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Isekai Cheat 17 Side Story

Isekai Cheat Story 17: report


Creation date September 24, 1358

A raid by the Marquis and Turkish demons [Great invasion] is held in Talca. The scale was as big as never seen before.

Talca intercepted them with the national army, private soldiers, knights and adventurers.

Civilians ... More than 680 people dead, over 1,000 injured
Army ... more than 1,800 people dead, more than 5000 injured
Private soldier ... over 1100 people dead, more than 2000 injured
Knights ... More than 500 people dead, over 300 injured
Adventurer ... More than 480 people dead, over 500 injured

Damage is considerably small in terms of scale.
Also record the battle warfare and information, and rewards, which was particularly active in the [Great invasion] this time.

Name: Akatsuki · Yuuki
Sex: male
Age: 10
Adventurer rank: S

Remarks: The guild registration age is 10 years old. Request achievement rate is 100%. The youngest and the fastest reaching the S-rank.

Battle strength: Elimination of all monsters and cascade devils by widespread annihilation magic in the second wave. Then eliminate the Marquis devil.

Reward: a special medal [annihilation] is awarded. Awarded the First class adventurer. Awarded 20 white gold coins as a reward. Welcome you as the finest state guest. Also gives the Marquis title. Give a territory when adult.
That's all.

I will also prove the above as a King of Daoruku Kingdom.
Shiguritto Leo Lodo Daoruku

Creation date October 1, 1358

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Isekai Cheat 16

Isekai Cheat Episode 16: The Great Invasion 4

"" Apocalypse of Death - Death Apocalypse - ""

"Apocalypse of Death - Death Apocalypse -" Legendary class destructive magic is a death spirit magic. This magic is a magic that deprives all living creatures in it's range. But, no one can use this magic, nor no one will show up in the future who can use it. Even it is called legendary class, but it also comes under the area of mythology.
And Akatsuki used this magic. However, because he decided the scope and target, there were no victims other than the target.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"N~? There are still some who are alive."
"What did you do?"

What is his rating? It bothers me. Should I see it?

Devil Marquette Only one
Rate: SSS--

SSS-- It was very close to SS+. I made a mistake.

"Are you listening?!"
"Ah~! I am not listening small fish!"
"What did you say? Say it again and see!!"
"I told you that you are a small fish!! That's right, it seemed that you are the only one remained after so much arrogant blabbering!"
"If you say that you are not a small fish, you can try killing me, small fish!"
"Do not regret it!! You lowly beingggaaa....!!!"

Just adding a little oil to the flame, it would turn out like this. I do not want to enter into this kind of flame.
Uaaa~, I tried little a tsukkomi.

It became little troublesome. Well, should I do it.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
Akatsuki was avoiding the Marquis's attack without leaving [New Moon].

"You lowly human beingggaaa!! "

The marquis who uses his nails from right to left and attacks with his legs. Akatsuki avoids it without difficulty.

"Eat this!!"

Marquis right straight punch.
Here Akatsuki showed decent movement for the first time. Caught the Marquis right arm and threw him.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

The Marquis gets up and delivers an attack on the Akatsuki as it is, but it was only avoided by Akatsuki.

"Fight me, lowly being!!"
(Do you still say that)
"Sword king style!!"
(It is already good)

The marquis came with an attack. Akatsuki saw it and this fight? He decided to finish it.


Akatsuki and the marquis passed each other.

And... The Marquis became meat lumps of 6.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


Akatsuki takes sword drawing stance and waits for the marquis to enter his range. And...

(He came!)

Akatsuki cuts off.

((【True Yuuki-ryu Sword art [Three Claws]】))

And the Marquis became meat lumps.

What Akatsuki used was 【True Yuuki-ryu sword art [three claws]】. It is a technique to cut right, Left and lastly cut through the body. Originally this technique was called [disaster] from the misery of the dead body of the opponent.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
"It's over."
"Did it... over?"


In this way, a great invasion of the number and quality of unprecedented monsters closed. However, this is still only a precursor.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Isekai Cheat

Isekai Cheat 

ALT: Different World Reincarnation ~Let’s Enjoy the Different World Cheat~
Isekai Tensei ~ Cheat de Isekai o Tanoshime ~
Isekai Tensei ~ Chīto de Isekai o Tanoshime ~


Yuuki Akatsuki was in a strange place when he woke up

「Where’s this?」

「This is the God’s world♪」

This is a story of the protagonist reincarnating in a different world and having fun


  1. Prologue (Part 1)
  2. Prologue (Part 2)
  3. Prologue (Part 3)
  4. Prologue (Part 4)

Arc 1.

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8

Arc 2.

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8
  9. Chapter 9
  10. Chapter 10
  11. Chapter 11
  12. Chapter 12
  13. Chapter 13
  14. Chapter 14
  15. Chapter 15
  16. Chapter 16: The  Great Invasion 4
  17. Chapter 17: Report (Side Story)
  18. Chapter 18:


Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 11: 8-yrs old

A year has passed since I and chief became magic apprenticed and teacher respectively.
I became 8-yrs old and Giselle became 6-yrs old.

At first it was hard for me to talk with chief, but now I've completely used to it.
What should I say, somehow I managed to get how to treat this tsundere grandfather.
Philo's mother also laughed smilingly with a smile, said that "Lately, he talks only about you." With a happy face.

"Abel, it's been a while since your last visit. Let me see, how much you have improved."


Recently chief was busy preparing rituals, as my magic level has risen, the frequency of seeing my training was decreased.
Today, first time after a week he accompanied me for my magic training.

Every time I practice, Giselle accompanies me as if natural.
Giselle also somewhat imitates me and practicing magic, but it is almost always accompanied.(Read this at

... Incidentally, Philo was kicked out by the chief.
I think he should treat his granddaughter a little more careful, but in fact she come out with strange talks and gets in the way of training, so I am thankful.

"েতরআঁক আঁকা" (draw draw on)

I stretched my hands in the air, borrowed the power of the spirit and draw the magic circle.
After finishing one drawing, start drawing the second one.

