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IUSAP06 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 06 (Part 1) [18+]

"That's right, even though you helped me, I did not give my thanks nor named myself. My name is Karen a former adventurer, I lived at the near by village with my husband. Thank you very much for helping me."

Karen sat up and talked face to face with Dee, but when Karen got up, Dee's decamara(Big penis) which was still in her got stimulated and got bigger.

"Aan~♪! It got big again"

"Oh, sorry!"

It has become big again♪. But it cannot be helped! Her vagina tightened up again and there are these busty tits in front of me... It will be strange, if it did not stand up, is not it? But, she is not trying to pull it out?... No way?

Aa~nn♪ No good, this penis feels too good♪. The itchy feeling of my vagina still does not go away... Anyway, who is this boy? It is good that he helped me, but... the process was by having sex. I never heard such a way before... Un~ but, how big was it!? This boy's body is small, but his penis is same size as his arm...

Then, Dee and Karen stared at each other and confirms the current situation. Karen's pussy tightens further, Dee also gets bigger inside her. And Dee suddenly began to lick the big boobs in front of him, and put the big pointed nipple in his mouth, which was at the tip of the big tits in front of him.

It's bad! My body moved without permission♪. But in this situation... is it Karen-san? This woman tightened her vagina and there are such big boobs in front of my eyes, I could not help it! Besides, Karen-san started to move her waist by herself♪. As expected of a married woman... It will be wrong, if that man was her husband... That she will be a widow...

"Chu! Picha... Lero Lero." (sounds of kissing...)

"Aan~♪ Do not lick a nipple, if you do I feel it again... Aau~un♪ I feel too good. The waist moves without my permission... Uun~..."

When Dee moved his decamara(big penis) inside rubbing against the walls of her vagina, Karen could not hold her voice down and moaned loudly. She came from the pussy by flooding her love juice with the semen that Dee cummed a while ago.


"Aaa~ not there, it feels too good... If you know such a thing, I am already..."

While moving his waist, Dee licked one of the boobs and rubbed the other side with his vacant hand.

These boobs are amazing♪, and her pussy's feels amazing. Just by rubbing against the walls of her vagina, it got wet and tightened against my penis. And this feeling hitting the base part of my penis from a little while ago was probably clitoris. It is bigger than Shakti and Lina.
That's it! I forgot that! I need to go and help those two as soon as possible. But before that, I and Karen needs to cum first.

Then, Dee supports Karen and lie on his back. He thrusts his big penis into her vagina and started teasing the clitoris that gotten bigger.

"Aaa~ not there, above that wall feels good... Aa~ not Au~ Aaa~♪ there Aaa~♪ do not touch there Aa~ I am weak there no~ ua~ Aaa~♪"

When Dee continues to thrust his waist without hesitation, he felt something in the back of her vagina.

Hmm? What is it? What is the feeling of getting behind this?

Gotsu gotsu

"Aan~♪ don't, my womb, my uterus is coming down...
If you touch it, I will become strange."

I see, is this the womb!  That means, it is like erotic manga and so on! That means that I can have sex with womb's mouth.

"Aaa~♪ not there... if you poke it so much, it will enter...
Aan♪ it entered.... Aan~♪ Aaa~♪ a he~e fu~aya~u..."

Dee further attacks the back of her vagina, breaks open her womb's mouth and inserted the head of decamara. When he did it, Karen's face melted and came with a Ahegao♪.

Bokkoru Jupujupu Bokkou Jupu

It's bad, this feels too good and waist does not stop!

Karen was already in a state of Ahegao♪ and came as it is.

"A-han aa~a he~e it feels too good  awaa~a~ I don't know what I am saying anymore iku~iku~ I am cumming again."

"I also cumming! I will put it in! Uu~."

Dee sprayed his semen as it is in her uterine mouth. And Karen climaxed for the second time at the same time, as she moved her mouth 'paku paku' like a carp. while in a state of ahegao, her mind seems to fly around.

"Fuu♪♪. It felt too good♪, Karen-san♪."

"Ahe~e... Un♪, no more..."

Un~, she have not regained her sanity yet... Have I done a bit too much? But, it felt too good! Un~, it cannot be helped♪ because it's too good. Well, for the time being I will pull out my penis and I should go to Shakti's place. 

Boko jjupujupu

"Aan~♪ ya~ nn~ no more Aan~♪... what?"

