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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chaper 13: Graceful Tutte and Doki Doki Yukata time!

"Huh... I never thought, it would become like that."

"It felt good, right?"

"That, well..."

"I did it, Tutte-chan, Papi felt good too."

"Kora~, do not cling!"

"Eh?... Even though Papi likes Tutte-chan this much?"

"That's why I am saying, if you kept on clinging to me, I will get tired."

"Is that so?"

"That's right, that's why while I am drying my hair, you go play with him."

Papi happily came to me, she just got out of the bath, since her hair is still wet, I wiped her hair with 'goshi goshi' while watching Tv in the living room.

Meanwhile, Tutte carefully dries her long dark brown hair and makes it into a twin tail. Her loose hair figure also looks good but this twin tails looks good and is cute.

"Tutte, twin tails suits you well."

"Tsu~! If you say such a thing, from now on..."

"papi also! Papi also think so! Tutte-chan is cute. Sukisuki." (Suki= love)

"Kora~, you again clinging."

"Eh? Is not it good, let's do suri suri." (suri= sound of rubbing cheek with cheek.)

"Ah, you are already annoying."

Until the clothes in the laundry are dried, both of them playing while wearing my white T-shirts and shorts. Tutte says she does not like it but her facial expression do not seem to be against it. I hope she gets used to it little by little.

Also, there are only few clothes, should I buy some? But I have no choice but to pay. While I was thinking and looking at both of them who are in living room are looking at the TV, From the television, the special number of the riverside fireworks are displaying.

Local television casting the scenery of the decorations and few uncles open stalls and flower fireworks which draws the feeling of festival was displayed.

Well, it is the biggest fireworks festival in the local area, it is natural that they will put the emphasis on the TV station as well. While I am thinking that suddenly Puppy who was clinging to Tutte suddenly stared at the screen, suddenly ran towards me and said: "Onii-san, let's go to festival! Festival Iko!" Hugging me with ha ha ha ha hugs and rubs her soft skin.

Papi is curious towards everything, if it seems fun she will jump at everything. There was also one case at the sea and Puppy is very active in making memories.

Even I, if she pleads that much, there was no reason to refuse. It's close so even we go there is no problem, but how about Tutte? I tried turning my face and...

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"No, I was thinking, what Tutte want to do?"

"Well, if you say that I really want to come, I may think of going."

"Un, un. Let's go! I want to go to the festival with Tutte-chan and onii-san! I want to go to the fireworks display."

"Wait, Kora~! Do not lick my face for every thing. Besides, from his mouth..."

"I want to make memories with Tutte, so let's go together."

Standing up from the chair, I reached out to Tutte who is covered with Papi and smiled at her, she said "If you ask me that much, it cannot be helped." blushes her face and holds my hand.

"Tutte-chan and onii-san are love love! Papi, everyone are good friends and I'm glad."

"That's why I said, you should stop clinging to me."

"Can we hold hands together at the festival?"

"...Well, if it's that."

"Yatta! I love Tutte-chan!"

"That's why, I am saying do not cling to me, you idiot dog."

"Kyau kyau! I love Tutte-chan!"

Tutte trying to desperately peel off Papi who is clinging with a smile on her face, even she tried to resist was over powered by Papi in the end.
By saying yareyare and turned towards me, but she seems to not against it, cute. Well, it looks like it's decided to go to the riverside...

"Keisuke a little!"


"What 'Hmm'?" That's not it. You do not intend to take us dressed like, do you?"

"Papi is fine with anything, if we 3 can go together."

"Even you are fine, but I do not like it."

"Is that so? Tutte-chan."

"That's right, it's not Tutte-chan, please call me, Tutte-san."

"I understand! Tutte-chan."

"You are doing it on purpose, right?"

"No, ...Tutte-chan suki suki."

"Ah, hey, stop it! Hi-ya~!"

Papi pushes down forcefully while swinging her tail and Tutte blushes with red cheeks. By the both lovely funny play I ended up smiling, but I remembered [That's right] suddenly. 

After all speaking of fireworks there should be. As I thought, I search for a nearby tailor's number in my smartphone and made a call while both of them are playing together. And when I made a phone call... it connected to a sister who seems to be calm type.

I told about the 2 beast girls, it seemed like luckily there are few that could fit them, so I asked for them and succeeded in taking the reservation.

I hope that Tutte will be pleased....

In the living room (Papi overpowered unilaterally), I embraced the two who looked happily playing and I whispered gently 'let's go'.

Papi seems to not understand anything, saying excited "fireworks fireworks", Tutte said: "Where are we going? No way, I do not to go there like this." So I responded "It's fine, it's fine".

She looked at me with doubtful eyes by saying "Is it true?" But, since it's really okay so it's no problem. I want to surprise her.

We readied with 'Sosokusa' and left the house with light clothing. Papi has a full smile and only says "fireworks fireworks", but Tutte's face is a bit dark.

After all, maybe she do not like walking with men's clothes very much. However, the clothes were not dried and if we wait for them to dry, we could not make it in time for the reservation. I also had confidence that I could make Tutte happy, so I made her to have a little patience.

Because speaking of fireworks and festival means a yukata.

Even Tutte, who was worried, had a big smile every time onee-san prepares a cute yukata, she said: "You can do something like this" in a full smile. Honestly she was too cute and made Kyun. (made heart skip a beat)

Papi wears a lovely flower-patterned yukata with red and pink combination and joyfully jumping 'Pyon pyon' with pretty pink geta(slippers made of wood). And Tutte is wearing a purple with a calm feeling white a floral pattern yukata. As for geta she was wearing black geta with pictures on it, looking at she asked: "How is it?" and showed me a pretty appearance.

I said "pretty", I said my real intention what I thought in my heart, when I stroked her head, she turned her face away while blushing with a smile, so it cannot be helped me say cute. Tutte, which is usually high and proud, has been getting quite honest at the moment as she wears it and normally does not show it.

I normally dressed lightly in summer with denim jeans all the time with a rough T-shirt, since it's a good opportunity, so I wore old yukata with different kinds of geta.

By the time we get ready and get out of the store, the time is already at dusk, as we approached the riverbed, the stalls increased and it will be wrapped in a fun crowd with couples and families. "Come on, let's have fun too". I pulled both of their hands and headed towards the festival.


Thank you for reading.

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Different World Dungeon Life Chapter: 25

Chapter: 25

2-hrs have already passed since Karen defeated the first goblin.
After that, she defeated several goblins and the level of Karen was also rising.

"Karen, do not push yourself."

"I am fine, it's gotten much easier to move now."

"If so, that's fine, just do not push yourself."


Although, she says that she is fine, since I am worried about her, I will check the status of Karen.

Hoshizaki Karen

LV 9
HP 60/160
Magical power 50/50

Attack power 16 + 10
Defense power 24 + 10
Power 16 + 10
Endurance 17 + 10
Dexterity 14 + 10
Quickness 13 + 10
Intelligence 18 + 10
Luck 9

Skill: Spear Lv 1

It was the same LV as Kuon that was a while ago, Kuon's overall status was slightly higher.
If this is the case, she should be fine against Orcs.
It will be OK, because her HP is decreasing from purely tiredness, after that time we were hunting while moving without a break.
Perhaps it was tough for people who were not used to it.
In addition, I will check the status of Kuon and mine.(Read this at [novel44.blogspot.in])

Aoba Kyosuke

LV 25
HP 730/730
Magical power 220/220

Attack power 47 + 10
Defense power 40 + 10
Power 32 + 10
Endurance 25 + 10
Dexterity 22 + 10
Rapidness 21 + 10
Intelligence 17 + 10
Luck 8 + 10
Skill: Dungeon Maker, Goddess's Love, Swordsmanship Lv1, Slave Training.