"Fuun~, can you draw 2 and handle it? Do not show me any pathetic practice."

It was a spiritual tone on the top of the Buddha face, but his hands were fidgeting.
It seems to be expecting.
I cannot fail this.

This time is practicing to manipulate Otem with magic.
It is necessary to embed in the magic circle what kind of action to do.
Therefore, understanding of the magic circle is indispensable for making magic and complicated movements.
It is a thing that cannot be done by my father who said that we should only need to remember the magic circles.

Nonetheless, it is possible to determine the trajectory of movement is a small part of the magic circle, it can be done even without deep understanding to that far.
In short, the practice of freely manipulating Otem is the first step of practicing magic circles by creating yourself.
Although it is impossible to state yourself a wise man, to the extent of manipulating the Otem.(Read this at

"পুতু দখ দখ" Grab the doll

While chanting I stretched my right hand towards Otems.
From my hand light emits and the light goes into the Otems.
The moment the light enters, the Otems starts to move.

One moves in a forward direction and the other moves in the backward direction.
Then, each spins around themselves.

"Hou, it seems that you examined well, not just simple movements, but also to be able to incorporate until rotation."

The chief delightedly voiced out.

Not yet, it starts from here.
I further draw a third magic circle in the air.

"বাএইএইহহতত" Air this hand

I chant towards one of the Otem.
From my hand released magic power changes to wind ball, according to the magic circle it fly towards spinning Otem.

Otem, which is spinning with 'Kurukuru', stopped moving as the ball of wind approached, and quickly avoided it.
Because the magic power of the wind kept to minimum, when it the wall it easily dissolved.

With 'Gatari' sound, the chief stood up.

"No way, I never thought that you would embed corresponding action type incorporated into the magic circle!"

Normally the chief who would not surprised by anything, raised a loud voice.
Because Giselle knew in advance, she is looking at the chief with a proud face.
Doya-gao[proud face] is also cute too.
My brother is proud to have my sister proud.

"Why?... the corresponding action, I did not teach you yet, right?"

"When I tried a lot of things, I found a part that clicked about a bit by chance, so I tried to examine it."

Even if I said by chance, it is a result that I kept trying for almost a week without going to bed for a week.
I tried various forms of magic circles and continued patiently testing the conditions when magic acted and not.
It is the gift of my obsession.

"... Well, good, you've done so far. It's already the area of ​​a top magician. Even without teaching by me, Abel would be able to devote himself by self-education. I never thought he could grow this far in just one year."

The voice of the chief struck.
When I look at him closely, he is shedding tears.


When I called him, the chief wiped away tears with his sleeves.

"I did not cry! It was just dust in my eyes!"

... After all he is Philo's grandfather, to be same in such places.

"But, if there is no one who will teach me..."

"In future, I allow you to take books from the library, take home anything you like in the library, if I teach you poorly I might stop the growth of Abel. You have both talent and guts."

Until now he would not allow me to see the books because they were expensive, but at last that ban was lifted.

I am happy to be honest with that... The way the chief said it was a little lonely.
Recently chief took good care of me in many ways, despite putting his grand-daughter Philo aside.
I also feel lonely when I think that it is the last time chief sees my training like this.(Translated by Novel44

"... If I had advice, could I come occasionally?"

"... Occasionally, maybe I may not think about it."

As usual, it is not a straightforward grandfather.
When I barely laughed, the chief gently laughed while diverting his face.

"Well, may I borrow four Otems in the room?"

"What do you want to use them?"

"No, I wanted them to carry few books."

I choose four big ones from among the Otems in my room.

"েতরআঁক আঁকা"

After I chant, I draw four magic circles in the air.
Well, how was the path to the library?
Walls can be avoided if I apply corresponding actions, and I can use them with a simple instructions.
If by chance their movements stopped, I can recast magic circles and cast spells again.

"পুতু দখ দখ」 "

When I chanted, four Otems started to move.
Yep, 10 volumes of books can be loaded on one Otem.
Otem super useful. For a while, it seems I need to a research of magic circles which moves Otem.(Translated by Novel44

"Well then, I'm going to borrow some books."

"A, Abel, I said certainly that you could borrow, but how many books are you planning on taking home?"

"For the time being, about three round trips today."

"What? Are you going to borrow over 100 books?"

Would it be bad?
However, I want to be able to form magic circles from scratch with my own power soon.
To do so, knowledge is overwhelmingly insufficient.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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IUSAP08 Part 2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 08 (Part 2)

"Woah! Karen-san? what happened suddenly?"

"Un♪! I cannot hold it anymore, I will eat Dee as it is♪♪."

Karen, who brought Dee to her bedroom while she holding Dee in princess carry hold. Karen thrown Dee onto the bed. When Dee was lying on his back, she straddled around the waist of Dee and stripped off upper body clothing of Dee and when she tried to peel off lower body.(Read this at

"Ah, Anego it's unfair! I also want to do it with Dee."

"That's right! I want to do it too! Also, we are Dee's wife! It's no good to do it before his wives!"

With tremendous speed Shakti and Lina came into the bedroom and Karen who thought of something with Lina's words.

"I see! If I am Dee's wife there will be no complains right? In that case."

When Karen said that, Lina and Shakti thought 'you will not say that...'.

"Karen, you don't say?"

"Are you serious?"

Karen nods with a serious face by looking Lina and Shakti.

"Chi! It cannot be helped! If Anego feels that way, I cannot say anything."

"That's right! If Karen decided to... Also it should be decided by Dee himself right?"

Dee did not know what the three were saying. Just, he did not thought about what to do in this situation.

Uun~... how did this happen? Why did it suddenly became Karen-san holding me like a princess and ended up on the bed? And when I thought Lina and Shakti came to help? They are only talking to Karen-san about something? What shall I do? As it is, Karen-san will do it with me, right? But since I already done it with Karen-san, I will not resist. At that time, it is to help Karen-san, right? I will do it, but... but right now Karen-san may be lonely because she became a widow? Does she want to be hugged by me? Uun~? I do not know... 