When Dee pulls out his penis from her vagina and it stimulated her.
Because of that Karen regained her sanity as she felt it. So, he said to Karen, what he did not informed her yet.

"Is that so... As I thought my husband was... But at that time my magical power had run out, so it cannot be helped..."

"Then, I'd like to ask? What happened in the Karen-san's village? And why Karen-san and your husband were here? Can you tell me about it?"

"Yes, that's right. I will talk about everything. Well..."

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 06: 6-yrs old (3)

Together with Giselle, I went to a less popular place away from the settlement.
Because I found a good stump, I used it instead of a desk to arrange the Oracle notes.

Throughout the day I tried practicing, but there was no results on the first day.
So I decided to go to that place for a while. I got up early in the morning before my father so that I could practice for even a second more, and my father got angry when I came back late at night. Let's put me aside. But Giselle, accompanying me without any purpose is also amazing.

As the time passed by 2 days, 4 days and a week, I gradually grasped something from them. I continued turning the Oracle notes(cards) and as a breather I carved few Otems.

And then, a month passed.

"Clown, the king of red, the richest man of red..."

While saying I turn three cards that are lying down.
The first piece was clown, the second piece was the red king.
The third piece was not a red richest man but a black devil.
Did I fail again? Is the hit rate about 60% or so?

I did not hit a single piece on the first day, and the success rate has been increasing, but... something like this, I feel something was short.

"Nii-sama, this is amazing! Of the three pieces you have also won 2 pieces!"

Un~... if possible, I would like to take it until about 100 out of 100, but...

It is a remembrance practice, but it does not mean that I can really see the picture.
Although I do not see it, intuition will work somehow if I do. It looks like one piece of perspective.
As a leading magician, a concrete vision seems to come to mind.

"Nii-sama, what's the matter?"

"No, I was thinking that I cannot raise the success rate a bit more."

"But, even father-sama, told that he often miss."

"I want to surpass our father."

To say it clearly, I think my father's magical level is low.
If we talk about just making an Otem, I am already better than him. That I can say it with confident.
That is, as far as the basics of magical foundation, my father was losing to me, who is a 6-yrs old child.

For now, I am making my father as my goal.
But, that is the goal as a passing point.


Giselle opened her mouth wide and looked at me like she was surprised.
It's bad, I got a little excited.
In the Maren tribe, although the magical skill is the status, I can see that they do not do any training, so I feel a little irritated.
If I said this to my father, it will become awkward.

"It's a secret to our father."

This is a secret between us two, by saying that I put my index finger against Giselle's lips.

"`Hya, hi~yai~! I understand, nii-sama!"

Giselle blushes and waves her hands with excitement.
Alright, choroi(easy to manipulate). Giselle is weak against this phrase.
In this case her mouth will not slip by accident.

"Well then, let's stop here for today. Giselle want to try training?"

"Well, I..."

Is not it much motivated?
It cannot be helped.
When she tried it before, but she rarely hit it.
Giselle is four years old and she have never made an Otem. Was this something like that?

"It's been a while, let's go home after playing for a while."

"Yes! Let's! Let's do that!"

Giselle expresses her happy expression. I kind of feel sorry for her to keep me company to this forest and just watching my training.

"Do you want to play Babanuki?"

If I have more cards, we could have played the millionaire or speed, but with these numbers are a little less.
I also tried to think about various rules, but eventually I will settle down with Babanuki.
If there are two sets, we can use them as the same way as trump cards, but our house has only one set.

We sit across the wooden stump and face each other, and played Babanuki.

"Right, right, right! Right is recommended, nii-sama!"

"Well then, I will take the left."


I put black and red fancier cards on stumps.
My hand is now zero with this.

I finally realized after winning three consecutive times.
Perhaps, am I avoiding the clown that I treat as joker naturally.
Giselle is easy to understand, but even if it is taken into account, there is a bias.
Are not I consciously remembered?

"Nii-sama, you are strong..."

Giselle puts her cheek on the stump and looks up at me.

"No, no, just by coincidence."

She will be going to sulk soon.
Next time, should I try draw a clown on purpose next.

But, this also going to be magical practice, too.
From next time, should I make a habit of predicting patterns before pulling cards?
It's more fun than turning cards and I can get Giselle's mood to normal.
It is exactly two birds with one stone.
I wish my father do not get angry and accept playing cards as training.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter 18: Ice Hime's (Sealed) Penis Milk Ice-Candy

Ice-chan's penis milk Ice-candy became very popular in the streets.