LV 27
HP 800/800
Magical power 170/170

Attack power 49 + 10
Defense power 40 + 10
Power 34 + 10
Endurance 25 + 10
Dexterity 21 + 10
Quickness 26 + 10
Intellect 14 + 10
Luck 5 + 10
Skill: Swordsmanship Lv2, Light Magic LV2

Mine and Kuon's Lv upped a lot and gotten a lot stronger, this status would be B-rank adventurer equivalent, I would like to raise the Lv a bit more as it is.

"Kyosuke-san, did something happened?"

"No, it is scary because somehow it's going too well..."

"That's right, also there are no orcs..."

I am watching at Karen's fight against the last goblin, she was able to fight without the help of [Clay binding] already.
If it's with this level of goblin opponent, she was able to defeat without much problem. 

"Good Job."

"Thank you."

"Karen-san, those are really beautiful moves, I would like to fight just like you."

"Kuon-san, you also use pretty beautiful moves. If mine is called dance, then Kuon-san uses sword dance."

"That's right, even if I look at you two, the movements of you both are really beautiful and enviable, because I only use force to swing my sword."

Leaving the surrounding vigilance to Ellis and Iris, when 3 of us are talking with each other, I clearly sensed a killing intent that I never felt before was closing in this way.

(Translated by Novel44 [novel44.blogspot.in])

"Everyone! Escape to the city!"


"What about Kyosuke-san?"

"I will earn some time here... So Kuon, believe me and wait in the city."


"Please listen to me..."

"I understood, it's a promise, right?"

"Ah, I surely will return..."

"I will be waiting for you."

Kuon takes the hand of Karen and starts running towards the city, I confirmed that Iris and Ellis safely headed towards the city. I pulled out my sword to earn some time, I should earn enough time for Kuon and others to escape...
Orc lord appeared along with a roar shaking the earth.

"Unlike my familiar monster, I had a feeling that the wild ones to be strong..."

Lord swings it's sword sideways, I avoided it and took distance. By my  avoiding the sword several orcs around the Lord were dead by lord's sword.

"It do not care about it's friends... I will buy enough time for Kuon and others to escape..."

I closed the distance between myself and Lord and released a rough cut towards it. Just like me Lord jumps back and takes advantage of longer reach than me and attacks me. I took the attack with my sword as a shield, but the power of lord is above me so I was pushed back gradually back and finally I was on my knees.(Read this at [novel44.blogspot.in])

"Ku~... this brute!"


At the moment when Lord tried to put more power, I slide the sword diagonally and avoided it.
The lord's sword pierced the ground with the momentum as it is.

"I will lose by force, but it seems my speed is faster!"

I went around to behind the lord who lost it's balance and I swung down the sword. The sword burst into the shoulder of the lord, but that was it. Due to lord's broad muscles the sword was struck and stopped halfway without cutting it's arm.
Well, the right hand should have been unusable, but my sword was struck and lost my only weapon.

"Oi oi..."


I took distance from the lord and saw how things will go from here.
Lord's arm was cut till middle, but it will be more advantageous than me without weapons.
Even if I escape like this, if I do it wrong, I may lead the lord to the town.
There was only one thing I could do now.

"Kuon... I'm sorry if I cannot return..."


At the same time as I ran, the lord also runs towards me and swings down the sword aiming at me.
I tried to avoid by jumping and landed on the sword the was remained on it's arm. With that impact the sword further poked into it and it came just before the arm was torn.
At that moment I was blown away with a tremendous shock, lord used it's arm that was sliced off by swinging it's body and the arm that sliced hit me and I was blown away. When I was blown away, I hit few trees and every time I hit a tree, the impact was be slow, I will likely let go of my consciousness.
The moment I thought it was over, I felt my body falling and I lost my consciousness ......

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 13: 9-yrs old (2)

9 years old (2)

One day, I was shivering on my own bed.
It was around the time that the sun had risen high in the sky, but I do not think I will leave from here.
While I clung to the blanket, I put my hand on my forehead.

My head is hot. It's a sensation that my brain is melting.
First time since 9-yrs, I tasted a dense death sign.
My consciousness is not clear.

"Nii-sama, get it together, Nii-sama!"

Giselle calls out to me.
However, it is useless.
Giselle's pretty beautiful face also looks blurry now.

I was not feeling well this morning and I could not eat breakfast.
I told my mother about that and made her prepare goat's milk to warm, but as soon as I drank it, the inside of my stomach came up and vomited.
I fell down as it is, I was carried to the bed and that's how now the situation.

As I thought, I was a little sick a few days ago.
Everything might have been a sign of this.

In the meantime, it was a mistake that I continued magic research for 3 days and nights trying to get back the time taken by my helping hand with hunting and agriculture.
No, I should think that it was upto now and that all of it was the cause. All nighter, it is not unusual.

Maybe, my own nutritional drink was useless?
After all, I should not have used that herb.
Maybe poison removing was not perfect.

No, may be I was cursed because I made 3 squirrels with biological magic?
As I thought, I should not have placed my hands on that magic after all. That was a blasphemy to the creature, it was rebellion against God.
It was not a good range that humans should place hands.

Sorry, God, I will never use biological magic.
So, please forgive me already.

"... Wow, spirit of our ancestors, forgive me."

I lift my heavy arms and cut a cross in the air.


Giselle cries and embraces my shoulder.

"Giselle...... I'm sorry, I... when I thought now... I am selfish about myself, I could not do anything like a brother... I was an useless brother ..."

If I had a little sister in my previous life, I wonder if it was a bit different?
No, that's not all.
I also think about my father and mother.
The existence of parents who stay at home all the time for me to watch over me more than Maren's culture was hardly familiar to me.
Even ordinary baby do not know such things, but it was natural for me.
As there are existing values, it was a start from minus instead of zero.
Perhaps it was because this my ideal is different from my father, if I think about it.

"It's not like that! Please do not say such a thing as giving up!"

"Because it's about my body, I understand. I will die."

"Nii-sama, nii-sama! Please get it together!"

However, my parents were unexpectedly cold, although I was in such a condition.

"It's only a cold, that's why I said to you, you should train your body from day-to-day."

My father stands up by saying that, sighing as he was amazed.

Is this, just a cold?
There cannot be such a thing.

My body is so hot, painful,

"Goho ggoho!"

Yes, I also have a cough.

"It is serious! Father-sama, Nii-sama!"

"Umu, it's a cold."

Will not he say other than that, my father.
Far from cold, I am going to become wind.

"It's because you pushed yourself in this cold period."

I just doped with medicine and stayed up all night for three days.
The room was also properly warmed by magic.
Anyway, just a cold cannot be this painful so far.

"But, father-sama.... I have properly placed Otem which avoids sickness, it cannot be a cold."

"It is because you depend solely on Otem, it is just a prevention, but after catching a cold it will be useless. Your body will be weakened, because you always confined in your room."

