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Balu Fusion Fantasy ch 3

3) Goddess & Strongest

A.N.: Hi Everyone this is Balu.

(From Today onwards I will be using Japanese honorifics for the characters.)

Today I will meet the Goddess of this world.


"Stop." ( Balu said to Silvy)

A white light Surrounds Balu and Silvy.

The next second Balu is facing the Goddess.

" It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ira a Goddess.
I heard a lot about you. The one of the Strongest in the Universe."

" Hello. My name is Balu." ( Balu)

" I heard from North Goddess you were strong even with seal. But, I never thought my thunder would not even effect you."

That means Silvy is goddess Ira-sama but the appraisal skill did not show that.

" Yes, I am also surprised to hear that Silvy is Ira-sama. I thought Silvy is different from other Silver tooth."

The Appraisal skill must be blocked by my own power.

" Yes that is why your stats are not accurate. The planet system cannot calculate your true value because of your power."

Well I know that much. I noticed some irregulars in the appraisal. Wait a sec she read my mind. I know that North Goddess can read my mind. Well anyway

" Ira-sama I want to know something"(Balu)

" Yes, What is it?"

Even though my power is sealed it is still power full than I thought. It's better to put another seal on it.

" Can you put another seal on my current power?"(Balu)

" Yes I can on your current power."

" But not your entire power. Your power is too massive even for Supreme Gods. You born with the power of Universe which rivals the power of Gods."

" Ira-sama please seal my power."(Balu)

Fufu... Just as I thought this boy has pure heart than anyone. He is strength rivals his kindness.

" Balu-san I have summoned you for the very same reason."

" Thank you Ira-sama."

(Note: Balu have to stay on this planet for many years to complete his mission.)

After few hours Balu power is sealed successfully. Now time for Skill selection.

" Balu-san your power is sealed successfully congratulation. Now we need some stats and skill for you.
Balu-san please pick a card from this Ira-Box."

Ira Box which grants stats and skills to every individual who were transferred to this planet.

Balu took a card from the box. The card card vanished into Balu's Body.

Balu check his stats.

Masaba Balu Lvl 1
Age: 10
Race: Human M
Job: Universal ( Can take any Job on the planet. 3Free slots for LVL 1)

HP: 1000/1000
MP: 2000/2000

ATK: 100                
DEF: 100                
MATK: 100               ( Magic attack increase by INT)(i.e., MATK +INT = Magic power) 
MDEF: 100
AGI: 100
INT: 100
LUC: 1000000

REC: 100                (Recovers HP/MP every hour 100%)



SKILL TAKE              ( Takes or steals the Skill of opponent include Unique Skill and Divine Skills. The opponent looses the skill forever)
SKILL TRANSFER     ( Transfer any Skill to the target except Unique Skills and Divine Skills)
SKILL HIDE               ( Can set false Stats and Skills. Hides Skills even from Super Appraisal and can show false stats.)
SKILL COPY             ( Copy Skill from target include Unique Skill and Divine Skills. Can make a Copy of own skills effect original)
SKILL IMAGINATION  ( Use any Skill. Learn any Skill. Make any Skill.)
SKILL CANCEL         ( Can intercept Magic of others. Own magic need no Chant.) 
ROOM                      ( Can Make anything with magic. {Ex: Clothes, Weapons, Vehicles, etc}.)
STAT MAKER  LVL 1 ( Set stats from 1 to Max of the target. STATS (LVL, ATK, MATK, DEF, MDEF, AGI, INT, LUC, REC). Skills of user cannot be stolen by anyone.)
Divine Restore           ( Restores Health, Clears any Status abnormalities including Curse and Resurrect dead or undead.)
EXP BANK               ( EXP goes directly to EXP BANK. Stored EXP gets double rise each day. EXP transfer to target. EXP release when ever where ever.)
Appraisal                   Lvl 1

Item Box ( 100X100)

Money: 0

Introducing STAT MAKER you can manipulate any thing with numbers Like  Appraisal LVL 10 you can change it to LVL 1.