This is a product that was made of Ice Hime-chan's pussy shaped mold and semen will be poured in frozen it by putting a stick inside.

This product will be sold with 2 pieces as a single piece.

So that it can be enjoyed in both the upper mouth and lower mouth at the same time. 

It became popular among girls and women.

Besides, this ice-candy has a hit. (winning prize)

If you are lucky enough, your family members might increase by good luck.

I did it.

To the Spirit country, who was a co-developer with the country of Ice got a lot of thank giving letters.

It was exactly that as a developer gets to be exhausted.

Right now, in the Ice country all the young girls walking in streets have this Ice cream in their mouths.

And the unprecedented baby boom seems to be happened.

For the future, the Ice country intends to increase production of these Ice-candies.

Once preparations are complete, they plan to export these candies to the Spirit country in the future.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 20


Kuon got drunk and slept till Dawn.
I woke up with a soft touch on my lips. That was Kuon, who woke up earlier than me.
I finished dressing my clothes and went to the cafeteria in the inn. Iris and Ellis immediately joined us for breakfast. Morning breakfast is made up of bread, salad and soup. Soup and bread are delicious, though I felt a little unsatisfactory.

"Un~, it was delicious."


"Kyosuke-san, what are your plans for today?"

"Let's see, first of all, it will be registration to the guild."

"I understand. Kuon-san, have you registered as an adventurer?"

"No, I have not registered, because I was a slave before."

"Then, both of you must register together."

Ellis guided us and we reached the adventurer guild. Although it is still early in the morning, there were many people in the guild.
Few adventurers were searching for requests. And there are few adventurers that are coming and going out of the guild. There is one looking at us and clicked his tongue with gloomy face, it was probably towards me.

"Kyosuke-san, come here."

"Thank you Ellis, let's go Kuon."


While Ellis guiding us, I walk with Kuon and Iris followed behind. We went through middle of the adventurers to the reception desk. There was nothing like a beautiful older sister as a receptionist. But a muscular old-man waiting...

"Debosu-san, is it alright?"

"N~? Ellis, what do you want?"

"I'd like to ask you to register these two as adventurers."

"N~? These little chicks?"

For these guys, my physique may not look good enough. It's fine for this macho to bad mouth me, but...
Right now my physique in their point of view, they could say at good small macho or at bad a bean sprout. Kuon's mood got worse and her tail stood upright, I stroked her head to calm her down. Since it cannot be helped, I tried to go to the other counter, it is stopped by an adventurer who was in the side. Certainly this guy is the fellow who clicked his tongue against me. (Read at Novel44 Blogspot)

"Oi, Bean sprout!"

"Do you mean me?"

"Who else was there other than you?"

I can hear 'gera gera' laughter from the surroundings and I can see that was apparently to provoke me. The fact that the eyes of the adventurer in front of me are directed towards Kuon, but not me.
I understand his purpose for some reason...

"It is impossible to be an adventurer for a bean sprout like you! I will take care of those women there. You return to your own little village you came from."

"I see... if I cannot do it, then you could be used as a Can-kicking."

"Teme~e... Do you know that you are selling a fight towards me, a C-rank adventurer?"

"I just said the truth, I did not sell fight."

"This brat!"


Guran fist is swung down towards my face and Iris raises a voice.
Kuon believes in me and do not doubt my win. I must answer to her expectations. 'Pashin!' 'Dogoo!' Sound resonates in the room, and silence was covered the room.
I grabbed the fist that is being swung down with my left hand and grasped the head of the Guran with same momentum and smashed it to the floor and moved towards the window as it is.

"So then, can you register as an adventurer?"

"Oh un~..."

"Come here Kuon..."


"Please take care of this girl too."

"Aa~... I understand, give me some blood on this metal."


By borrowing Kuon's Kodachi, I cut tip of my finger slightly and put a drop of my blood on the metal. Kuon did same as me and cures our wound with healing magic.

"Please wait a little."


Debosu moves to the back of the room, Guran still fainted.
The adventurers who were around have already examined their requests and went outdoors.
I watched such a situation for a while, Debosu came back.

"I kept you waiting, this is the guild plate, is there a need for explanations?"