"I placed 10 Otems that avoids sickness, this is not a sickness, it must be someone who is jealous of my talent.... It seems, it is a curse from around Philo. I surely is."

Philo was a grandpa's girl.
Because the chief taught to me by chance, it is possible that there is a line that jealous of me.
Yes, I cannot think of anything else.
If I can recover safely, let's study seriously about protection techniques against magic.

"So many Otems that avoids sickness... Well, but, that was beyond that and it was probable that you were intolerant."

"That's why, this is... not just a cold..."

"Umu, I see, then I go hunting, for the time being rest well for now."

"If I stay as it is, I am going to be resting under the soil all the while."

"The art of sickness scattering is already hung up, and you will be recovered to some extent by the sun goes down. Let's have a little white soup of ingredients for tonight"

"Father-sama... When the sun goes down, I will be already gone forever..."

"If you learned from this, you should be a little more mature."

By saying that father, left the room.

How cold, is that what you called a family?
Even though your son was in the depths of death, was not those eyes that looked like a brat after caught a cold into stirring excessively?

No, I was magic crazy up to now.
For my parents who saw magic as part of ceremonies and education, only substitute for electric appliances, I guess I was such a strange existence.
My father also did not show such a thing, but it seems that he might have been creepy about me.

Unexpectedly, tears came out.
I spent too much time trying to master magic, which was not useful in this peaceful times and I may have lost something important.

"What happened? Nii-sama! Do you have a headache? Shall I change the wet towel?"

No, only Giselle will take care of me like this, even if I was in the edge of death.
Even with that, I bet that I am very happy person.
Without Giselle, I should have been lonely and dead alone in this world.
She was a nice little sister to me.

"I am fine, I am sorry for making you feel bad. But, when I thought that I was about to die... Suddenly, I am getting lonely."
(TL: Where do you(Abel) get this much stamina to speak...(T-T))

"Please do not say that you will die. What should I do, if Nii-sama dies!"

I reached out to stroke Giselle's head, but my hand was strangely heavy.
The head of Giselle, right there, seemed much far away.
Oh, I will die. This time, I will die.

"Hand.... can I hold your hand?"

"Yes! Yes! Please!"

Giselle takes my hand.
Giselle's hand was a small pretty hand as her age.
I grasped the hand of Giselle weakly and stroked her hand back with my thumb.

"I am sorry for only cared about magic... Giselle, I love you..."

I say so, lose to the weight of the eyelids and closed my eyes.

"Hii... Nii-sama! Nii-sama! No, noo!"

The scream of Giselle reverberates in the room.
While listening to that, my consciousness went off.


After 10 hours, I was sitting on the dining table chair.

"Are you able to eat?"

My father asks me.

"... Yes, I am fine, I still have little feverish."

In conclusion, it was just a cold.
Apparently the Maren tribe seems to have a immune tendency towards weak constitution.
Although they are rarely sick because they have prevention with magic, it seems that even if just happens to caught cold, it will be quite effective.

"It's good that Nii-sama seems to have recovered... I... Mou, mou if by any chance if something happened, what should I do..."

My chest pains.
I completely made Giselle worried about me.
Should I say, I feel like I said some strange things with fever.

"Ah... when I think about it, Philo-sama came to visit, at that time Nii-sama was asleep, so I made her leave..."

"Ah, un, I see..."

Philo, I am sorry to doubt you.
To be honest I do not remember much, but I feel like I made many false charges with my headache.

I am really sorry father and mother for various things.
It seems before curse, as I thought I should work on sick and disease countermeasures firmly.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Isekai Cheat Extra 06

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 06: Return

6: Return

"Yoshi, Eclipse also got bigger and let's return."

"All right! Master."

One month passed since Eclipse was born, it is in mid-January. Eclipse was about the same length as Isuka and its length exceeding 40m. And it also learned to speak. It's Growth rate is fast, right?

The current ranking, Isuka is at the top and Eclipse is at second from the top.

"Well, shall we go?"


"Isuka! Everyone is ready!"

"Should be fine."

"OK. Then Eclipse."

"Leave it to me! Master."



When I rode on Eclipse, Arc want to be petted. It's cute. By the way, they are all wearing a pet collar and a pet bracelet for identity. If anyone try to attack or kill the pet animals, it will be recorded in the guild card. Well, it is impossible for any number of SS-ranks to kill these guys. I think a few SS-ranks together will atleast could attack the before goblin atmost. It seems that the goblin that I encountered was the weakest of the weakest among SSS+.

Well then, shall we return home?


"roger that! Master."

See you. My villa.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Two months have passed since Akatsuki-san went to Mythology Forest. Will not we meet again?

"... ... ... Lii, ......... Lii! Lily!"

"Ye, Yes!"

"Are you OK? It seems like, you always not been here for a long time?"

"I am fine."

"I see, if you are fine, that's fine(She seems to be concerned about Akatsuki-kun)."

Recently I often heard that she was not concentrating on her work.

"""It's terrible!!! 10 dragons are coming towards us! 9 are Divine Dragons, which were prohibited to provoke!"""

"9 dragons!? Moreover, they are all Divine Dragons! There are 9 Divine dragons... ... No way!"

"Yes... dragon which has all attributes, the black dragon also sited... which was also known as universal divine dragon............"

"What... did you say? For the time being I will head there! Lily stay here!"

"I will also go!"


"Either way we will die anyway! I will also go!"

"Don't............ I understand."

We arrived at the east gate where the dragons were sighted. Then...

I got to the east gate where the dragon is coming. Then ...............

"All! Align!!"


The dragons landed on the ground and began to line up. Everyone is surprised. A little after, a dragon with red eyed black scales landed. And...

"Oh, Lily, I'm home. Why are you all here?"


"And also, these guys are all my pets."


"So, why are you all here?"

""""It's your fault !!!!"""

Akatsuki-san came back.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
Ping Pong pan pong! Thank you for using Shen-long Airlines today. Shen Longs will arrive Talca soon.

"Wow, it was comfortable."

"Lord, I will go first to do that."


"""Big brother! I'm going!"""


When I got to Talca, there were Lily and others.

"Oh, Lily, I'm home. Why are you all here?"


"And these guys are all my pets."


"So, why are you all here?"

""" It's your fault !!!!"""

After this, they scolded me thoroughly.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Isekai Cheat Extra 05

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 05: Eclipse

Gossip talk: Eclipse

It's been a week since creating the Mythical World. Akatsuki, Isuka(Black Dragon) and others poured magic power and divine powers into the Egg. Egg was a little bigger than before.

A month has passed. Eggs also continued to grow. Still it is about 50 cm in length.

Another week has passed and egg was also about 85cm in size. The magic power that can be felt is already about the same level as that of Iska.
And there was a change in the egg.


"Nn~? Oh, it started to crack."

Paki~ Paki~ Paki~............ Baki~n!


Egg cracked and a black dragon was born same as Isuka.

Divine Black Dragon
Lv 1
Rate: SSS+

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
I am enjoying unprecedented happiness. That egg has finally born. And I guess this guy has the same strength as Isuka at the moment.

That's right. I have to sign a contract!

Conclusion... Contract completion.

"I have to give it a name."


It tilted it's head and looked at me. That's too cute, this guy.

I named it after being healed for about 10 minutes.

