Thursday, 18 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 14 spirit presentation[18+]

Right now, I thrust my penis into onaho princess's vagina.
Walking around the town with the clothes of so-called Ekiben.

Why did I do something like this? Because I decided to carry out the opinion saying that I should do a spirit-sama presentation, which was a proposal by the ministers.

While a lot of citizens are watching, I walk with the meat toilet princess, a saint, a brave, a mage, and a knight to the open space.

Of course, everyone's breasts and vaginas are out.

The reaction of the people is pleased with the great cheers praising the spirits and the princesses and it was an enthusiastic welcoming mood.

Among them, there was a group of young girls who have naked upper body and written as 'Spirit-sama Banzai' on their boobs.

On the way, when I arrived at the square while waving my hand towards the people, Princess onaho told the citizens joy to the advent of the spirit and began to make a speech in hopes of further development of the kingdom.

Meanwhile I will not relax the sex momentum with princess onaho, so the cute panting voice of onaho princess was magically amplified by me and it was mixed with the voice of a serious speech, and it reverberates in the open space with a loud volume.

Many people started to masturbate on the spot while listening to the voice of princess onaho and around the time end of the speech by princess onaho, there was a strong smell of sex on the whole plaza.

But the festival of the show is not over yet.

This time the meat toilet princess stands in front and calls for everyone to devote a prayer to the spirit.

Then the meat toilet princess and the Yuusha kneeled towards me, lowered their heads and started praying.

And men came in there and started squatting semen one after another towards them.

Their bodies are stained white as I see them.

However, the rows of men who are getting white clouds to them are never decreased, even if they are covered with semen covered without leaving their whole body, the men who did not line up in the line are also squatted on the girls who kneeled like meat toilet princess and were giving their prayers to the spirits.

It was as if the plaza sank in the semen pool.
It was a sight to be seen.


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