"No, I asked Ellis before, so it's okay."

"I see, but you are not even an adventurer, but that LV..."

"I hunted few monsters at the village of my hometown."

"I see, well the birth of promising adventurer is a pleasure to the guild."

"From now on take care of us."

"Oh, so what are you going to do for today?"

"Is there any good request?"

"That's right..."

Debosu brings a request paper from behind. The request contains Orcs extermination in the vice forest, which was in the west of this town.

"How about this one?"

"Hey, an orc?..."

"In truth, a new comer an E-rank like you cannot accept this request. But, with your ability to beat Guran, I think you can afford this request."

"I understand, I will beat them accordingly"

"Oh, be careful"

I waved my hand and went out of the guild. Behind me Kuon and others Three of them followed me.
I spread the map that I got and headed towards the vice forest.

"How was it, Debosu?"

"I got my back wet with that killing intent, I never thought that someone that would be hiding till now."

"Totally... Guran was alive because of his luck. If he had not faint there... that girl would have killed him..."

"That's right, the boy named Kyosuke also the fox girl named Kuon have B-rank in terms of strength... No, it may be more than that."

"That's right, do not turn him into an enemy..."


By walking slowly in the town, we reached the west gate. And we headed towards the vice forest through the west gate. Unlike my dungeon's forest, this forest is quite large, we go straight into the forest and started searching for few orcs.

"How is it, Ellis?"

"No, not to mention an orc, I was not able to find even the signs of a rabbit."

"Is that so..."

"Kyosuke-sama, please do not push your-self."

"I know."

Since, Ellis and Iris are out of the town and as soon as there were no people in this region. They started to call me Kyosuke-sama.
Because there are public in the town, They called me as Kyosuke-san. And the reason Iris was worried about me was because she noticed that, since I got out of the dungeon, Tia's blessing had disappeared. My LV went up by defeating intruders and orcs so far. My current strength is as good as a B-rank adventurer...

"Really, cannot find them~."

"Totally... if we do not encounter till now. May be the request could be an invalid?"

"This is my first time like this, as long as there is nothing wrong..."

"Is it the calm before the storm...?"

Without encountering any orcs, we searched for the orcs and went to the back of the forest.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.
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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter 17: Ice Princess's Vaginal Ice [18+]

A cute girl with a light blue hair is in front of me is a princess of this country. And an amazing ice wizard called Ice-chan.

Suddenly I wanted to eat shaved ice, I came to the country of Ice, who are using transitional Ice magic.

That's why, I will make Ice-candy with Ice-chan now.

First of all, I made Ice-chan to take off her panties, appeared a pretty butterfly with light blue pubic hair.

When Ice-chan spreads her vagina with her own fingers and I poured plenty of orange juice in it.

Next, I put a slender wooden stick in her vagina, where orange juice was poured, then Ice-chan cast the Ice magic on it.

Then, the orange juice in the Ice-chan's vagina quickly frozen.

After that, I pulled the stick out of the Ice-chan. In such a way the vaginal Ice-chan's Ice-candy was completed in a blink of an eye.

The finished Ice-chan's Ice-candy was very tasty. When it began selling as an Ice-chan's Ice-candy later. It became a big hit commodity, to the point that production could not catch up to the sales.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 05: 6-yrs old (2)

I got my mother to teach me letters, so I can read and write a little.
No, although I was taught, I took a paper with letters and I just read it over several times.
After that I compared the letters with a book, I almost mastered letters by myself.

My mother taught me enthusiastically, but she thought that because I was 6-yrs old, the pace was slow and that was obvious.
To Maren tribe, it seems that recognition of degree was good enough to be able to memorize the character reading and writing by age of 10-yrs old.
I wondered they thought that it was still too early.

Even I said that I understood, she repeats the same place over and over again, and if I thought she progressed a little, again gone back and started over.
So from the first day onwards, "I wonder if it will be good for a while..." I pretent to be tired and escaped, I decided to learn without permission.

I sit on an otem in the garden and opened a book of magic.
It was intended for children, with plenty of pictures.
Even though I read this, I still do not understand the characters well yet, but I can make excuses that I just looking at the pictures.

My parents still do not know that I can read characters.
If they know that I self-taught and mastered after throwing letters into a mix what ever were taught. What my my mother may think about it?
Just before, my father said that I was not like a child. I had better keep it hidden.
Over time, I can insist that I remembered simple letters while reading a picture book.

