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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 15: 11-yrs Old (2)

Eleven years old [2]

It's been 5 days since I retreated in my room.
Although my schedule was off by 2 days, the foundation of the magic that I was about to make was completed.
My head was cranky due to lack of sleep, but it was blown away all at once by the excitement coming from the sense of accomplishment.

Just because of the excitement I did not feel tiredness or pain, but suddenly my body's strength loosened up and collapsed in the place where I am standing.
Strange, my legs will not move. I cannot stand up.
Is excessive use of magic and lack of sleep, may be caused by the lack of nutrition?

I picked up my small wand that was fallen on the floor and pointed it towards the Otem in the corner of the room.

"... পুতুল দখ有."

In response to the spell, Otem moves it's body and comes close to me.
I dropped my wand and holds the upper part of the Otem to stand up.
Then I reached out for a small bottle on the desk.

What was inside is homemade energy drink.
Recently named it Abel's potion.

I grabbed the small bottle and crawled on the floor again. After clenching it with my teeth, I got rid of the lid gently.
After drinking the contents at once, the energy returned to my body.
Still, I can still move.

I managed to stand up with the power of Abel's potion.
I cannot stop trembling of my feet and hands, but it is a common thing that happens all the time if this is the case.
When I grasped my elbow and knee strongly for about 5 minutes, for the time being the trembling stopped.

For now, let's celebrate the completion of magic rather than my body.
However, what was completed this time is the foundation of the foundation.
From here I need to repeat my experiments, fine adjustment, addition of information, application, shortening, etc., are needed to do.

However, it will be dangerous to draw over anymore.
I do not understand what kind of face my father is making outside.

Besides, my body cannot hold on for long.
If dead there will be nothing left.
My meals were preserved dried bread, fruit of Eve and then Abel's potion alone.
Because of that, recently my taste has become strange.
Also, somehow the world's color is strange. It seems that my lack of sleeping time is approaching it's human limit.

Giselle was also got involved.
Giselle is getting a good sleep, she may be better than me, but she do not have anything to do and I think that the packed life is painful.
Naturally, the meals she took is same as me.
... It must be painful, right?
Rather I feel her skin is shiny than usual, is it due to mind? (TL: it's your imagination...)

Well, let's just report the completion of magic to Giselle for now.

"Giselle, it's done!"

As soon as I said, Giselle, who was sleeping in my bed, jumped up and come to the desk.

"Finally, the magic that nii-sama wanted to make more than anything was finally completed!"

Giselle waved her hands 'pata pata', she seemed pleased as if her accomplishment.

"Ah, there are lots of books that I have referred to... but still, it is my original magic that I made from scratch."

Let's also report it to the chief.
I want an opinion from him as well.

"Amazing! If it's nii-sama, I thought you could do it someday! But... I did not understand simply by listening about that magic technique, so may I see it at once?"

"Of course."

I picked up the small wand dropped earlier and swung it.
I am not used to imagining this magic circle yet, so it will take a while.
While assembling in my brain, I slowly cast it.

"আম প্রকাশিত"

After the magic circle is completed, I casted a spell.
A small panel floats in front of me.

"Abel · Belek"
STR (strength): 2
MAG (Magical power): 865

"This is... My brother's name is written... but, what on earth is this?"

"It's a status indicator. Well, I had a hard time, because I have to incorporate it all in the magic lines from the display format to the characters."

"Status? Is it by any chance..."

"Yes, if we use this magic, we can check the muscular strength and magical power of the target. In the end, it would be able to display the tribe name and their strength in the numerical values. It is something that gives brief explanation."

For me, when it comes to different world incarnation Status indicator is a standard.
This cannot be reconciled. If do not have one, it cannot be helped but to make one.
If I think about it, it was already ten years ago that it was disappointing that there was no status.

Incidentally, the criterion of the numerical value is both the average adult Maren's value of 20.
The result of continuing to make Otem since I was small appeared in my magical power.

...... I am satisfied with it, but I did not think that muscle strength was so little.
I want to believe that it is a false numerical value while magically developed by myself.
No... But, I am nearly 12-yrs old in this world, may be it is such a thing, right?
As my father says, I will decide to go out to help him hunt for a while.