(Read this at

Karen who finished talking with Lina and Shakti to Dee who had thought such a thing. She opened her mouth looking at Dee while on top of him.

"Dee... Ano... If Dee is okay with me, I want you to become Dee's wife... I wonder if it's useless, surely I am a bit above Lina and Shakti(age), and I am other man's wife before, but now all my feelings are full of Dee's..."

"Eh? Eh? This means Karen likes me. I thought that Karen-san still likes Arth-san."

"That's right! I do think that I still like Arth... but it seems like it is getting drunk in memories, but more than that I feel that I like you, Dee! This feeling is bigger than when I liked Arth!"

Well, I never thought that Karen-san would confess to me. But, myself was curious about Karen-san! Especially I do not want to let go of those boobs♪. I guess♪, of course, this is a matter of course.(Read this at

"Un~ I understand! Karen-san! I also, I really will be lonely if I have to leave Karen-san! That's why Karen-san, I make you my wife♪."

Dee lifted his upper body and kissed Karen-san as it is. At the beginning it was just a light kiss by touhing lips with lips, then slowly it became a deep kiss that entangles the tongues with each other.

(Translated by Novel44

"Nn~! Nn~nn~, un~!"

Dee and Karen continued deep kiss while making 'necho' sounds of saliva which entangled their tongues. Karen's face gradually turned into dazed face.

"Puha! Un~, that turned out to be a nice face, Karen-san♪."

"Un~, it felt good Dee! I want you to do more!"

By saying that Karen holds Dee around his neck with her 2 hands and kept deep kissing while embracing Dee. Then, Dee while kissing, he removed skillfully the buttons of the blouse and removed it, there was Karen's 100cm over tits and he began to massaging them.

"Ah, there it feels nice. Please tease them more."

When Dee teased Karen's breasts, she released her lips and started to moan with loud voice. Dee who saw it, he rubbed the soft breast with his left hand, and then he hold the hardened nipple aiming at the large circle along the contour as if he was writing a circle with the palm of his hand.
(Contour means: an outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something.)

"Aaa~♪ my nipples, Aan~♪ it feels good..."

Dee licked the nipple of the other boob by putting it in his mouth and then sweet chewed while he continued attacking. In addition, Dee as it is, turned his right arm around Karen's back, he pushed Karen down on the bed while supporting her back.(Translated by Novel44 group.)

Ni~chu ni~chu kori~chu

"Aa~♪ don't, iya~a Aan~♪."


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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IUSAP08 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 08 (Part 1)

Ton ton ton ton ton koto koto juwaan. (Sounds of cooking)

Hmm? It's a nice smell~♪.

"... wake... up."

"Mmm~ I'm still sleepy~. Mom, let me sleep 5 more minutes... Zzzz...!"

Dee went to sleep as it is, when he got hungry because of his magic power had run out. Although he was asleep, he felt nostalgic and started sleep talking.

"Ah! Good morning everyone! ..."

"Oh good morning Dee♪."

"Good morning♪ Dee♪. But it is still in the evening"

"Fufu♪. Dee is a sleep-talker♪. Come food is ready for you to eat a lot♪. This is Karen's special stamina meal♪.

"Eh? Is this made by Karen-san?
You made a lot of food and varieties.
Also, it smells delicious♪."

"Oh! That's right! My cuisine is not just smell, it's delicious to eat and increases stamina♪. Come, eat it without any reservation!"

Dee sits on the seat of table for 4 people, Karen sat next to Dee. Shakti on the opposite side of Dee and Lina sat next to Shakti.
(Read this at

"Well then, 'itadakimasu'♪..."

"How is it, my dish? Did it suit your tongue?"

".... Oh, delicious♪. Woah very delicious♪ Karen-san♪."

"I see♪, that's great♪. I might loose to Dee's mother, but I can do anything for you♪. For example, like waking you up every morning♪."

Karen looks like a naughty child, as she said.

"Ah!... Did you hear that after all?"

Dee shyly looks away.

Karen who saw that, casually hugged Dee and rubs her cheeks on him.

"Mou~! Dee looks so cute♪, I want to eat you as it is♪."

"Mou~! Please do not say I am cute! I am a boy!"

The more Dee protest with his rebellious voice. Karen said, Dee is too cute that I could not help it. And rubbed his cheeks with her cheeks.
(Read this at

"Anego! Get away from Dee!" (Anego= Big sister)


Shakti could not stand it and hits Karen's head.

"What, it hurts? Shakti? What are you doing all of a sudden?"

Karen asks Shakti, as if she did not do anything wrong.

"Do not ask what I am doing? You do not see Dee dislikes it! So! Get away!"

Shakti gets between Dee and Karen. Pulls apart Karen and Dee with her hands inserting in between.

"Fuu~! Finally pulled away!"

"Thank you Shakti♪."

While saying Dee made an Angel smile towards Shakti. Then
"Ugh! Dee! I cannot hold back."

Shakti, who was struck by Dee's Angel Smile, she hugged him tightly and started to rub her cheek against his cheek.

"Truly! What will you do, when a mummy hunter becomes a mummy?"

"Lina... Please help me..."

When Dee said that, Lina comes next to Dee with a dash and hit's the head of Shakti with a cane.


"It hurt's! What are you doing Lina?'


Lina gives Shakti another hit on her head.

"It hurts! You hit it again!"

"That's right! You do not understand from a single hit! That's why I hit you again!"

"Lina♪ Thank you♪."

Then, Dee again gave an Angel smile towards Lina.

"Dee♪... "

Lina approaches Dee as if being dragged by something. When she did, she suddenly felt a killing intent from behind.
When she looked back, Karen got a thick book in her hand and raised it. Shakti took a sword which is in sheathed state in her hand, where she looked like she would swing it any moment.(Translated by Novel44

"What are you two doing?"

""Oh no, no?""

It was dangerous! It's dangerous, dangerous! For me to forget Dee's Angel smile... It's really a close call... Dee's angel smile is really dangerous ... ha ha "

After that, three women returned to normal, so they were eating normally. And when the meal was over, Dee started talking.