"You are Eclipse."


【Divine Black Dragon】 Eclipse
Lv 1

Top Sorcery
Top marked shutdown
Top mark detection
Top magical power sense
Top magical manipulation
<Inherent skill>
Top fire attribute magic
Top Wind Attribute Magic
Top water attribute magic
Top earth attribute magic
Top light attribute magic
Top dark attribute magic
Top thunder attribute magic
Top ice attribute magic
<Unique magic>
Dragon magic


By the way, I fused with it afterwards and I learned to use dragon magic.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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IUSAP09 Part 2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 09 [Part 2]

"Nn~? It's heavy?"

Karen woke up and remembered yesterday's thing while feeling weight on her body.

"Well? Yesterday... That's right, I asked Dee to make me his wife and Dee hold me. And then, Shakti and Lina also mixed with us? I felt like I was embraced by many things at the same time. Were not I?"

Karen managed to remember a little, so when she tried to raise her body, she then noticed what was the weight on her body.

"Fuu♪ I see, I slept like that as it was yesterday. he is really a mysterious child this kid, anyway... what is the amount of this semen?

By saying that Karen got up and sat down on the bed and gave knee pillow so as not to wake Dee. When she looked at the bed and it's surroundings there is a lot of semen scattered around.

"This is Dee's semen, is not it? Isn't the amount a little too much? And also, the thickness is somewhat tine, is not it?"

Karen drank the semen that was near on the bed. And then

"Nn~? Surely it is slight, but it feels like Dee's sperm? I can feel that my body recovering a little, but it is somewhat thin... Is it because it's been passed some time?"

When Karen was thinking about the details of semen, bed sheet felt like moving a little. Karen who felt that turned her eyes, there was Lina and Shakti who awoke.

"Good morning sister!"

"Good morning, Karen."

"Shhh! Be quiet! Dee will wake up!"

Karen talked to the two in a small voice, who greeted her and looked at the Dee who is still sleeping with 'Suyasuya' on her knee pillow.

"Fuu~ he did not woken up, I'd like to let him sleep for a while♪."

"That's right, Anego♪."

"That's right, yesterday he used that much of magic power, it would be better to let him sleep for a while♪♪."

Lina said that he used the magic power, which was caught up by Shakti and said.

Hmm? Did he used magic power? With semen?

"That's right! I was surprised yesterday, suddenly Dee used water magic and take care of us with those slimy things♪♪."

"That's right♪! Initially, it's something I do not understand well, so I was scared at first, but it's fine since it made me feel that good."

"Eh? What do you mean? Dee used water magic, it cannot be possible. Dee is a triple of fire, light and earth, is not it?"

"That's right, but certainly Dee gave us pleasure with water magic yesterday! Karen, did you not remember?"

That's surely, I also felt something aside from Dee's had been put big thing inside my mouth... but I did not think that it was a thing that Dee created with water magic!

"Surely I also felt something else but is it a thing that Dee made with water magic?"

"Yes, Dee uses spells that we do not even think about. And also, why Dee could use water magic would be understood if we try Magic Aptitude again later!"

"That's right! First of all, we must do something about this situation... ... Hahaha."

Karen looked around the room and was laughed at herself with Shakti and Lina.

"Well then, I will leave clean up the room to you two, I will make breakfast! Anyway Dee will be hungry by spending too much magic power, right? And also collect as much of that splashed semen as much as possible. It seems to have the same effect as Dee's Sperm. Well, it would be enough to use as a recovery medicine!"

"Let's see, certainly it is thinner than the real thing of Dee, but surely have recovery effect! I understand, I will collect it and put it in the magic bag of Lina."

"That's right! If we put it in the magic bag, it will not deteriorate."

"Well then, for the time being, let's collect it into magic bag."

Shakti unexpectedly brought an empty barrel from the kitchen.

"Anego is this good, is not it?"

"Yes, collect it in it. Okay then, I will leave rest to you! I will put Dee in the living room."

Then the three of them started to work by hand. Except Dee, who is sleeping with 'Suyasuya' on the sofa in the living room.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

IUSAP09 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 09 [Part 1][18+]

I am doing something amazing now! How should I say, I am on Karen-san's bed, she was on four and I have inserted my penis inside her pussy from the back. If it is only that it's same as usual, but now on Karen-san's right Shakti was on four and on Karen-san's left side Lina was on four. I am fingering both with my index and middle fingers of my both hands in their pussies! That's right, I who have never done a 3P, but doing a sudden 4P.

"Aah♪ Dee♪ feels good♪ this penis is the best♪ please give me more♪ Aah♪."

Karen gave a lustrous voice while asking Dee to beat her pussy vigorously with a bang. It seems like it cannot be helped because Karen's pussy is feeling so much that, it gets white with love juice.

"Dee ... I also want your penis inside me! Just fingering is not enough!"

"That's right! I also want your penis inside! I will go crazy when I remain like this!"

Shakti and Lina started complaining of their dissatisfaction with only fingering. In the first place, why we decided to do 4P was because... At the beginning Dee partner was only Karen, but the two who were looking at it, their pussies started to ache and unable to endure and asked Dee.

"Uun~ but, I only have one penis. I can only put it in one, that's why I told you to do it one by one. But you two..."

"That cannot be helped! My pussy is aching this much, I cannot stand it!"

"That's right! Dee, I also cannot stand it! If you make that much erotic smell... once I sniff that smell, I..."

Uun~ Well it seems true... But, I only have one penis... Will not it split into three?... Wait a second! That makes me mentally traumatic. That's right, will not magic useful? Now, I can use three kinds of fire, light and earth magic, right? For the time being, fire is excluded and the rest is light, earth two types of magic... What can be done first with light?

Other than brightening... Uun! I don't really understand! Well light also excluded, is not it? The rest is the soil. I have some images, but... how is it? All I can imagine is tentacles that often appear in different erotic animes and ero mangas. But... it is not hygienic to make them with soil, is not it? Well... That's right... If I could use Karen's water attribute magic, with water magic I could have created things like slime tentacles!!

"Wait, what is this?"

"Uwa! What are these?"

"Ah Dee♪ more♪."

When Dee was thinking while moving his waist. A lot of nyoronyoro tentacles came out from the feet of Dee. Moreover, the tentacles were made of something like water.

For example, the tentacles entangle the bodies of Shakti and Lina while massage their boobs. In that way I would Like the sense of the tentacles to be linked with my body♪.

"What is this? It's cold! I thought that they came to entangle with my body but suddenly rub my tits. Ah don't!"

"What's happening!? Oh no... Aaa~♪h."

Ah! That's right, I guess cold is cruel to them so it is better to be warm? Then, put the tentacles one by one in their mouths. I want them to eat♪. I'm linking the feelings♪.

"No, but it feels♪ I feel good♪ Ah♪, so much♪!"

"Wha, gumo!"

"Aaa~♪ No♪♪ gumomo♪ Aaa~♪!"

"Ah! What is it? It feels really good? It feels like, I'm feeling it from my whole body??? Karen squeezes her pussy♪. It feels good♪."


Hmm? What happened? Karen as is it? Shakti and Lina also got so wet?

"Ah! What!"

Dee stopped thinking and looked at Karen and there were dozens of tentacle-like objects in there.

