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Isekai Cheat Extra 08

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 08:  Status

Chapter 8: Status

It is the status at the end of Mythology forest.
It is long.
From next time, only the changes will be displayed.

Akatsuki Yuuki

Sex: M
Age: 10
Race: God Human (Mythology Human, Transcendent)

Lv 850
Civil service: divine beast ... 99999 +, god of god, spirit ... 99999 +
In case
HP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
MP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
STR 99999 + / 99999 +
AGI 99999 + / 99999 +
VIT 99999 + / 99999 +
INT 99999 + / 99999 +

Job: The transcendent of the sword God, the transcendent of the magic god, the transcendent of the gods, the strongest, the brave? What is that, is it delicious? , Master craftsmen, the best tamer, use Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, use Kamiokami, use God Beast, God Beast our God, ruler of the mythology organisms, use spirit of God, ruler of Mythology forest, Mythology type of ruler, the ruler of the sanctuary , Ruler of the mythical world,
Conceptual top level martial art Lv 15+
Conceptual top level dentistry Lv.15 +
Top marks domination Lv 15+
Top precision magical power domination Lv 15+
No chant
Conceptual top level monster Tame Lv 15+
Top level appraisal Lv 15+
Top hiding Lv 15+
Top creation skill Lv 15+
Cooking Lv 15+
Top level armor technique Lv 15+
Top body strengthening Lv 15+
Top magical body strengthening Lv 15+
<Unique skill>
Breakthrough limit
Yuuki flow Lv 15+
True Yuuki flow Lv 15+
Sakurami Kazari flow Lv 15+
Myth Akatsuki Lv 15+
Swordlessge Lv 15+
Mineral separation & fusion
Metal separation & fusion
Special creation
Basic Attribute Magical Suitability: Fire Feng Shui Light Dark Ice Crime (Total)
Concept Top level All basic attributes Magic
Concept Top level tree attribute magic
Concept top level no-attribute magic
Concept top granting magic
Concept top level recovery magic
Concept top-of-the-top spirit magic
Concept top level sacred magic
Concept top dark magic
Concept top level spirit magic
Concept top level missing magic
<Unique magic>
Dragon magic, God magic, poison magic, alchemy magic, decomposition magic, creative magic, playing magic, nothingness magic, dimension magic, time magic, space-time magic, gravity magic, transition magic, concept magic, causal interference magic
True eye, beans, magic creativity, skill creation, full memory, complete imitation, structural analysis, structural understanding, parallel thinking process, mind public speaking, Kyokushin magic, world memory connection, all language learning, the most significant reduction, conceptualization, dragon God, divine, fusion (full capacity copy)
Concept level top level physical attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all magical attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all-mind attack invalidation Lv 15+
Concept level top level all state error invalidation Lv 15+
<All derivatives>
HP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
MP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
Superior attack power Lv 15+
Attack power is doubled Lv 15+
Moving speed super high rise Lv 15+
Incarnated person, transcendental person, all of the viewing person, a person that leads to truth, genius, natural disasters, the strongest, who governs all, superiors of the gods, the gods of the Creator, follow the gods and who, who read the world, mythology Ruler of the Lord, ruler of the whole spirit
Blessings of creation God, the gods of the car, respect of the creation of God, honor of the gods, the meaning of submission of the creation of God, the gods of the meaning of obedience, spirit God our refuge, submission of the spirit of God our

<martial arts>
Weapons art, martial arts, art skills integrated skills. Acquisition is possible with a certain number of skill levels. There are no holders who are not unique or special. When you acquire all weapons techniques, martial arts, body skill liberation. However, swordsmanship skills are not released.
<Dark operation>
Integration of assault equipment, assassination skills. Acquired the assault machine, assassination skill level maximum.
<All basic attribute magic>
Basic eight attributes Acquired that there is a magical aptitude. Normal skill, but no longer special skills.
<Lost magic>
Space, summoning, ancient magic integration.
<Ultimate Magic>
It becomes the ultimate and true magic at the limit. The power will be panned!
<Heart speech>
Reading mind, spiritual integration.
<Dragon magic>
Magic that can be used only for the topmost Shenlong. Akatsuki is an exception.
Dragon man, upper compatibility of <dragonization> which can be used only by dragon people. <Dragoning> can only use Akatsuki which incorporates and fuses the power of Shinryu. Also, because it uses nothing but a force, it does not matter where it is. If you want to do, you can extend your nails, make your teeth sharp like fangs, wings can grow etc. It can also be converted into a dragon. I do not do it.
Effect: All status 3.5 times. Hardening the skin.
<Dragon man>
It is regarded as the descendant of the dragon. Basically human form. It is said that he is able to dragonize and is a servant.
<Dragon man>
Descendants of the dragon. The upper rank of Dragon man. Battle power draws a line with Dragon. <Dragonification> also completes perfectly in one week after birth.
<Dragonization>Dragonize it. Status 1.5 times

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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