"Karen-san, are the other villagers safe?"

"Aa~! After that, everyone has returned after a while. Well in honesty, some villagers have died, but damage was small..."

"When I think about it, Dee? Did you actually cast the fire magic of fire attribute earlier magic with only imagination alone? Normally, no one can cast that kind of magic only with imagination?"

"Eh? Is that so? It is my first time using that kind of magic, somehow I could do it."

"Eh? Have you done that for the first time? That is amazing! Just like I thought, is it because you came from different world or is it you are different from us?"

"Eh? Why do you?..."

Dee finally noticed and looked at Shakti and Lina.
They have a awkward face.

"Oh! Do not blame them! I forced them to tell me! But, do not worry! I also do not mind who you were! I also like Dee as you are! For me it does not change that you are my life's benefactor! That's why I... I want to stay with you, is it not good?"

With a serious face Karen looked at Dee and Dee worried at first a little. But, he thought about Karen who lost her husband and might be lonely.
He listened to her opinion.(Translated by Novel44

"Un~! It's fine! I also want to stay with Karen-san♪. Please take care of me from now on♪."

Upon receiving Dee's Angel Smile. Karen felt a violent aching in her lower body and grabbed Dee's arms as it is.

"Aa~ Dee♪ Thank you♪. Then Dee, which do you prefer♪?"

Karen asks Dee looking at him while holding Dee's arm.
But, Dee do not have any clues, what Karen is talking about.

"Eh? What are you talking about?"

Karen looks at Dee with a glossy face.

"That's why, current me? Or is it polite me?"

Karen started first with harsh way of saying. Later she changed her way of speaking to polite manner. Which has a glossy touch.

"I see, I do not mind either Karen-san♪. Because Karen-san is Karen-san♪."

Dee smiled further Angel smile towards Karen.
Karen who saw that, could not hold back anymore and hold Dee in princess carry hold and carried Dee into her bedroom as it is.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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DWDL23 (Part 02)

Different world dungeon life Chapter: 23 (Part 2)

"It was good... they did not find out, right?"

They thought that I was asleep, Kyosuke-san and Kuon-san started SEX.
Because I am indebted to them, I cannot say anything to them.
It was really intense... I am still a virgin but I do have knowledge about sex. There are time when I have musterbated...
But, when I listened to the voice near me having sex, I got turned on by those voices.
I could not stand it, I secretly touched my breasts, I put my finger in my vagina and started consoling myself...
Kuon-san's voice in the middle of SEX, she seems to be feeling very good...(Translated by Novel44

"Oh, it would be the worst if they noticed me..."

By saying that, I wiped my body like Kuon-san.
Also I wiped my vagina which became 'guchogucho' with my love juice and then I dressed up.
Since there was no substitute for the panties, I had to wear what I was wearing before but it was damp.
Leave the room as it is, head towards the dining hall and joined with Kyosuke-san.

"Sorry for being late!"

"Did you come, Karen? You better sit here."


I sat on his left side where Kyousuke-san pointed. Kuon-san is sitting on the right side of Kyosuke-san and 2 women who I do not know were sitting on the opposite side.

"Karen, they are Ellis and Iris you better remember."

"Karen-desu, please to meet you!"

"Ellis, nice to meet you."

"Iris-desu, please to meet you."

Ellis-san feels like a little cool type and Iris looks like a gentle older-sister?
Both of them looks like good people, but what kind of relationship they have with Kyosuke-san?

"This is my party, Karen is also one of us from today."


"If there is something troubling you, I will help you."


"Oh, you have woken up!"

"Good Morning Okami-san."

"Come eat a lot, if you do not eat properly in the morning you will not have energy to work."


The lady called Okami-san brought breakfast.
The menu is 2 breads, bacon eggs and vegetable soup.
Even compared to what I ate in Japan, it tastes as good as comparable. (Read this at

"After breakfast, let's go to the adventurer guild."


"To adventurer guild?"

"We need to register Karen as an adventurer."

"Ha hai!"

After breakfast, we went to adventurer's guild by following Kyosuke-san.
When he opened the door made of wood, there were a lot of scary people looking towards us.
I went behind Kyosuke-san not to look at their eyes and Kyosuke-san stopped in front of a single person.(Read this at

"Debosu-san, I'd like to ask for the registration of this girl. I am the nominee."

"N~? This again..."

"Something wrong?"

"No, then please use this." (Gave a plate)

"Karen, it hurts a little but please endure it."


I borrowed Kodachi from Kuon-san and made a little cut on my finger and put my blood on the plate that Debosu-san gave me, immediately Kuon-san cured the wound.
Is this what they say recovery magic?(Read this at

"Wait a moment."

Debosu-san moved to the back and came back after a while.
In his hand the same plate that was held by Kyosuke-san was holding

"Kept you waiting, you start from the E-rank, do your best!"

"Ha hai!"

"That's right, Kyosuke and Kuon little lady are D rank, and when it comes to ability they can be said above C-rank. Well, if I promote them to C-rank after joining only 2 days will be bad, so I cannot help it."

"Aa~ it's fine."


"Then, what are you going to do today?"

"We will also do the oak extermination today."

"Do not go too far, we do not know where lord is."

"Well, I will not overdo it."

"Be careful"


We said goodbye to Debosu-san and left the guild.
Kyosuke-san handed me a plate, this seems to be an adventurer's certificate.
I have to work hard like everyone else....

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 10: 7-yrs old (4)

The chief is sitting in a chair and reading a book and was surrounded by Otems.

He had hair that did not lost it's luster, deeply carved wrinkles.
Nevertheless, considering him being 150yrs old, no matter how I think about it he looks too young.
By seeing his big body, I do not think that the muscles are so weak.
Even though he do not leave the mansion unless it was an emergency, it is well maintained muscular body.
For me who refused my father when invited me for the hunting and put most of the effort in magic training. It is something that I would like to refer from, because I have a frail constitution.