"Is this... possibly... this is my work... is not it?" Even if I look at it... I certainly thought about it but, why? I cannot use water magic, is not it? I can feel comfortable sense is also linked with me. Rather than making everyone feel good, I want to feel good."

Dee was trying to freely manipulate the tentacles to make the three women feel satisfied. He pushed his big penis into Karen's pussy, rubbed her vaginal wall and gave a stimulus, further inserted a tentacle into her anal and rubbed it against the vaginal wall, rubbing it with his big penis gave him further stimulation.

"Au~n♪ uan♪ don't♪ it's first♪... time like♪... this♪."

Karen leaked her voice while holding his tentacles in her mouth and her eyes became white with Ahegao♪ face.

"Au~n♪ it's too big♪, my pussy is breaking♪. Aah♪ too intense♪."

To Shakti, I increased the thickness of the tentacle and inserted into her pussy and a thin tentacle approached her clitoris and sucked it. Shakti leaked lustful voices.

"Offuo♪ aa~un aa~n♪ it feels too good aa~n♪ cumming♪."

Shakti was unable to endure the stimulation of clitoris like never before. Furthermore, a narrow tentacle gathered around the entrance of anal, gradually spreading out her anal and a thick tentacle entered the hole.

"Aaa~♪ not there aa~n♪ don't♪."

Lina was suspended in the air by the tentacles and was made to make a M leg in front of Dee's eyes while lying on her back. Her head was lifted up and a tentacle was inserted into her mouth. While the nipples were pulled with thin tentacles and the root of the clitoris was tightened with a thin tentacle and her body was slightly cramping with the stimulation throughout her body

"uun~♪ Aaa~♪ bo~o♪."

Tentacles of the same thickness as Dee's cock were moving in and out of Lina's pussy and anal in that state.

"Aau~un♪ aa~n♪ Ikuu♪."

It feels too good, something amazing was happening to my senses. I want to cum semen out from the tentacles♪. Can I do it?

Dee was serving 3 while thinking such a thing, but as expected of the linking sense of tentacles. The stimulation to him was 3 times or even more, so it became easy to climax.

"Aaa~♪ no... I will cum."

"Uun~ I too cumming♪."

"I also cumming♪."

"Aaa~♪ Iku♪."

Four people climaxed at the same time, a large amount of semen was sprayed from Dee's cock in Karen's pussy and semen was also released from the tentacles.

Lina was slowly dropped on the bed, the tentacles slowly disappeared. Dee fell into Karen's big tits, lost consciousness and went to sleep as it is. And three females also fainted and fell asleep.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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IMWMT06 Part 2

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 06  [Part 2]

"Well then, Elmire, I will teach you magic circles from now on."

"Yard-sama, please call me El, I feel like I was called like that before."

"I see, then call me mentor or master."

"Yes, master. Please take care of me."

I stopped her who was about to seiza (sit on the floor) and let her sit on the bed. It is hard for me because of her etiquette she learned in the Empire was left behind.

"For you the 4th kind, that is, you have to learn and understand the techniques using magic circles. In the first place, the magic circle is used to activate a manipulation formula that which has the information amount which is too huge to express by action or by voice. So if you do, you can use a technique that can destroy even this world."

"Master, I do not understand well, that the story is too difficult to understand."

"It's fine, if you can use the magic circle, you will be able to use amazing magic."

"Yes, I understand well."

"First let me show you the 4th type of technique, follow me."

I come to where I can see the outside. The outside has already become dark and the distant scenery is hard to see. This would be okay.

"I heard that the elves can see even at night, but can you see that far mountain?"

"It's a little dark, but I can see."

"Yoshi, do not take your eyes off from that."

I draw a magic circle on the ground with a small branch of the tree nearby. It took me about 10 minutes to complete and the magic circle was about 5 meters in diameter. So I started it immediately.
When the magic circle is activated, the vicinity of the top of the mountain shown above disappeared quietly.
This is the effect of 4th type tactical grade technique, lower gravity ball. It is a technique to create a very small black hole at the target point.
Surprised by the sudden mountain disappearance, El looked back at me and the mountain, back and forth many times. To see these reactions are worth for my teachings.

"Ma, Master! The mountain disappeared!"

"Oh, that's right, this is the usefulness of using magic circles. Keep this a secret."

"Ye, yes!"

With this she would have understood the strength of the magic circles. Next, I need to just teach her properly.
El, since she saw the previous technique, she hold her voice down but was excited like a small child. With this much, no one will notice her excitement. So, it is good.

After the demonstration, I taught her some basic knowledge. Since I am sleepy, I decided to sleep and stop it here for this day.
When I was sleeping on the bed, I felt the weight of someone pressing against my body and I jumped up in a hurry.
Ten there was not an assassin, but El. As I am asleep, both me and her are obviously wearing pants. Her breasts are in full view.

"What are you doing...?"

"Oh, master, master, you really exercised your body..."

When she noticed that I woke up, she turned her face away. Her face is reddish and her breathing is rough. Is she in heat?
Since I have no idea, I tried to send telepathy call to Margarete, but I have no response. She do not seems to be asleep, but she may be concentrating on something. Since there is no choice, I sent a telepathy call to Tia, it got connected.

(Tia, I'd like to ask you a little question, but is it fine?)

(This voice is master-sama! It's fine. What kind of question is it?)

For the time being, I talked about the circumstances about El and told about the actions up to this point and asked her if there is something wrong with estrus. In the meantime El is rubbing her face on my chest.

(I think that it was probably because she saw the master's magic. Elf originally has a much longer longevity and is not very aggressive in breeding. As a result, they leave descendants when they saw individuals stronger than themselves. And their body seems to go into heat without permission)

(Is that so?... No, I understood. I am sorry to call you so late at night.)

(No, please call me anytime. I am waiting for you.)

I stopped telepathy call and looked at El. It would have been serious in the army, if she went into heat to see a strong. Was she a pretty powerful magician, so she did not estrus to another man?
However, I am not in mood to do it now, so I peeled her off and hold her down. It seems she did not know what I am trying to do. So, she was looking at me with uneasy eyes.

"You are just reacting your body without permission, do not imitate that you will regret later."

"No such thing, I like Master..."

"I am sorry, but my and your relationship cannot go beyond teacher-student relationship. I do not love you as much as love between men and women."

I just kept her as a disciple and I do not want to have a physical relationship. Apart from that, sexual desire does not rise up with an experiment object. Also, if I do it with her here, I will be hung up by the female team. I do not want that trouble.
She noticed that she was rejected by me at once, clinging to her feet while making his face red.

"It's different! I just want to stay with master! You do not have to love me!"

"Calm down, I understood your feelings..."

Suddenly the door knocked, as somehow interrupting my words trying to calm her down.

"I am really sorry! The commander is calling! It is a matter of a hurry, so please hurry up!"

Whether the timing is good or bad, at this time urgent call, don't tell me Demon empire attacked? Anyway, when I tried to go out with clothes in a hurry, El came to me.

"Please! Do not abandon me, master!"

"I understand, do not worry. Because, you are my disciple. I do not think of abandoning you of this thing, I do not even want to give you any punishment for your previous behavior. I also forgotten, so go to sleep for now."

"I don't want to! Please take me along! I will not do such a thing anymore!"

"Do not say unreasonable, I will return soon, so stay calmly in the room."