If Enemy stats are like this                                     You can change his Stats to
Enemy Lvl 50                                                       Enemy Lvl  50

HP: 1000/1000                                                      HP: 1000/1000        cannot change
MP: 1000/1000                                                     MP: 1/1000                 can change

ATK: 1000                                                            ATK: 1/1000                    1 is changed stat and 1000 is Max stat
DEF: 1000                                                           DEF: 1/1000                     
MATK: 1000                                                         MATK: 1/1000
MDEF: 1000                                                        MDEF: 1/1000
AGI: 1000                                                            AGI: 1/1000
INT: 1000                                                             INT: 1/1000
LUC: 10                                                               LUC: 1/10

REC:10                                                                REC: 10                    cannot change

 Skill Lvl 100                                                        Skill: Lvl 100                  cannot change        

Even if someone with Infinite stats becomes 1. You can change your own stat to max stat.

" Balu-san you should start your journey from scratch because you will be transferred to different location."

" Thank you Ira-Sama."

Balu is surrounded by white light once again.

Next time
3.5) Recap of 123 (Brief explanation)
4)Guild & Exam

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Balu Fusion Fantasy ch 2

2)Forest and Beast


A.N.: Hi Everyone this is Balu.

Have you ever been in a fantasy world may be. I am right now in such a world. Every one thinks that in fantasy world ATK, MATK, DEF, MDEF is important well they may be  important in game but not in Fantasy world.

If you ever stuck in Fantasy world and don't have High stats don't get discouraged. There are many other ways where you don't have to use any stats and win.

Sometimes you can make friends just by asking.


I entered the forest. After walking few minutes there is a military camp with about 50 soldiers and 3 generals they are all girls. There are 30 Knights, 15 Magicians, 5 priestesses
and are practicing Swordsmanship, Magic, Archery and emergency firstaid and some are cooking. Each one of the Generals are looking after them.
May be it is girls only camp and all of them are about Lvl 5- 10.
The ages of soldiers are about 12-15 years old. Knight general is 22(Lvl 45), Wizard general is 21(Lvl 40), Priestess 20(Lvl 30). I know their stats without getting close
because of my Appraisal skill.

For some time I watched the practice and got tired of watching because they kept on doing same routine. Well the magic some what interesting.

( Well what do you expect every one will get bored if you see same routine).

I heard a Roar of a Beast from a far in the forest. I started walking towards that direction to know what is That Beast.

When I am getting close to the area I stepped on a trap  few arrows came to me which is directed towards my left hand from my left side
I without knowing dodged and caught the arrows like it was no big deal may be because of my REF is too high.

> I got the Dodge Skill<         Avoids attack
> I got Detect Skill<             Detects danger
> I got Sneak attack Resist<   Resistance to sneak attack or traps

I put 10 arrows in my item box.

I started walking deep into the forest. I did not encounter even a single Beast or Magical Beast ( Magical Beast is made of magic) because I avoided them by using Appraisal Skill.

After some time I heard a Roar of a Beast. I went toward that direction to see what type of Beast is it.

Yes today I am using my Appraisal Skill for avoiding all the Beasts to get to know what type of Beast that Roared.

The Beast is a Silvertooth a Beast which resembles a Wolf with fangs and is at least 3 meters height. I want to test my combat ability on this one. It is the strongest Beast I have seen till now and it got skills which other Silvertooth's don't have. 

Well I am not a fool to pick a fight where I cannot win I avoided other monsters because I want to see this Silvertooth.

Well the beast stats are like this

Silvertooth Lvl 7
Age 3 Yrs

HP: 400/700
MP: 40/100

ATK: 190
DEF: 180
MATK: 195
MDEF: 185
AGI: 170
LUC: 20

REF: 8
REC: 2

TITLE: Lonely Wolf

SKILL: Thunder Magic, Speed rise, Roar,

While I was checking the stats the Silver tooth charged at me I stepped a side and used the momentum of the attack and dropped the beast
on its back. I don't have high ATK or MATK so I used the move which uses its opponent momentum and slammed the beast on to the Ground.

