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Isekai Cheat V3 Prologue

Isekai Cheat Ark 3 Episode: Prologue


Foundation 1/2/1359

A certain meeting was held in Royal Castle. The agenda was about Akatsuki Yuuki, who became the world's first rank SSS adventurer.

"It is the last confirmation that the rewards given to him are the medal and the gold reward, the rank of [Grand duke]. Is it OK?"


This conference was held by the Royal faction. Currently, there are two major factions in the Kingdom of Da Luke. It is the Royal Family and the aristocratic faction. The Royal faction (which may be said as a citizen faction) is doing things such that the distance to the people is short and the tax is taken at the minimum. On the other hand, aristocrats have a lot of greedy aristocrats and they collect improper taxes such as collecting more than the provision, corrupted officials, etc. Currently there are two of the three princely royal duels in the Royal faction and there are families in aristocrats.

And this meeting was also a discussion to suppress excessive contact from aristocrats. In that fact it was decided to give Akatsuki the [Grand Duke]'s rank. The nobles of this country include the royal family in order of the highest order [Royal → Grand Duke → Duke → Marquis → Earl of the Frontier → Earl → Baron, Honorary Baron → Baroness, Honorary Baroness → Baroness Baron → Top level cavalry → Top rank knight → Knight】. Basically the rank of the Grand Duke was not used. But this time is a matter of sufficient importance and in the lower ranking there is a high possibility that he will be targeted by aristocrats. Even if you are a higher aristocrat [Marquis] you cannot say strongly the same line or from [the Duke]. [Duke] But you cannot be said strongly that it is from [Duke] of the same line. For that reason, it was decided to give Akatsuki the highest aristocracy 【Grand Duke】.

"Will he cooperate with us?"

That was the beginning of Edoardo Fons El Selenson, the principal of the Duke of Selenson, one of the royal faction. However, King cut it by saying,

"He will not."

And said about the reason.

"Probably Akatsuki will not do something that is troublesome."

It was simple and easy reason.  By the way, when becoming the [Duke of the Kingdom of the Da Loke] of this powerful country, he will be treated hospitably beyond the highest even in other countries.

"By the way, I heard fun thing from the church."

"Oh, are you saying about [Ha shin]?"

"That's right, by the way, do you know the 3 names of Akatsuki?"


"[Black violence], [annihilation], [contact prohibition], all recently attached names, but before that, there is a name that was attached shortly before the great invasion."

"That is...?"

"[Ha-shin] I do not know who said it, but don't you think it fits perfectly?"

"The church might get angry."

"Oh well, it would be fun if he was a really [Ha-shin]."

Shiguritto says so. They do not know yet that this was the fact, but will know later.

"I will have Akatsuki enter the school with that."

"I think that's a good idea, but the aristocrat faction will not tell about him to their children."

"I guess they will not say to their children because they want to look cool."

"On the contrary, few nobleman children who does not know him sells a fight with him and their houses may going to be destroyed as well."

"It is possible and it is the last story."

"what is it?"

"The schedule for the brave summon is decided, 5-yrs after September 15. Preparation has started, I cannot stop it, I will apologize to those who are about to be summoned.................."

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.
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