The chief is now 150-yrs old, but Maren tribe is not special longevity race.
He only takes advantage of magic and sorcery in delaying his age progression.
Maintaining muscle strength is also part of that.

Maren-tribe's average life span is usually about 80-yrs if it is normal.
It is no different from my former world.
Although the civilization of this settlement is underdeveloped, it is a simple magic and can maintain a certain level of health, so the standard of life span is high.
There are diseases that cannot be dealt with by magic, but there are also damage from monsters and disasters.
Compared with the average life expectancy, it is much lower than Japan.

The chief raises his face from the thick book, and stares at me while pressing the upper part of the glasses with his fingers.

"... Philo and who was it?"

The tyrant narrowed his eyes, and he said sweetly.
I only had a formal greeting at the event before, so it seems he do not remember me.
It was already half a year ago since he saw my face in the ritual, and that would be natural as well.

"I am Abel Belek-desu, this girl is my sister Giselle Belek-desu, please excuse me for a sudden visit, there is something I really want to ask."

When I bow my head all the time, Giselle in a panic imitates me.

"Fuun~, is it the son of Zere-bou, I heard often about you from Philo. You are quite good friends with my granddaughter..."

"That, grandfather-sama!"

Philo interrupts the chief in a hurry, by calling him.
The chief narrows his eyes and looks at Philo.
As Philo retracted a half step as if she was conscious to that gaze, he said "Well, good." and switches the story.

"Then Abel, what do you want to ask me?"

"In fact, I am stuck with magic practice, when chief-sama had some time, I would like you to give me lectures..."

"Fuun~, kid seems to think that I seems to have lot of free time."

Chief says with angrily and shakes his head slowly.

He do not have to interpret that in a mean way against a child like that...
What's this? By any chance, he might have a bad impression about me.
Because of my life style until now, I know that there are many bad rumors spread about me.
Besides, it is not strange that Philo bends it twisting in many ways.

"Haha! Because you said you wanted to see my grandfather-sama. What's this do you wanted to learn magic? Though you are not even acquainted with grandfather-sama, suddenly you asked him to teach you, you are too shameless. Whatever, I could learn magic from grandfather-sama and teach it to Abel. But... well, well, it depends on your attitude and sincerity..."

What do she think of herself?

But indeed from this feeling I might have failed by rushing things.
Since her mother welcomed me with smiling face, I took her offer.
But I should have come after asking the convenient time by telling them beforehand.
The sense of Maren tribe was still I could not grasped well.


Chief opens his mouth.

"Yes, grandfather-sama!"

"Leave the seat for a while."

With 'Gakutto' sound, Philo fall down.
She managed to recover her body and said with pain to the chief.

"What?... but ... Hora... Abel might be rude towards grandfather-sama! Also, Abel... Abel is..."



Philo drove her neck down and went out of the room with dark face.
Although she looked back here about a couple of times, as the chief wrinkled between his brows, she quickened her feet.

Well, if there is Philo, the story will not progress...
Naturally it is a natural judgment of course.
To see this result, in the end she was not useful enough to surprise me in the sense of softening the attitude of the chief.

"Fuun~... You want to learn magic from me, my waist is not light enough to move when asked by a little boy."

"Is it useless...?"

"It will be a waste of time if you gave up easily, I do not think that you have enough guts boy. For me, it is a short old age."

Ge~e... baring his hostility towards me.

Clearly, I will be troubled by the reactions, even if I get caught by his age.
Such a thing, if I lived for 150-yrs too, I might understand.
If it's position point of view, it is still a chief and a brat.

Because I am saying the life expectancy rather than my age, should I say that no such a thing.
However, even if I follow up poorly, he might interpret it by twisting it into a sarcasm.

Isn't this old man intentionally trying to push me into corner.
No, I am thinking too much.
Because there are no good rumors about his appearance was a little scary, do not stand too much.

"No, no, chief-sama is still doing fine and healthy."

I smile while smiling.
Yes, it can go. It is a full mark.
I did not mention the point that he is old and I did it well.

That's what I thought,

"Fuun~, considering my age as being an old man."

It's because of you that I had to consider it, Though the words came to my throat, I swallowed them back.
When I thought that I had came to forcibly kill(with answer), he avoided it simply.
If I answered it normally he would say I am a rude fellow, even if I had avoided it and this is what I get.
What kind of answer were you expecting, this old man.

Because he drove Philo away, I thought that he thought quite well... this condition seems to be difficult.
Rather, he did not want his granddaughter to see the place where he was bullying a child, so he kicked her out.
It might be better for me find another master.

"Well then... Ano, this story(about chief become his master), is it useless...?"

"Fuun~, short-tempered guy, I did not say it's useless."

you are saying that.
The grandpa's attitude speaks eloquently.

"Then, will you teach me?"

"I did not say that I will teach... boy do not rush it."

What is this palm returns.
Well then, which one?

"... That's right, let me see, how serious you are. Boy come back tomorrow morning."

... It is practically a disciple accreditation.
It is only a story that he will teach me exactly what he originally teach me. When he think that I was not serious enough, he will cut ties with me.

I wonder why?
Although I was able to achieve my goal and it was a sunny day tomorrow and I became an apprentice of the chief. I felt something that I could not understand for some reason.

For the time being our talks have finished, so we decided to leave for today.
We left the chief's mansion, both I and Giselle head towards our house.

"Ano(Hey), Nii-sama..."

"Perhaps there are a lot of tsundere in Chief's house."


"No, nothing"

Perhaps, it is not a concept in this world.
By the way the Tsundere grandfather taught magic as if nothing had happened the next day.
When I visited the mansion, I was surprised by the great preparation.
Actually, I wonder if chief wanted a disciple to teach.

accreditation: noun
    1. the action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.
    2. an acknowledgement of a person's responsibility for or achievement of something.
eloquently: adverb
    1. in a fluent or persuasive manner.  