It is a good attack and the Beasts health gone down by 100

Silvertooth used Thunder magic I avoided it but some of the attack scratched me it did not hurt but my Health did not go down.

> I got Thunder resist Skill<
> I got Thunder Magic Skill<
> I got Physical Endurance Lvl 1 <

Silvertooth attacked me again with thunder magic this time I did dodge it same as above but there is no pain this time.

The Silvertooth again attacked with thunder magic I did not dodge this time and took the attack head on but no damage or effect.

The Silvertooth staring at me with caution because it's attack has no effect

Then I go near to the Silvertooth and said "Become my friend".

Sivlertooth accepted. ( Silvertooth accepted because I asked to become friend. Best way to make friends is just ask them.)

> I got Tamer Skill<

I used heal on Silvertooth the HP is recovered to full but my MP did not go down.

I named Silvy for Silvertooth.

Since Silvy's MP is low I thought of resting for the night. I asked Silvy where is the best place to rest it taken me to its cave to rest. (Time is around midnight)

Next Day morning I woke up early and checked our stats

Masaba Balu Lvl 2
AGE: 10Yrs

HP: 30/30
MP: 30/30

ATK: 20
DEF: 20
MATK: 20
AGI: 20
LUC: 50

REF: 110
REC: 110

TITLE: Tamer.

SKILL: Wind Magic, Thunder Magic, Heal, Cure, Appraisal, Skill Hide, Tame,

Passive Skill: Detect, Dodge,
Speed Rise
Resist: Sneak attack, Thunder, Physical endurance Lvl 1

Party: None

Tamed: Silvy.

Silvertooth Silvy Lvl 7
Age 3 Yrs

HP: 700/700
MP: 100/100

ATK: 190
DEF: 180
MATK: 195
MDEF: 185

REF: 8
REC: 2

TITLE: Lonely Wolf, Silvy

SKILL: Thunder Charge, Speed rise, Roar

Tamer: Balu


My level raised to 2 from yesterdays fight with Silvy and I got new skills such as speed rise may be from Tame.

After sometime we head back to the forest entrance. I have mounted on Silvy's back.

We arrived to the place where all those female soldiers were there.

"Stop there."

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Balu Fusion Fantasy ch 1

Balu Fusion Fantasy : Chapter 1 New World

( .....................Someone is talking....................)

I want to verify again........... is it really okay?

Yes, .........................................magic..................................

..................ti..ny ........planet................................. ................... h

Balu....................... Go...........od.........................luck


My Name is Katsuga Kei.

What happened I thought I was dead when the plane has crashed and next moment I was with other 5 people where a goddess appeared
and asked for help to protect a world. She also said each one of us are from different world's and we were in danger of dying and was saved.
That's right She also said we will have to save the world from extinction because this is our New World and we cannot go back to our previous world.
She said we get a divine protection from different gods.
Well I would rather spend my time here than my previous world.

Welcome to Taiyo kingdom the one who is talking is the Court head Priest

" Don't be confused because you Six are the ones summoned to this world to become Heroes to save the world."

" Our goddess saved you when you were on the death bed and summoned you all."

" Please name yourselves Heroes of Taiyo Kingdom."

" My Name is Katsuga Kei Hero of Sword" M 17

" My Name is Kiga Chitose Hero of Lance" M 16

" My Name is Hino Tasuke Hero of Mace"M 16

" My Name is Rano Rino Hero of Crystal Ball" F 15

" My Name is Hotate Shino Hero of Bow" F 15

" My Name is Okiku Mimori Hero of Wizard" F 14

"Kei: Question"

"Head Priest: Hi(yes), what is it?"

"Kei: who is he sleeping here?"

Every one taken a notice that some one other than them was there with them and sleeping without a care in the world.

