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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 32: 15-yrs old (10)

Ch 32: 15-yrs old (10)

After a while, I took Giselle to the smoky leaf field in the forest.

Once every three days Shibi also followed me.

Sometimes I pass by Noswell on the way.

While grinning he asked me, "how is the smoky leaf field?" I answered him randomly.

Every time, he laughed with satisfaction.

He should be thinking that, I'm having difficulty. 

 If he misunderstood, that's fine.

 I want him to keep thinking that way.

 If the other side makes move, I don't know how far it will go.

 One day, Noswell said to me, "If you give your sister up and apologize to me, I can forgive you for being against my family. You are going to be my wife's family, so I don't want to do such a terrible thing."

If there wasn't one of the 2 torimaki Noppo, who got excited while screaming and knocked Noswell. I was going to beat him.

 It was dangerous. If I don't calm down.

 Thank you Noppo.

 If I was hitting Noswell here, I might have been driven to a disadvantage.

 I don't want to stimulate silent Noswell.

 After that, Noswell strangled Noppo's neck, but I'm sorry, but it's not my concern.

While attending, I increased the number of Otems.

As I watched their growth, I started to realize that if I could fix here and there.

Once I noticed, I couldn't help but increase it.

I also found magic to grow plants quickly.

 It was quite complicated, so it was difficult to grow the whole as a whole, but with this, I raised a characteristic sample and looked at it.

However, the nature may change, so it is just a look at the situation.

Recently, I often meet Philo on the road to the forest.

"I see you again. Every day you go to the forest every day. What's wrong? You hate hunting but it's unusual."

"What are you doing here every day?"

"What? No, no, I have an errand that my grandfather gave me. What is with that face!"

"Next time, should I ask chief about it?"

"It's, it was a secretly asked thing... that... that doesn't concern you! I'm the who is questioning! What are you going to do? What is it? Is it something important for you to change the subject!"

She was worried that I was going to the forest and may have been waiting for me on the road.

She might have guessed that I was having feud with Calco family. 

The story may get complicated if they think chief may be related, so I did not tell chief about this matter.  

So, I'm not going to talk to Philo about it.

It may be useless by seeing Noswell's action...

The chief may also be worried about me.

Perhaps that Philo asked by chief may not be a lie.

"Sorry for making you worry about me. I'll explain to the chief over time."

"I... even I am asking, isn't it fine to not leave me out... Besides you two, there were times when other guys followed you... Why is it just me..."

Philo gets smaller and sits down at a corner.

"I didn't mean to do that, but let's see..."

"Besides, I'm not worried about you! If I let go of my eyes, you would have done something ridiculous so I just confirmed! It's, it's fine already!"

Philo dyed her white cheeks red and ran away.

...... Although she always talk to me with an atmosphere that seems to have been blatant way, I can shake it off by thinking Philo was not honest.

I think it's bad, but it can't be helped.

It might be advantageous if the chief's granddaughter was together, but that would be annoying.

I will explain it later.

After two weeks have passed, the smoky leaves harvest started.

I embraced Giselle and shared my joy with a high touch with Shibi.

I kicked off Shiby trying to hug the Giselle in confusion.

His movement stopped, but Shibi seemed to have no damage. Shibi is strong.

If I dry them near my house, it is more likely to enter Noswell's ear.

So I decided to dry them in a sunny place in the forest.

It was a little quick, but I carved the smoke pipe with a wood carving knife.

Since I'm used to Otem carving, something like this easy.

After I painter it with the paint mixed with demon beast blood then it's completed. With this it will not be burn easily.

I decorated it with a dragon statue. This is cool.

Shibi seems to be stuck, so I carved a smoke pipe with a Shimuparrot decoration.

He had a complicated face.

One week has passed.

Soon my adult ritual is near.

In general, it takes 10 days to dry smoky leaves.

It should be enough, to try to smoke for a test.

I crushed the dried smoky leaves and put them into smoke pipe.

Smoke rises when a small fire is lit by magic.

I think the smell is pretty good.

I put my mouth on the opposite side and tried to suck it.


After all, I'm not used to this smoky feeling.

I tried to try the Calco family, but the result was the same.

It will not fit with my constitution.

I will not get addicted to it.

However, it is also a problem that I do not know the taste.

Once I have asked my father to say about "delicious point of smoky leaf" and theoretically I aimed for it, but I am a little scared of what the person who smoked actually thinks.

"I want to try and suck it! Nii-sama, please lend me your kisel." (Kisel= smoke pipe)

"No, it’s still too early for Giselle."

It’s bad, but I don’t intend to let Giselle suck it.

Honestly, I've a little aversion towards smoky leaves.

I think that it is bad for body because of my previous life.

Fortunately, at an adult ceremony only men smokes the smoky leaves.

Let Giselle endure at least until she is twenty years old.

When I think that my younger sister is blowing something like cigarettes, I feel a little caught as an older brother.

"Is that so... Oh, then you just need to get a little bit! I want to taste the atmosphere!"

"Why are you longing for such an adult-like thing?"

"Apart from that... no, that's right!"

It seems to be puberty when I want to stretch my back.

Can't be helped?

When I tried to wipe the smoke pipe with a cloth, I was stopped by the Giselle.

"You can leave it as it is! It will return it soon!"

"... You really just want to smoke the smoky leaves, right? Is that right?"

But, what about the taste check? Shibi too should not be familiar with the taste of smoky leaves.

I will never let Giselle smoke.

For the time being, the target point was clearly kept, but I would like to make a final confirmation.

So far, I don't want to get adults involved.

If it fails, the damage is great.

I and Giselle are children who have not yet finished their adult rituals.

Noswell's parents will not try to get rid of us.

However, if possible, I would like to hear the impressions from people who are used to it.

As a result of worrying, I came up with a way to replace my father's smoky leaves secretly.

I decided to go back and experiment.

When my father went to the bathroom, I opened a small box filled with smoky leaves and threw away the contents outside.

Instead I put homemade smoky leaves in it.

"Mu, today's smoky leaves nice."

"Is there a difference in taste?"

"Yeah. Well, the quality will change depending on the storage conditions. Also, there will be some differences depending on the position of the leaves, individual differences in the trees and the weather also plays a role. Someday you will also understand."

I felt like what he was saying seemed out of place, but it seems to be fine so it seems to be okay.

In adult ceremonies, acquaintances of fathers and closely related people are present.

As I am also a disciple of the chief, and there are many people who come for the sake of the chief.

So, let's advertise homemade smoky leaves, take it to the exchange square and let it spread in large quantities.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again