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

DWDL23 (Part 01)

Different world dungeon life Chapter: 23 ☆(Part 1)[18+]

Morning... I wake up with the voice of birds and I tried to raise my body.
However, I could not move my body well. I looked down by lowering my head, there is Kuon sleeping while hugging me. Her stomach which is not big hitting my hand as she breaths. Now that I think about it, I forgot about last night Kuon gave her bed to Karen and slept together with me.
Karen and Kuon are sleeping deeply.
my did not move my body well, but when I moved only the neck, Konoe hugged me
Big inflation is hitting Hunyun and arm




"Is she sleep talking..."

Kuon, who is sleeping by hugging my arm and was calling my name with sleep talk... She looks very happy.
When I look at such a face, I want to do a little mischief towards her.
Gently pulled out my arm and opened Kuon's top of Miko-fuku.
Then, I used my mouth over her small cute breasts and rolled my tongue over center nipple.

"Wha... Ha~a ... Aa~..."

With natural Kuon's panting voice leaked and she holds my head naturally.
I moved my tongue over her nipple and brought my hand to her lower abdomen and loosened the cords of her hakama(lower part of Miko-fuku) to make a gap and let my hand slide in.  The inside of the hakama was already wet and shift my hand inside her panties, there her love juice was over flowing, I put my fingers over her vagina and attacked her nipple with my tongue.

This is for those who don't know about Miko clothes

"Uu~... Wha... Ha~a ... Aa~... ha~a ha~a..."

Kuon's panting voice became intense and int the room could hear the sound of water with 'Picha Picha' sound.
I stopped my hand that is rubbing her vagina and put my finger inside.
Inside is already wet and I moves my fingers to further attack her.
Bend my fingers slightly and intensified the movements of my finger.

"Ha~a ha~a Kyosuke-san... too fast... Aa~n..."

"Are you excited, Kuon? ..."

"Ha~a ha~a... yes... don't... aa~... ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

While licking her nipples, I attacked her G-spot violently.
Kuon bends her waist into a character and blows vigorously a tide of love juice at same time as she came.
When I stopped my hands she squat down with cramping.
Kuon breathes roughly, I take out my cock and insert into Kuon.

"Uu~... I just... Ahh!..."

"I will move now."

"Wai... Nn~... Ha~a..."

Kuon who just came and still sensitive, I put my son inside her sensitive vagina.
Inside her is already filled with love juices and I reached deep inside smoothly.
My tip reached uterus of Kuon and knocks her womb mouth intensely.

"Ah! ... good... Kyosuke-san... it feels too good..."

Listen to the cute panting voice of Kuon, I know that my thing gets bigger inside her.
I raised my speed of shaking hips and I went to the last sprint.

"Nn~... Fuu~... cumming..."

"Ku~... Aa~..."

Kuon cums intensely and her inside of the vagina contracts.
I also shoots by that pressure inside her vagina. The cum that shoot by my penis was sucked intently by Kuon's vagina, as if it wants to squeeze to the last drop of my sperm.

"Wa~a ha~a ha~a..."

"Ha~a... Kyosuke-san..."

"Kun~..." (Third person in the room.)


"What's wrong?"

"No, it might be my imagination, Come here Kuon." (TL: He can sense Someone in the room (^o^).)


I embraced Kuon, who is still breathing roughly and from her vagina my semen is flowing out. I gave I gave her a kiss and patted her head.

"Let's get ready to get up."

"Yes, what should we do about Karen-san?"

"Let's wake her up after some time, we need to take care of Kuon's that."

I pointed at the semen flowing out of the vagina of Kuon. I took fresh water to wipe the body of Kuon, at the same time I used my fingers in Kuon's vagina to dig out semen from her vagina.


"Yoshi, have you become beautiful?"


After wiping Kuon's body cleanly and I let her wipe my body, we changed to our usual clothes.
As I thought, these clothes are light and easy to move, good clothes.

"Well then, I'm going to wake Karen-san up."

"I leave it to you."

"Karen-san, it's morning."

"N~? Kuon-san, good morning."

"Good morning, it time for breakfast."

"Ah yes! I will get ready quickly."

"That's right, Kuon we go ahead. If I stay here, Karen will not be able to change clothes."

"Yes, then we are waiting at the cafeteria."

"Ah yes, I will go right away."

Kuon and I went to the dining hall. It seems Karen thinks that I did not found out, but I did. Karen, I am looking forward to next time.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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Monday, 19 June 2017


Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 09: 7-yrs old (3)

The next day, I went to Chief's house together with Giselle.

It's not that I do not have a sense of resistance to ask chief to become a master. To be honest, I am not acquainted with the chief.

Still, as a master of magic, there was no qualified candidate other than the chief in this settlement.
Teachings might be pretty tough, but I came here for that with 'Don'.

When I tried to enter the fence made of wood, a voice called me from my back.

"Oya, what is this? it isn't Abel of Otem fanatic. What in the world going on? Coming to my mansion?"

When I looked at the direction of the voice, it is a girl of Maren tribe of same age as me standing there.
A sharp red eyes that seems to have strong will, looking at me.
Both arms folding in front of her breast that seemed to reflect her self-confidence and temperamental character.
Her braided long hair, which was braid to the end was shaking with the wind.

She is the Chief's granddaughter Philo.
A troublesome person found me.

"Please take those words back! Onii-chan is not an Otem fanatic. With father-sama's persuasion, recently he only making 1 or 2 Otems per day! He also plays with me properly! Is not it, onii-chan!"

No, if I look into those words, you mean until recently I was an Otem fanatic.
You, did you saw me like that until now?
Onii-chan... a bit shocked.

"It's called Otem fanatic."

Philo said with cold eyes.

"Do not worry. I have no intention of coming to see you."

"What? I was not expecting such a thing separately, I do not want it! I do not mean that kind of meaning, do not say strange things!"

Philo makes her face red when saying.
She solved her arms which were folded and points her forefinger against me.
It's good that kids are easy to be teased.

"Besides, I know that Abel is a pervert who gets excited only by Otem, do you think that I will get flustered with those words?"

Shall I give her a hit?
What's this? Am I being seen like that?
Who is it? A big idiot that spread such a terrible big lie.

"I came to see your grandpa."