"Nii-sama, can you read the letters?"

Giselle stretches her head from the side and looks into the book of magic.

"Oh, it's a secret to our father and mother."

"Wow, it is amazing! Oh, I want you to read the story of the dwarf's forest!"

A dwarf's forest is about a collection of children's stories.
My mother often tells me to read before going to bed.

"I do not want to be seen where I am reading... Let our Mother read it, will not it good enough?"

"But, I... I want nii-sama to read it, is not it good...?"

Will she not let go?

"Is not it good, I want to keep that I can read letters only between Giselle and me, a secret between only us two."

"Only us 2... is it?"

"Aa~, that's right, is not good?"

"Well, it's good! Okay, it is a secret between only us two, between nii-sama and I!"

Alright, she took it.
Giselle is also pleased and it was a perfect way to push it. No one will lose.

The primary reason why I wanted to learn a character is because I wanted to start full-scale training of magic.
Creating an Otem is the foundation of the foundation. I do not plan to neglect the basics, but it would be enough since I made that many.
My father will not teach me by saying it is still early, but I wanted to enter the next stage soon.
So I wanted to read books and gain simple magical knowledge.

According to the book, Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes) and fortune-telling normally seems to be primitive magic.

Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes) is like a Tarot card dedicated to the Maren tribe.
It is divided into a red and a black tag, each of which has thirteen pieces, and numbers from 1 to 13 are written. There are also colorless tags written as 0, so there are 27 in all.
Everything is painted with thieves, hunters, sorcerers... and a slightly stinky dubious pictures are drawn. By the way, if the color is different, the same picture is drawn if it is the same number tag.

Although it is close to tarot cards, it is more close to playing trump cards.
In fact, I played with Giselle an Old maid card game.(Babanuki: A game where you lose when the last card in your hand is a joker. Each turn you take a card from your opponents hand. If it matches with one of your card you through it down something like that.)
... Well, after that, my father found out and he got angry over it.
Apparently it seems that it was not a good thing to play them.

He should have overlooked that much if he said that I would play like a child.
I was forced to do that cuts the air into crosses and asks God for forgiveness.

If I try to bring out a Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes), my father may get angry again.
Should I have Giselle to pick that up?

On the day, I took out Oracle notes to play the Babanuki, "Anyway, you were the one who should have suggested that!" Only I was scolded, by saying that.
And actually it was a he said, I am not against it, but my father will not get angry at Giselle. That's why I should rather have Giselle pick them up.

"Do you remember Giselle, the oracle notes?"

"Yes, I remember that Babanuki..."

In the Giselle's mind, they have completely turned to Babanuki.
Well, why not? I am not in a position I can correct.
Whatever it is, I wish that they would make it popular to the point to not to get angry even though the Oracle notes to Babanuki.

"Yes, those Babanuki, pick them up from the second floor, I will attract our mother on the first floor."

"Yes, please leave it to me!"

Giselle does not hesitate and replies so.
Yeah, well done sister.

However, if I have to use those Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes), I want to do it out of reach from my father.
By taking the permission of my mother, should I go to a little lonely place where a bit far from the village?

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 11: To Become friendly with Tsundere Tutte!

"Nn~! Wait a bit, How is this... Aan~... washing my back?"(T)
"Even if you say that."(P)

"Onii-chan... Tutte-chan is easy to turn on... ha~a ha~a, cute."
"Wait! You, make this stupid dog quickly... Aan~, quickly stop her... there, don't."

By the time I entered the bathroom, Papi already on Tutte, sucking up her nipples while chewing, relentlessly licking and playing with the beautiful pink nipples swollen by 'Lero lero' licking and teasing, without mercy she kept caressing.

I did not do anything before the two who were getting along, I sat on a chair and looking at the situation like that, well then.

"Tutte-chan's this place is not rejecting. Ne~, It asking happily to put it in. Hora(look), onii-chan's that place."

"Ugh... It's embarrassing... I met for the first time only... I... like this... Aan~..."
"I, too, Chuu(Kiss)... Onii-chan also, really want Tutte-chan, Chu(Kiss), to get along, do you understand?"

"Understand, I understand so, if you do anymore than this... (no)Hi~ya! I, ha~a ha~a. I really can't!"
"I cannot endure... it! Uu~ Aaa~..."