No matter what I say she will not get off, so I asked the soldier to help me and forcibly pulled her off. As the soldier holding her, I ran into the target room. El keeps crying behind. The obsession to me so far is because the disappearance of her memories. I do not regret what I did but from now on I have to do things so that there will be nothing like this again.

When I entered the room, there were two men besides the other braves and Margarete. If I recall correctly he was a Deputy commander and his follower.

"Have you gathered together, let's start the meeting immediately."

When I get to the seat, Margarete cuts out. She have a nervous face. Don't tell me Demon Empire really attacked already. While others are having a dignified face, I was drinking water because I ran and thirsty.

"What happened?"

"Well, actually this evening, the watchtower in the north was attacked by an unknown identity and mountain itself was erased away. In the vicinity[Buho]." "... What is it? do not interrupt when I am talking."

"I, I am sorry, please continue."

Oh crap, it was me. I did not know that there was a watchtower at all.
I sprang out the water I was drinking without thinking. Fairlis in front of was immersed in water and glaring at me. I apologized to her who is removing her wet veil, my head was full because of how I should surmounted this situation.

"......Continue.... It seems that there were no debris left in the vicinity and it seemed like it was scooped up by something. I think that this is due to the enemy's new magic act."

"Damn it! It is a new magic in such a time!"

"I have never heard of magic enough to blow off the mountain... that the enemy had such a horrible trump card... Is there any counter measure...."

Everyone except me is discussing about that magic. Should I confess honestly. No, then, the strength of my technique becomes conspicuous. Any difficult excuses will be fine, so I have to fool them.

"Ah, is it okay?"

"What is it, Yard-sama?"

"I know something about that phenomenon..."

Listening to my words, I can see that everyone's eyes were pointed at me. Alright, I thought of an excuse. I only have to keep a dignified attitude so as not to be suspected later.

"Yard-sama, is it true?"

"Oh, it's not an enemy's attack in the first place."

"Is, is that true?"

"Ah, the principle is left out because it is difficult to explain, but that is just a natural phenomenon. Although it is a very unusual thing, even if you live billions of years, I do not know if you can see it or not. Also, I know a counter measure to deal with it, it will not cause damage here by any chance."

Although, it is a shady explanation. But, it seems that everyone trusted me, because of my way of talking. I can see that the tension in the past is loose like a lie.

"Yuusha-sama, what kind of phenomenon was it?"

"Perhaps, Sagami-dono might have heard, but that was a black hole. It's like an inhalation of everything, although it's a very small one."

"Was it so, was it a black hole... I never thought that such a phenomenon would occur...?"

It seems Sagami knew about it. It seems that everyone completely believed, since Sagami knew it. Somehow, I managed to fool them.
Decided to tell the soldiers about this early tomorrow morning to avoid any unnecessary panic, the meeting came to an end at once.

When I got back to the room in a hurry. El hugged me at the moment I opened the door. As she never let go off me, I had to sleep on the same bed today. It will be nice, if she will be back to normal by tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

Let's meet again

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Isekai Cheat Extra 04

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 04: New ruler

"Lord, what do you mean?"

"As I said, I will make contracts with Divine beasts and mythological organisms and place them here. So I will create mythical world using my "World creation" and "Space creation". Here I will lay a barrier so that I and the beings that was recognized by only will enter. There will be no food problems because of my "World creation" to produce. There will be no other creatures in this mythical world. OK? "

"I, I understand"

"And I want everyone to cooperate with something. Is it OK, if you all have to merge with me?"


"Yes. Fusion, I want to merge mine and Shenlong's power."

"Lord, what do you mean?"

"To put it simply, I will copy the power of Shenlong, which is like a fusion of everyone with me."

"In short, Lord is saying that you would be able to use our powers?"

"Correct! Well, can I do it?"

"It's fine. Right?"

"""I'm honored!! Big brother!!"""

Conclusion ............ Further became a bug.

The status got too dangerous.

Akatsuki Yuki

Sex: M
Age: 10
Race: God Human (Mythology Human, Transcendent)

Lv 528
Civil service: Divine beast... 99999 +, Spirit gods, Spirit... 99999 +
In case of
HP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
MP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
STR 99999 + / 99999 +
AGI 99999 + / 99999 +
VIT 99999 + / 99999 +
INT 99999 + / 99999 +

Job: The transcendent of the sword God, the transcendent of the magic god, the transcendent of the gods, the strongest, the brave?: What is that, is it delicious?, Masterpiece, best tamer, god dragon warrior, god wolf use, god animals use, god of the beasts, rulers of mythology organisms, gods of the gods, rulers of the mythology forest, rulers of the mythology type, rulers of the god area , Ruler of the mythical world,
Concept level top high swordsman Lv.15 +
Conception level top sword technique Lv.15 +
Conceptual top level sword technique Lv.15 +
Concept-level top-of-body technique Lv.15 +
Conceptual top level archery Lv 15+
Conceptual top spears Lv 15
Conceptual top grade dentist surgery Lv.15 +
Conceptual top-level assassination technique Lv.15 +
Top marked shutdown Lv.15 +
Top mark detection Lv 15+
Topmost precision magical power sensing Lv 15+
Top-level precision magical power operation Lv 15+
No chant
Concept level top level monster Tame Lv 15+
Top level appraisal Lv 15+
Top hiding Lv 15+
Creating top level magic tool Lv 15+
Create the highest magic guide Lv 15+
Create Top Level Weapon Lv 15+
Cooking Lv 15+
Top level magician art Lv 15+
Top body strengthening Lv 15+
Top magical body strengthening Lv 15+
Top smith Lv 15+
<Unique skill>
Limit breaking
Yuuki flow Lv 15+
True Yuuki flow Lv 15+
Sakurami Kazari Art Lv 15+
Myth Akatsuki Lv 15+
Sword less Lv 15+
Mineral separation & fusion
Metal separation & fusion
Special creation
Basic Attribute Magical Suitability: Fire Feng Shui Tempo Dark Ice Crime
Concept Top level fire attribute magic
Concept Top level wind attribute magic
Concept top level water attribute magic
Concept Top level earth attribute magic
Concept Top level light attribute magic
Concept Top level dark attribute magic
Concept Top level thunder attribute magic
Concept Top level ice attribute magic
Concept top level no-attribute magic
Concept top granting magic
Concept top healing magic
Concept top level recovery magic
Concept top-of-the-top spirit magic
Concept top spatial magic
Concept top level sacred magic
Concept top dark magic
Conception Top summoning magic - Sammon
Concept top level spirit magic
Concept Top level ancient magic
<Unique magic>
Divine magic
Poison magic
Wood attribute magic
Alchemy magic
Decomposition magic
Creative magic
Play magic
Emptiness magic
Dimensional magic
Time magic
Space-time magic
Gravity magic
Transition magic
Concept magic
Causal interference magic
True eye
Evil eye
Magic creation
Skill creation
Complete memory
Complete grasp
Complete learning
Structural analysis
Structure understanding
Parallel thinking
Parallel processing
Mind reading
True magic
Extreme magic
World memory connection
All language acquisition
Top level
Fusion (full capacity copy)
Concept level top level physical attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all magic attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all mental attacks invalidation Lv 15+
Concept level top level all state error invalidation Lv 15+
<All derivatives>
Pain blocking
HP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
MP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
Superior attack power Lv 15+
Attack power is doubled Lv 15+
Moving speed super high rise Lv 15+
A person who is a reincarnation, a transcendent, a person who seees everything, a person who leads to the truth, a genius, a natural disaster, the strongest, the one who controls all, the superior of the gods, the creator of the gods, those who obey the gods, those who read the world, myths Ruler of the Lord, ruler of the whole spirit
Protection of Creator God, Protection of Gods, Respect of Creation God, Respect of Gods, Intention of Submission of Creator God, Intention of Submission of Gods, Protection of Spirit Gods, Submission Spirit Gods


What's this? When did I encountered God of spirit? Before that what does it mean by Protection of Spirit Gods?