"Do not call my grandfather-sama lightly, Otem fanatic! Call him chief-sama!"

"It's fine, I will properly call him in front of others as grandfather-sama, okay."

In Maren-tribe, they are also polite towards their immediate family, and it is suffocating. I want to speak casually at-least around other kids.

"You, you do not call my grandfather-sama as grandfather-sama! What, what do you think of yourself? I do not have a little bit of feelings towards and I do not want to become your wife! I do not like even a little bit! So, do not say any strange things!"

"I do not mean that! Ironically it looked like that by the saying goes!"

I'm having trouble with that reaction, so I'd like her to stop reading deeply in a strange way.
Alright, at-least let's call him the chief in front of Philo.
I get tired, when I talk to Philo.

"That's why, I will go to see the chief-sama."

"Fuun~ well, well, I do not understand what you want to do... Well, it's fine, besides I am not interested in what Abel want to do. At best, take care not to trip."

I turned towards the mansion and lightly waved my hand 'shisshi' towards Philo as if to chase away Philo.
Then when I started walking, for some reason I heard footsteps of 3 people.
When I turned back, it's Philo who followed us.

"... Philo, you do not have anything to do with me, right?"

"What? I am just going back home! Eh, what's with those eyes, I'm not trying to follow Abel! Do not say it like that! Listen! This is my home! I am free to return whenever I want!"

She is not a bad girl, but what should I say...

However, I have not seen the face of the chief.
Perhaps if there is Philo, it might be somewhat easier to talk.

Even she was there it's fine. Besides there is no need to forcibly chase her away by force.
No, if she went somewhere, I do not wish for anymore than that.

We entered the mansion.
At the entrance, Philo's mother was there.
After completing a simple greeting, told her my intention of seeing the chief.

"Please, come in. Chief-sama is free today, Philo guide them to the chief-sama.

"Is it me? Mother-sama, Well, it cannot be helped, with this follow up it would happen like this. I cannot help it, I really do not want to do it, but I will guide you anyway. I really do not want do it!"

Philo sighs a little, and says it meaningfully.

"I'm sorry to let you take the trouble, Philo-sama. Please guide us, thank you."

I changed my attitude and said it to her by lowering my head.

"Wait... what is this attitude..."

I am consistent in this attitude when I am in front of adults.
This one is better to be received.

"I am sorry, Abel-kun, Philo is not honest. This girl, normally she is a good girl, please get along with her..."


Philo turns her cheeks red and ruffles her voice while gulping her teeth.
While giggling, Philo's mother went to another room.
Philo clears her throat and starts walking.

"Hey! Hora! What are you standing there in a daze!?"

Walking through the corridor with Philo in front, we aimed at the room at the back where the chief stays.

I remember that the chief was a pretty casual person.
Today I intended to take only appointment, but it seems that such things are unnecessary in order to see the chief.

Even though the chief is the head, hunting will be done by young ones.
Recently, no major incidents have happened. I do not think he is busy any longer.
Besides, I am a 7-yrs old child.
It is not a big village here, and it may be the feeling that his relatives grandchild came to visit.

"Well, my mother-sama is taking it light. Well, I am accompanying you. I bother to take my time and accompany you, thank me for what I have done. I do not know what you want to ask my grandfather-sama. Please do not imitate that will bring shame to my face? If you are rude, I will knock you out, so do you understand? "

Philo looks back and speaks quickly and returns her face immediately after finishing.

You did not say that you just want to return home?
Well, let's stop putting the stupid tsukkomi. (TL:)

A chief is also a human being.
If he was in front of his own granddaughter, his attitude might be softened a little.
I think, it will not work in a negative way.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 12: In a face-to-face sitting position, a full cup of happy mating! [18+]

"Ah... oh, onii-san, your thing, came too deep."
"It entered smoothly."

Papi puts my meat stick inside her vagina by mounting with woman on top posture to ride my meat stick. It stimulates at the entrance with 'Kuchukuchu' and after inserting my meat stick at once, it seems that her vagina caught my meat stick gently, she started to move her waist with 'Pachi pachi' sound.

When I looked at her from below, as ever she had big breasts and shaking up and down according with her movements. I could not hold back and stretched out my hands to grab those boobs and with the soft feeling my mood goes up naturally. 

"Onii-chan, Papi's tits... nn~. Do you like?"
"Yes, I like them pretty much, just like rice cakes."
"Un~, I'm happy, you can massage them more."
"Well then, with your words."
"Hi ~yau... No way, suddenly, Aan~... Aaa~, I love you, Papi also likes it."

By raising my body, brings it to face-to-face sitting posture and sucks her big nipples of Papi and rubbed her other boob at the same time as strongly  as the shape changes with 'Guniguni'. Maybe because of the angle I hit with the sudden stimulus she opened her mouth half, it seemed as if she was drunk with pleasure and begans to moan.

"Onii-san, this feels good... Ha~aha~a, Papi feels too good by your thing hitting 'Gashigashi'."
"You are tightening my thing which has full of life semen. Does this face-to-face feel too good?"
"Ya~an... Feels good... Ha~a ha~a... Papi heads will go crazy, oh my, this, it feels too good."
"Well, what about it?"

"Hi~yaaaa, don't, onii-chan, it's too fast. Do not 'panpan', do not do 'panpan' now..."
"What will happen if I do 'panpan'?"
"Ha~a ha~a... Aa~ gu~. If you do panpan... If you do panpan, Papi will, Papi will cum... Noo~, I will cum... Aaa~... onii-chan, stop it... Iku ikuiku~."

At the moment she came, she tightens inside her as much as possible. So I also pulled out my cock to the vicinity of the entrance with the movements of many strokes and instantly put it inside to the deepest part of her vagina and came inside her.

It seems that Papi caould not bear it anymore, she raised her voice like 'Ahhin' trembling her body and embraced me without power. Instantaneously my thing screwed her.

"I like you, I like onii-san, huh ha~a ha~a, I love onii-san, who tells so many that feels good to Papi, I love you!"
"I am also, I also like Papi, so why do not we do a little more?"

