lower half of the body. Plucked her public hair and stroked the clitoris.

"Whoa, it's awesome already this wet♪. In this case I can put it anytime♪."

Dee already has an erected decamara(big) penis. He put it in the woman's pussy and started to shake his waist.

"Aa~ aa~un a~un aa~."

"Uu~, this is amazing♪ this vagina was able to swallowed my big penis gentle and wrapped around it. It feels so good♪."

"A~un, Anata(husband)! You are bigger than usual. Ah, ah~ also it's longer than usual."

Is she mistaking me for her husband? Well, it is good, but what is it a bit frustrating?...

And, Dee was further attacking her by moving his hips.
The woman's panting voice rose further.

"A~un, it feels good! A~un this♪, I was waiting for this. Aa~a Anata~a~♪ don't a~un. Aa~a, Iku! Iku! Ikku~n! Aa~a fu~u~♪."

The woman wakes up at the same time as she came and talked to the man who was
I talked to the man, who was on top of her.

"Aa~n, you are more intense than usual. I have been waiting for this! Anata?... Huh? Who are you? Aa~n."

Dee, even though woman woke up, he still did not cum, so he kept on moving his hips.

Supan supan supan

"Aa~♪ no aa~♪ who? Aa~un♪ fast aa~♪ don't, now aa~♪ I just now came nn~♪ that's why aa~n♪ a~un♪  Aaa~♪ big don't this ~Aau~un♪."

Dee continues to move inside mercilessly and shakes his hips violently. And kept on teasing nipples that were swaying greatly in front of his eyes.

"A~un♪ fierce♪ not my breasts♪, even nipples♪ also don't♪ I am cumming! Iku! A ~un♪!"

"I am also cumming! A~un Iku!"(Iku= cumming)

"A~un♪ not inside a~un♪."

Dee came deep inside the vagina, then the woman's body shined and the wounds are fully healed and became beautiful.

"What? What is this? Wounds are gone. And moreover my physical strength and magical power recovered? What is happening? "

"Oh, I was glad you seemed to have recovered?"

Dee talked to the lady while raising his body a little.

"First of all, my name is Dee! I treated you without asking on my own. The procedure is as you have seen."

"Huh? What? Now, is that a treatment? Certainly, the wounds are closed up, physical strength and magical power also recovered. But... I do not know type of treatment? I have never heard of it also recovering magical power?"

"Please, keep it a secret! Before that, what is your name?"

Dee asked the woman's name, who was still confused.


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