[Protection of Spirit Gods]
Even if you do not use the spirit magic, the spirits will help you further increase the power. No, please let me help you.
【Submission of Spirit Gods】
Please give me an order!

I cannot keep up with this! But, I want to see Spirit God?

"Spirit God, come out."


Oh, she came out. Beautiful girl! Come to think of it I did not heard her name. Let's ask her name.

"What is your name?"
"I do not have, please call me as you like."

Even if she said as I like... Titania? But, it is the name of the Spirit Queen. But it's fine? Let's call her [Nia].

"Well then, Nia."

"I understand."

After this I talked to her a little and I did Fusion. Apparently the power is going to rise further.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
I returned Nia, I was preparing for the contracts with mythological creatures here. Incidentally there is no goblins. It seems that the one which was killed by me, when I came was the last one. I'm really sorry.

And then, the preparation for the contracts is ready. I made a contract in one full swing. I do not care about how I did it.

I built the mythical world in one stroke. Also, a barrier was created for the Mythology Forest and I summoned the monsters which can be summoned only by the great summon magic and placed them as guardians. I built a house in the back of the Mythology Forest. I will use it as my villa from today.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
"Mythical world."

I built a house in the Mythical world as well. It was a castle rather than a house.

And I was in front of Mythical creatures that I used.

"From today, this is your house! All of us getting along! The guy who cannot keep this will have a punishment!"

Everyone bowed their heads to me.

Well then, next, that egg.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 12: 9-yrs old (1)

A year has passed since I was recognized as a top class magician by the Chief.
I am now 9-yrs old and Giselle 7-yrs old.

Recently, I need to do more things like to help such as hunting and the time spent on magic practice has decreased sharply. 
I do not like the shallow understanding of my father's magic.

I am trying many things to let Otem hunt instead of me, but it is not going as I planned.
It is difficult to incorporate the corresponding actions until it makes the hunt smoothly.
It is possible if I stick to the side of Otem and continue reworking magic, but after all it takes time and it is totally overwhelming.
There seems to be a way to have simulated intelligence, but in this settlement there is overwhelmingly lacking of materials.

Someday I will leave this settlement and get more knowledge and want to do various things.
No, I could devote myself to practicing magic so far because the entertainment was small in this settlement.
Unexpectedly, if I go out into town, my magic arms may wane at a stroke.

In the first place, it seems that Maren tribe is basically decided that it should not leave this settlement.
Apparently the village of the Maren tribe seems to be a hidden village of the ninja in Japan.

When a major incident such as war occurred in the country, it is said that the Royal family send messengers and the Maren tribe to participate in it.
It seems that it is a secret weapon of the country.
From knowing some circumstances it is called a magical troupe as a group manipulating dubious magic and eerie dolls and is fearful.

However, it seems the last time a request for participation was about nearly a hundred years ago.
Many Maren families now use magic only in spiritual techniques, ceremonies, fortune-telling and devinations.
In the old days more magic was flourishing but now completely waned that's what the chief complaining.
I also think that I should have been born in a time when the waring times.
Because now it is peaceful time, I do not know I am saying because of this peaceful time.

To be honest, I have no intention of living in this settlement for the rest of my life.

There are neither golem nor alchemy materials here.
As I read books, there are various things in this world.
I would like to make more authentic chimera and homunculus.
I cannot be satisfied with just Otem alone.

Because I was isolated from the world, my magic skills may be delayed considerably.
When I think about that I cannot sit or stand still.
There should be another place to make use of magic rather than such a closed place.

"Nii-sama, father-sama calls you for hunting..."

I take my eyes off the book and turn my face towards the voice.
Giselle was standing with an apologetic face.

"Fuun~... I do not think I have any talent there."

I'm confident that at least I can use magic to hunt more prey than anyone else, but my father insists on using the bow to the end.
It is better to remember this way of using, it will be useful with somethings he said.
My father has a hard head.

Even from the history of Maren tribe, the time when hunting was done with magic is supposed to be longer.
From chief's story, it seems that the bow was a weapon possessed by an inexperienced person who could not use magic well until about eighty years ago.
It is now totally peaceful times blurred that sense, now it is said that those who hunt with magic is a strange ones, or it is said to be dangerous if they go on rampage.

When I was young, my father and mother were delighted when I showed interest in magic, but... recently they are trying to separate me from magic in someway.
Surely, it probably went over such a line a long time ago.

A lighter is convenient if it is present, but flame radiators are not needed for ordinary households.
It is a slightly exaggerated expression, in other words, it is such a thing.
I have awareness, but I do not feel like stopping my feet now.
In this world, I have lived in magical practice all the time.
If I deny it this time, my life will remain only my little sister Giselle.
It feels like it is not bad, but I do not plan to forsake magic in anyway.

"When I finished reading this chapter, I'll get ready."

While I saying, I will drop my eyes to the book again.
Giselle laughed as if she was amazed by it, and she looks into the book from the side.
Giselle looking inside the book opens her mouth.

"This... what are these characters?"

"Arei letters, it is only this that wrote about the meaning of the figure of the magic circles."

What I am getting right now is also esoteric in magical books.
Arei letters, special characters dedicated to magic books are used.

Arei letters put together what should be represented by plural letters as one character, if it is usual.
There is something a bit wonderful if it goes well, but there is something close to the shorthand technique in the previous life.
Each character has a considerable amount of information packed, so at the time of mastering Arei letters, you have a lot of knowledge about magic.
Incidentally, it is only on letters, there are no pronunciations.

Originally, if you describe magic circles in detail, it cannot be said in very few books.
It is this magic book that makes it possible to forcibly make it by giving information amount to each letter.
You may think that I do not have to put it in a single piece to go that far, but remembering Arei letters itself can also become training magic.
Focusing ability and ability to organize information is the basic ability of magic.
It takes time to remember all of them, but once you mastered it completely, you will be able to dramatically increase the amount of knowledge you can stuff from your books in your life.

By the way, my father knew about the existence of the Arei characters, so I decided to ask the chief to teach them.
At first it was likely to be misrepresented by a simple version of Arei letters, but I decided to clench my teeth and decided to learn official Arei letters somehow.
Around a year now, the basics of Arei letters has become almost readable.
At this pace it seems that it will take over five years to completely master the application, but it seems miraculous speed even at this pace.

"Oh, Abel, there you are. Giselle should have called you a long time ago..."

Father came out of the house.
My father spits sigh when he found Giselle is beside me.

"Really, Giselle is sweet towards her older brother."

Did he found out.
I check the number on the page, then closed the book.

"I am really sorry father-sama, but my brother is magic..."

While I getting up, I stretched my hand towards Giselle and controlled her words.