Heroes have appraisal skill they know that someone is sleeping and his name is Balu.

Masaba Balu Lvl 1
Age: 10yrs

HP: 20/20
MP: 20/20

ATK: 10
DEF: 10
M ATK: 10
M DEF: 10
AGI: 10
LUC: 40
INT: 20

STATUS: Sleep, Fatigue.


SKILL: None 

(Kei and other Heroes: It takes 10MP for Appraisal Skill)

( Here priest is low level priest not head priest)

"Let's wake him up"

Priest used Heal and Cure to wake Balu.

"Balu: mmm...........Haaaaaaaaaa.............good morning"

"Priest: Good Morning."

"Balu: Where am I? "

"Priest: This is Taiyo Kingdom's Temple. "

"Balu: Ok. I am Balu. Can I sleep now."

"Priest: Please, Don't sleep I used Heal and Cure on you it took me nearly 3/4th of my MP to wake you."

"Balu: What do you want?"

"Priest: Are you, by any chance a hero? "  (Note: aside from Heroes none has Appraisal skill in this place)

"Balu: No, I am not Hero. My name is Balu."

"Head Priest: Balu did you see any gods before you were summoned here."

"Balu: No, I did not see any. I was sleeping then I am here."

( Head Priest: Ho ho so he did not see any gods so he is not a Hero. May be he has some sort of skill.
It would be better to let him be under one of the heroes for his safety or send him to an academy. He is still a kid.)

Head Priest: Balu, this world is far more dangerous to a 10yr child. If you have some sort of skill.
why don't you become one of the Heroes helper or you can join academy if you want but you must be at least 15yrs to join. May be you can get stronger

"Kei: Sir, Head priest he does not possess any skill. And his stats are pretty low. Even lower than that helper"

(Head Priest: That means he will get in the way if he becomes Heroes helper. It would be best if I send him to Academy or ask some one to look after him.)

"Balu: How do you know my stats"

"Kei: Because we were Heroes we have the appraisal skill to view stats."

"Rino: And it cost 10MP."

(From here Balu)

Appraisal skill well lets see

Just by thinking I activated it

Katsuga Kei Hero Lvl 1
Age: 17yrs

HP: 550/550   
MP: 110/120   

ATK: 120
DEF: 120
MATK: 120
MDEF: 120
LUC: 20
INT: 40

REF: 5
REC: 0    


TITLE: Hero of Sword, Hero of Taiyo Kingdom.

SKILL: Divine Sword Skill, Appraisal.

Stats Kiga Chitose Hero Lvl 1
Age: 17yrs

HP: 450/450   
MP: 90/100   

ATK: 140
DEF: 100
MATK: 140
MDEF: 100
AGI: 60
LUC: 20
INT: 40

REF: 5
REC: 0    


TITLE: Hero of Lance, Hero of Taiyo Kingdom.

SKILL: Divine Lance Skill, Appraisal.

Stats Hino Tasuke Hero Lvl 1
Age: 16yrs

HP: 500/500   
MP: 100/110   

ATK: 170
DEF: 120
MATK: 100
MDEF: 120
AGI: 30
LUC: 20
INT: 40

REF: 5
REC: 0    


TITLE: Hero of Mace, Hero of Taiyo Kingdom.

SKILL: Divine Mace Skill, Appraisal.

Stats Rano Rino Hero Lvl 1
Age: 15yrs

HP: 400/400   
MP: 170/180   

ATK: 100
DEF: 100
MATK: 120
MDEF: 140
AGI: 35
LUC: 20
INT: 60

REF: 5
REC: 0  


TITLE: Hero of Crystal Ball, Hero of Taiyo Kingdom.

SKILL: Divine Summoning Skill, Heal, Appraisal.

Stats Hotate Shino Hero Lvl 1
Age: 15yrs

HP: 420/420   
MP: 110/120   

ATK: 100
DEF: 100
MATK: 120
MDEF: 140
AGI: 45
LUC: 25
INT: 40

REF: 6
REC: 0


TITLE: Hero of Bow, Hero of Taiyo Kingdom.