"With this Papi(I) came at the same time about three times, it is painful. But if it's for onii-san's sake, Papi will do my best, so I want to have a lot... onii-san's baby species."
"Thank you. Then, let's see how many times can Papi will cum this time?"
"Un~, please spoil Papi a lot... Noo~, suddenly onii-chan's thing is ─ ─ ─."

"It feels good, is not it? Also, what will happen if I do it like this and lick your ears too?"
"Hi~ya... In my ears, with your tongue... Aa~, Aa~, it tickles... Na~... onii-san's breath hits the back of my ear... Ha~a ha~a. Papi I can not think of anything anymore."

"You are too cute with melting face."
"Iya~a, do not say, if you whisper gently, that alone... I will cum."
"You are cute, are you cumming again?"

"Ha~a ha~a. I love you. Aa~a aa~. Puppy will be screaming. To onii-san, to my dearest onii-san, I love you. Aa~ gu~, it's too thick. onii-san's thing is too thick."
"It is because Papi is tightening, is not it?"
"I don't know, Ah, no, it's too thick.
Papi is going to cum again. Onii-chan it hurts. It feels too good and my head gets crazy."
"Then, I'll do alot of 'panpan', so let's cum together."

"Eh~... wait... if you do, if you do that to Papi now... hi~yaaa~. Aa~, aa~, it feels too good. It feels too good!"
"I will also soon..."

"Came, Papi came many, came many times, huh ha~a, no good, uh ha~a ha~a ─ ─ um"
"I am cumming."
"Aaa~, something hot came... Aa~... I am cumming, Iku, Iku!"

With Papi's too much disorder state, I feel good too and it can not be helped. By pouring inside Papi with 'buchubuchu', only with alone I came again.

Her body was completely run out of power and lost her consciousness with the momentum. Still she desperately tightens her vagina without releasing my meat stick. Maybe out of her instinct, she desperately clings to meat stick as if saying that she will not let go of a single drop of my semen from her womb and is repeatedly hitting the glans and receives sperm.

Even though she lost her consciousness, I embraced lovely Papi tightly and stroking her head. I wish we could live happily forever... Tutte also take a step further...

I started to live together with two pretty beast girls, I thought of future things and continued to hug Papi and Tutte as it was for a while with a happy mood.

Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

IUSAP07 Part 2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 07 [Part 2]


"This is... well... too many..."

Karen thinks by looking at the number of dead bodies of goblins.

"Shakti, what should we do with the goblin corpses? If we left them like this they will turn into zombies, is not it?"

"That's right, but before that we need to gather left ear the proof of goblin's subjugation! So Dee you also help!"

When Shakti said that, Dee started collecting goblin left ears together with Shakti. And after collecting left ears, Lina digs a large hole on the ground with magic. Karen and Lina throws the goblins with no left ear into that big hole.

"With this it is the last, is not it?

"Dee! Wait a bit, use this."

Karen stops Dee who was trying to put the fire on and gives a pot with height of 50cm and width of 30 cm.

"Is this... oil?"

"That's right! If you use it too, the firepower will rise. "

"I see, thank you♪."

Dee tried to lift that jar, but it was too heavy to lift it for him.

"What is it Dee? You cannot even carry that weight? It cannot be helped, I will teach you body strengthening of fire magic♪."

By saying that, Shakti embraces Dee and uses body strengthening on her body as it is.

"What is this muscle idiot woman doing!
In the confusion hugging Dee. I will not forgive you, get away from him soon! "

"Lina! You should also understand, right?
The trick to remember the magic of the support system  is to feel the flow of magical power in the body? So in order to feel the flow of magic power it is fast to keep my body in close contact. It is easier to understand. How is it? Dee? Do you feel the flow?"

What does it mean to feel the flow in the body? So my
How to feel the flow of magical power in Dee
, It is easier to understand if you were in close contact with your body
. How is it? Dee? Do you feel the flow? "

Certainly, I feel like something moves in the body of Shakti... This is magic power... It is different from the release system? It was a feeling that I should concentrate magic in one place when it was a release system, but this body strengthening is a feeling that should spread magic power on the whole! Well, is it something like this?

When Dee uses magic of physical strengthening. Lina forcible separates the arms that was hugged by Shakti.



Dee who dispelled his arms gently lifted the previous pot and threw it to the center of the mountain of dead bodies.


"I did it♪."

"It's amazing♪ Dee!"

"Oh, great Dee! You learned faster than me! "

"This was surprising! Does Dee have magical sense?"

And then Dee used the magic of fire emission system as it is.

Alright this time I will use a slightly different release system fire.
Let's try it... image, image!

Then Dee stretched his right hand forward, a big fireball appeared in front of the palm, and the ball deformed and formed a shape of a bird about 1 m.


The fire bird flew directly to the mountain of the dead bodies of the goblins, and with the help of the oil, which increased firepower. The dead bodies were burned all the way.

"What is that magic? I have not seen it!"

"Oh, is that so? I just imagined just as I heard from Lina."

"What was it just now? It looked like a bird of fire to me, I have never seen such a magic..."

"My attribute is fire! But, this is my first time seeing it..."

"Oh, is that so? I just asked Lina
You just imaged it? "

"What was it for now? It's a fire bird
It looked like, I have never seen such a magic
Yo ... "

"I am also an attribute of fire!
What ... "

When three people were surprised at the magic of Dee, suddenly Dee fallen down.


"Shakti... I am hungry..."

As he said, Dee lost his consciousness.

"Mou! Dee, do not make me worry!... It can not be helped♪."

"Maybe Dee gets hungry when he used magic power, is not it? Dee got hungry so far, after he did it with us and after he used magic. That semen must be same as a chunk of magic powers! That's why, I think it recovers our physical strength and magical power and heals our injuries!"

"Aa~, that's right, if that's the case it's convincing! As Shakti said, it would be the identity of that semen! Let's go to my house for the time being! I will make something, also two of you should be hungry."


By replying that, with Shakti carries Dee on her back and head towards Karen's house.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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