"How, you could make something like this..."

"There was a magic to discriminate the strength of magical power by color, and I got a hint from there."

"Me too, please show my status too!"

"Yoshi, do not move."

I pointed my wand towards Giselle and a magic circle floated in the air.
...... This magic circle, it is too fine and difficult to transfer.

If I want to increase the amount of information that can be displayed, I have to further improve it, I wonder if it's okay?
I wish I had some way to shorten it.
It may be better to make a simplified version which easily display muscular strength and magical power.
There is still room for improvement.

"Giselle Belek"

STR (strength): 8
MAG (Magical power): 37

Although not as much as me, Giselle also has high magical power.
The average of adults is set to 20, which is set as the standard.

If I think about it, it may be important to touch magic since childhood.
My father started practicing magic circles around in his 20's.
Maren tribe should let their children start magic practice at an early age.
Then they can make the strongest magician army corps and can aim for the world domination... Un~?
A~re? Giselle's muscular strength... compared to me, above...?

"After all, nii-sama have very high magical power!"

Giselle said that by raising her voice loudly.
It seemed rather than excitement, she was trying with all her best to distract me.
Giselle also noticed that she has a higher muscle strength value and she was concerning about it.
That was hard for me too.

"... Ah, but since the general Maren tribe is 20, Giselle's is also high enough."

"The average of the general Maren tribe is 20..."

Giselle clouds her expression and mutters in the same way.
Stop it, do not look at me with such eyes.
Giselle noticed my eyes, she changed her expression quickly. That thoughtfulness is also painful.

"It was the result of my imitated practice by my brother's side!"

"That's... right, un."

I quickly erased the display of the status with my wand.

I never thought that I would loose to my little sister in muscle strength by quadruple difference.
I endured it. I endured pretty much.
I got quite a shock in a while after a long absence.

Naturally, it does not mean that Giselle is a gorilla.
Perhaps Giselle is almost average.

Even when my father invited me to hunt, I kept running around while hiding and by using the theory.
Even if I was told to do farming work, Otem had done it all.
Other things I have done is none other than retreating in my room and kept on reading magic studies.

I do not need much strength in carving Otem.
The Maren tribe's wood carving knife can easily cut and scrap trees using the magical power of the tree around here.

Giselle should be similar to me, but she accompanies my mother's shopping and somewhat lives a decent life than I am.
Speaking briefly, I'm garbage.


"Finally came out this stupid son! Do you hate so much to got hunting!"

When I got out of my room, I got a sermon from my father.

"My father! nii-sama was just developing magic! I bet if you also saw the magic that nii-sama developed..."

"It is not that kind of story!"

"If father-sama want to get mad at nii-sama, sometimes instead get mad at me for a change! I also was like being involved with nii-sama!"

"There is no necessity for that."


"I know that it is more effective for you by scolding Abel alone."

"Kugh... that kind of way..."

As expected of my father, he understands Giselle well.

"Giselle, it's okay... I was totally wrong this time... Father-sama, I am terribly sorry, I will never do something like this from now on."

"...... Mmm, you are strangely straightforward, are not you planning something again?"

"Nii-sama? what's happened to you? Nii-sama I know would never easily admit his mistakes regarding magic... that is not like nii-sama! Did you catch cold again?"
(TL: He got a bigger blow, being weaker than his little sister by strength. Which surpassed his enthusiasm towards magic.)

... I did not expect to be said that far.
Usually, what are they thinking about me?

"No, I understood the importance of hunting, I understood that it is important to move my body and train the body from tomorrow than using Otem to hunt. I will accompany you everyday, I am sorry for the inconvenience until now. "

As she heard my words, Giselle suddenly changed her expression as if relieved.
When our eyes meet, Giselle will immediately changed her expression.

"Nii-sama, I think that nii-sama is a wonderful person as it is!"

……Thank you for your concern.
But, as a big brother I cannot forgive myself. If possible, I want her to stop concerning like that.

But after this, my declaration will also end again with in 3 days.
It pampered the body like Giselle's concerns do not effect me and once again days went back to the war between me and my father making door as a border.
Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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