SKILL: Divine Marksman Skill, Appraisal.

Stats Hotate Shino Hero Lvl 1
Age: 14yrs

HP: 420/420   
MP: 180/190   

ATK: 100
DEF: 100
MATK: 160
MDEF: 140
AGI: 35
LUC: 20
INT: 60

REF: 5
REC: 0


TITLE: Hero of Wizard, Hero of Taiyo Kingdom.

SKILL: Divine Magic Skill, Appraisal.

Head Priest Oki  Lvl 55
Age: 75yrs

HP: 1528/1528
MP: 1000/1000

ATK: 400
DEF: 350
MATK: 800
MDEF: 750
AGI: 200
LUC: 100
INT: 600

REF: 5
REC: 0


TITLE: Head Priest, Holy Priest, Servant of God.

SKILL: Sanctuary, Heal, Light Magic, Cure, Clear, Recovery, Resurrection.

[Note: Heroes cannot see REF (Reflex) and REC (Recovery).]

This is what he said appraisal skill. Wait a sec why do I can see their stats and whats more it did not cost me any MP.

Masaba Balu Lvl 1
Age: 10yrs

HP: 10/10
MP: 10/10

ATK: 10
DEF: 10
MATK: 10
MDEF: 10
AGI: 10
LUC: 40

REF: 100
REC: 100



SKILL: Wind Magic, Heal, Cure, Appraisal, Skill Hide.

Note  In this world no one will object someone's decision even he is child

While looking at my stats there are few things that caught my eye I will verify them later. First I need to get out of here and
I don't want to get involved with these so called heroes. Ok let's do this.

"Head Priest ojisan I don't want to get involved with this heroes stuff but I may like to join the Academy. So, for now I want to travel alone."

Well it's natural to not to get involved with ......................

" What do you mean travel alone there are many dangers. Such as Magic beasts, Monsters, Demons, Devils etc,. You cannot live even a day if you travel alone.
Here after the Heroes were presented before His Highness each hero will make a party you can join them and travel."

" Thanks for your concern. But, I have made my decision. So, I want to travel alone."

Sigh these days young ones are pretty stubborn once they make a decision they don't listen to anyone. Well lets make sure to give him money for his living expenses for atleast 1 month it should be enough time for him to understand how tought it is outside. Also some info about monsters and Guilds.

Head Priest given me the money and books about monsters and guilds. And after that I left the city and started walking towards the forest after eating the lunch.
It cost me 15 copper coins. The priest given me 5 Silver coins. Each Silver coin is 10000 copper coins. 100 Copper coins is 1 Large Copper coin. 100 Larger Copper coin is 1 Silver Coin. By the way 100 Silver coins is 1 Gold Coin. 5 Silver coins is enough money to spend 6 months including a deluxe room in an Inn and other needs. I will repay him back some how.

Yes I am at the forest entrance. The Sun will set in 2 hrs. First the things that caught my eye this morning about my stats are

1) MP did not consumed even 1 MP after using Appraisal Skill
2) I have REF and REC as 100 which is unusual.
3) Kei said I don't have a skill but when I look at my stats I got Wind, Wind Magic, Heal , Cure, Appraisal, Skill Hide.
4) Low ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF I cannot rely on my attack and defense.
5) Low HP/MP Very low than normal Lvl 1 villager

Humph, the first issue MP consumption for Appraisal is zero or maybe REC is recovering my MP or not letting my MP go down either way it is a good thing.
The second Issue REF and REC is 100 well it must be because of my original power.
The third Issue my skills are hidden even for Heroes very useful. And I can use my original power Wind as I like.
The fourth issue attack and defense are low so I need to find a method where I can fight without releasing my Seal.
The Fifth issue low HP/MP when I level up they will go up so don't need to worry.

(Note: Everyone thinking that what is my Original power. I will reveal it later because there is another novel regarding Balu its name is Wind.)