"I am really sorry, I read only incomplete page, unintentionally."

Giselle pulls her eyebrows and sees me unhappily.
I feel like I want to complain towards my father, but it's also important to build physical fitness.
I am growing up right now and it cannot be just my hobbies.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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Isekai Cheat Extra 03

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 03: The Old rulers

There was an egg. And then...

"Uwa~, close call."

I was under attack. Moreover, they are dragons with various colors.

"What is this! I did not do anything! It's troublesome!"

I used Extra skill [intimidation].

Extra skill [Intimidation]
This is a skill that a strong person possesses, as it's name says it shows the power difference between opponents. That's what normally think, but there are other ways to use it. For example, one can stop other side with ordinary intimidation. Or, by strong intimidation one can make other party shock dead as it is. Well, in this case you cannot do it unless there is a big difference between you and your opponent.

The one I used this time is the former one that stops the opponent. By the way, now I can use lightly shock the other party to death.

And then... Dragon fell down.
Once I confirmed that, I solved [Intimidation] and spoke to the dragon.

"Who is Divine Black Dragon?"

"It's me." A dragon come forward.

He replied to me. Okay, the rest is just getting along!

"Is that so? I am Akatsuki, I heard about you from old man and came to make a contract with you."

"Old man? Do you mean Alfred?"

"That's right, by the way, is not there a lot of numbers?"

"Oh, is about that? I came here after Alfred returned."

"He~e... before that, what is that egg?"

"That is a dragon's egg."

"I see, is it OK to ask other things?"

"I do not mind."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
I have been listening to it for a while since then.

To briefly explain,

1, Dragons have low intelligence.
2, The Dragon is higher.
3, Everyone Shen long.
4, Everyone strength here is of the top class.
5, Everyone can speak.
6, Everyone Specialized in a Single Attribute.
7, Black Dragon is versatile.
8, Black dragon top.
9, The Eggs here are all Dragon eggs.
10, Eggs were all planning the strongest dragon breeding by pouring magical power and divine force. (magical power with only the highest superior beast, I also have the same amount of magical power).
11, Will you sign a contract. Please make a contract was told by the Dragon.
12, by the way, the name has nothing but Black Dragon.
13, It seems that I can name it.
14, I will help plan development.
15, God wolf coming soon.
16, God wolf cannot talk.
17, God wolf is strong at the same level as Black Dragon.
18, God wolf can become small.

So I decided to start a contract.

In conclusion it ended soon. But the content was that.

1, absolute obedience.
2, my brother is my life.

What is this? Well, it's fine. Then, I named it.

First of all, Akami Ryu(Red dragon) of fire attribute [Soleil],
Blue Dragon God of water attribute [Ou]
Green dragon of wind attribute [Von],
Brown dragon of earth attribute [Isumu],
Shirokami(white haired) dragon specialized in light attribute [Ryomi],
Lady darkness specialized darkness dragon is [Curité]
Huangshin dragon specialized in lightning attribute is [Toner]
Ice dragon specialized ice attribute is [Glass].
Huh? Is not it too simple? Good thing is good.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
A wolf came when we just finished the contract.

"The Lord, he is [God Wolf Ark]."
"OK. Please explain it."
"I understand."

A few minutes later, I made a contract with Arc.


I played with the Arc which became small. It is cute, it has healing effect.

And then, I told everyone my mind once I came here.

"I will make this place mine from today."

"""Eh! What?"""

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

IMWMT06 Part 1

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 06 [Part1]

From the Elmire's memory, there was information about the unit's arrangement of the Demon Empire. After the first raid, we were able to avoid the enemies ambush, so we were able to reach the fortress on the fourth day as planned.

Due to the arrival of awaited supplies, the atmosphere of the soldiers still in battle are bright enough to fit the battlefield. Since we(braves) arrived.
There might be expectations that this situation can be broken down.

"Then Yuusha-samas, it's fortunate that you were able to arrive here safely. Now we have to endure until the evil Empire retreats, so let's do our best, but I guess everyone must be tired after the escort. So, for today please slowly rest your body."

Today's work seems to be done by the soldiers, so I will take up on his words.
Although the guided room is supposed to be a double room, it is much narrower than the room in the castle, reminds me of the former laboratory. Somehow I can calm down because may be I like narrow spaces.

"Ano~, is it really okay for me to stay here?"

"Ah, no problem."

I replied to the Elmire, who followed me to the same room and asked me being afraid.
It was me who proposed that she would live with me in the first place.
At first it was opposed by the 2 women, but later I convinced them by persuading them that it was for teaching magic secrets and I do not want outsiders to watch this.
It's not that there will be secret things, but there is no doubt that it will be troublesome if seen by other people. People in this world seem to think that it is a taboo to fiddle around with the bodies.

I will teach her my magic skills and eventually I will let her move on behalf of myself.
Although since I came to this world and acted freely like I want, I should avoid being high profile. It is because it becomes easy to get caught up with troublesome things, if it is too conspicuous.
If I showed moderate skills and let people think that other braves are more capable. I being targeted as an important person will also be reduced.

However, if a situation arises that I have to move, it is better to keep a person who will become my substitute. There I will use her.
Well, if she do not have capabilities to a certain extent she will be suspected. She needs to have a higher ability than the standard of this world.

"I will say this first, what you did in this room everything is a secret, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand, I will never tell anyone."

"Yoshi, then I have a bit of a business, so you wait in this room."

It might be painful for her to be left behind in an unknown place, but as I said to her that 'you do not have to worry as I will come back soon'. She nodded with a smile. Probably it should be fine.

I left the room and went to Sagami's room. It seems to be a single room here. When I entered the room, my eyes met with Sagami who is doing muscle training. Although it is a holiday, it is hard work.

"Sagami-dono, is it alright I have something to talk about?"

"Oh, that's fine. Please get in."

As I sat on the only chair, Sagami sat on the bed. I want to get out as soon as possible, such as two men in a tight room and it is hot because of his muscle training.

"I will get straight to the point, please teach the princess about the importance of information gathering."

"May I hear the reason?"

"In this kingdom losing with a simple strategy, you should know that technology and information becomes more important than normal. In the other day's ambush, even though the army here did not grasp the movements of the opponent. If this kingdom does not fight during the winter at the latest, this country will lose after the end of winter."

"Oh, that possibility is fully conceivable."

"The princess as it is, this country only taken on spot countermeasures, our summoning is a nice example for that, but what I call a fight is knowing the movement of the opponent and let him not take the lead. Otherwise it will be difficult to win. This country lacks such judgment materials."

"I am almost the same view, but what is the reason for letting me know?"

"This is awfully private matter, I am totally disliked by her. Because I thought that she would obediently listen you rather than I said it to her."

"... I understand, I will tell her."

"Aa~, please take care of it. Carelessly do not mention about me. Then I will take my leave."

I left the room in a hurry as the matter was over. Because winter has come near, it is cool outside the room. I should go back to my room as soon as possible and look at the face of Elmire.

After that there was nothing, I returned to my room when I finish dinner at the dining room with Elmire.
Even though Margarete told the soldiers for the time being about Elmire, but she is hated by humans because of enmity, there were few soldiers glaring at her, so she is clinging to my arm. It is bad for her, but I enjoyed her large and soft breast that hits my arm.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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