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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 14: 11-yrs old [1]

Another 2-yrs have passed.
I am already 11-yrs old and Giselle is 9-yrs old.

Before, when I caught the cold, in the heat of the moment I swore in my heart that I should stop magic training at once. But after passing the hurdle I totally forgotten about it. When I think about it, it was not more than next day. Today too, I was doing my best at practicing magic. 

I already exceeded the Chief in some fields of magic. The limits are beginning to appear in what I can do here.

As I thought, I should know about the world outside.
I must not stay in this village.
Recently, I sometimes feel such things.

"Abel! Let's go hunting, Abel! Get out you social withdrawal!"

My father hits the door of my room.
However, it is useless.
There is a solid barrier put on my room.
It is impossible to release from the outside unless it is same class as chief.

It is bad for my father but I have decided to withdraw for several days to study magic.
Since I knew that there is magic in this world, there is magic that I had wanted to use someday.
It was completed up to 80%.
I want to finish it at once.
My determination is hard.

"I am really sorry, I am busy right now, if it's hunting I will lend you an Otem if you want."

That's right, I succeeded in developing a magic circle which can let Otem hunting.
Since I incorporated a number of complicated responses to the magic circle, it can respond to simple commands such as "Come with me" or "Wait".
Since it only takes action in response to voice, I can add any number of instructions depending on the magic circle.
If made the arms larger in advance and make the joints move, it can even shoot arrows from the bow.
Because I made it possible to move efficiently with less magical power, it will be able to move for five hours after giving magical power.
The precision of archery is also high, so much that it does not oppose the user.
It should be much more useful than a single child.

When I showed this magic circle to the chief, he was delighted by saying "Shindou ja! Abel is a shindou ja!"
Recently, the chief seems to use this magic circle as well.
Just because the magic circle is complicated and it is difficult to adjust the magical power, it seems that people other than the chief cannot use.

"Abel, that's not the problem! How many times should I tell you to understand!"

"Do not disturb my concentration as I am now in the process of an important magic study! Unfortunately, if you hit the door any further, I will use the soundproof magic as it is!"

"Giselle is missing you too!"

"It is a lie! I said to Giselle that I will withdraw beforehand for about three days! Giselle is a good girl who can endure!"

While I say it, I take out a wooden cane.
Magic can be raised in accuracy and power by using this wand.

This wooden cane is what I made.
It is engraved with magical powers and it is able to transcribe the magic circle to the air without chanting.
This can save a lot of time.

Originally, when I made this I thought that I did very well, the chief said "A wand that incorporates a transfer technique is a common type. It was truly wonderful that you made it on your own."
Although it was a bit frustrating, it is reasonable to incorporate the transcription technique that forms the basis of most magic.
It is not strange even if someone doing other than me.
At the same time I was convinced that I wanted to see the world outside of the village again, I thought so strongly.

Well then, let's add soundproofing to the barrier that covers the room quickly and block it completely from the outside.
I swiftly swung the small wand and created a magic circle.

"নী ตততদদ দি ......" "

"It's true! That Giselle was crying! She is saying that it is painful to not able see Abel for 3 days!"

...... If said that far it is painful for me too.
I handed out an Otem which resembled my face as a substitute for me, but that seems to be useless.
Let's go out to see a little bit.

"But, when I go out of this room, you are going to drag me to hunt as it is, right?"


"Is that supposed to be a toss-over... then, do not you think it's unfair to Giselle?"

"You can play with her after you returned from hunting."

"Hunting will take nearly half a day, right? You said I should come out for Giselle's sake, but is not that something a bit strange?"

"Abel is the one who is strange, trying to close inside your room for 3 days."

"It is reasonable."

I am convinced, but I do not plan to approve of it.

"By the way, what are doing about toilet?"

"If I said you will take measures, so I will not say, there is no need to worry. "

If I use the magic of transfer magic, I can move instantaneously to a place where magic circle prepared in advance.
In the toilet and this room, I have left Otems with carved magic circle of transfer.
My father do not know that I can use transfer magic, which was a high level magic.
I carved magic circle on an old Otem which was originally in the toilet. so it will not be noticed so easily.
So it should not be exposed.

However, if there is no magic power, it will not function as a transfer destination, so I need to go there to recharge magic every 5 hrs.
A lot of magic power is necessary for the transition, but if it is a distance between the toilet and to my own room, it is enough to replenish magic in regular intervals.

With this it should have been perfect, but I seem to have underestimated Giselle's bro-con. I cannot afford to leave that cute little sister crying like that.

"When father goes hunting, I will go out in the meantime."

"I decided not to go hunting until you came out today."

"I am fine by it, but mother will get angry."

"If you do not want to get scolded by her, then come out."

It cannot be helped even if we kept asking questions.
I swung the small cane and the magic circle floated in the air.

"There is no helping it, I will come out after completing this single paragraph, please wait a little."

"পুতু দখ দখ"

I put magic on Otem that I had put on the desk.
I picked up that Otem and put it in front of my room door.

"Did you cast a spell now?"

"Please wait a while."

The Otem's mouth moves and imitates my voice.

The gesture moves the Otem's mouth and imitates my voice.
It is an Otem that talks with a special mechanism in its mouth.
It was created by arranging the theories written in the chief's library book in my own way.

It is a bit off tone, but it cannot be helped because it is a magic circle arranged in a hurry.
In order to improve the accuracy and variations of the voice more, fine adjustment is needed.
But for now, it could attract my father's attention in front of the door.

"Father-sama, where is Giselle now?"

"Giselle, Giselle is out in the garden now..."

Mother seems to have gone out to buy in the square and if it is now toilet will be available.

I moved to the corner of the room and then shake the small cane and a magic circle floats in the air.
I lowered my voice and cast a spell.

"আম বহন"

Light coming out of the cane's edge covers my body.
I closed my eyelids due to the dazzling of light.
I opened my eyes after a floating feeling and I was inside the toilet.

OK, this will be fine.
Let's go to see Giselle.
If it's like this I should have let Giselle into my room.
My father would get noisy if I made Giselle into a hikikomori life(of these 3 days). But, instead of making her cry, I should have done this from the beginning.

"Abel! Not yet!"

From the second floor, my father's voice was heard.

"Wait a while."

"You are saying the same thing for a while!"

"Wait a while."

... I should make it quick.
If not the situation may go out of control.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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