Immediately afterwards, a tide blew out from the Tutte's smooth vagina, and hot love juice scattered on my face grandly. She blushed her cheeks with a rugged breath while breathing 'Ha~a ha~a'.

"Give Tutte-chan final blow."

"I wonder, if it is okay? Her consciousness looks hazy..."
"Onii-chan, a female is a creature that would want to be dominated by a male. The one who taught me that onii-san himself."

With Papi's self-confident words and I recalled about my behavior for the last few days. I cannot refute, if she said such a thing. And I am in a situation where a cute girl is blushing in front of me, who was covering her face with her own hands from embarrassment.

To be honest, if I say that I do not want to put it in, it would be a lie. Besides, it is also truth that I also want to live with Tutte happily. So...

"Tutte, I will be gentle."
"Eh? You mean... Wait a bit, stupid, wait, if you do any more... Ahhhh!"
"Eh? It's a lie right? Tutte, by any chance..."

The moment when I put into the entrance and entered her vagina... The fresh blood escaped from her vagina and traveled through my meat stick. I got a little anxious for a moment. Is not this a virgin penetration? ... No, it is without a doubt that...

"Yes, is it bad? That it is my first time!"
"No, I'm happy, because I got to take your important first time, I will be gentle."
"Stupid! I will not forgive you, if you treat me roughly."
"Of course. Let's Kiss?"
"Fu~fuun~, if you really want to do it that much, I may listen to it."
"I want to do it, I want to do it with Tutte."

"Nn~! It's not bad, being kissed gently like this..."
"Tutte-chan is a Tsundere-san. Cute."
"What? Who is Tsundere! It's not it because of you guys... In addition."
"In addition?"

"Even I, that... Want to get along well..."
"U~un! Tutte-chan is so cute. I will rub you."
"Kora! Stupid dog stop... Hi~yaa!"

"How? does it hurt?"
"I am only surprised when you suddenly moved, more than that!"
"Onii-san, you take of the lower part and leave the upper body to Papi."

Swinging her tail happily and Papi closes the mouth of Tutte and tangles their tongue. At first Tutte, whose pupils were opened with amazement, is now accepting. Accepting Papi with a 'Toron' face.

Thanks to that, the bottom also increased the movements and accepts my meat stick more smoothly than before.

Every time I insert it in and out with 'Jupu jupu' sound, she started to raise a sweet voice. When I raised my speed gradually, she started to pant her voice. That was the sweetest moans that was leaked even if Puppy is blocking her mouth.

While listening to such a lustful voice, I would like to cum pleasantly. So, I strongly hit my waist with 'pachun pachun' and gradually increased my speed while watching the state of Tutte.

May be her vagina was feeling the impulse of the male, when I noticed the uterus mouth begun to fall. Every time I thrust into her our tips are kissing eachother with a sweet sensation.

The hot melting meat stick rubs against 'Korikori' uterus mouth as it does not let escape the whole meat bar head from the glans. Entwines with each other, as they have consciousness to confirm love.

I cannot afford to love call from inside the vagina. So, it sends a signal to my brain whether the height of precision is now or not... Thanks to that, my meat stick which has lot of baby making milk stored in starts to pulsate 'pinkin pikin'.

"Tutte, it is about time..."
"Ha~a ha~a, a~an, what? Say it... Clearly say it, tell me!"

"Right, I cannot afford to hold back with my semen!"
"A~an, it's fine... cum inside... Nn~... me."

"Tutte-chan is so cute. If you make such a face, Papi also get turned on."
"Aaa~... Now, if suck my nipple...  aa~, don't. Nooo~, I will fly! My consciousness will.... fly away... Aa~a, aa~a, gu~. A~an!" 

"I too, cumming!"
"Aa~, aa~a, Aa~n, Iku, ikuikuikuiku~tsu(cumming). Iya~a(no)!"

Along with Tutte's climax, I came at the same time. At the same time, I unconsciously knocked on the uterine mouth and came inside the glans with a white cloudy liquid so that it will be as close as possible to the baby's room - in to the deepest part of the womb.

"It's hot! Semen, it's hot! Don't, if you cum this intense... I will cum again. Cumming!"

After cumming everything, I was out of breath with "ha~a ha~a". I also fell down on my back beside Tutte. She is cute and I lovingly holding the hands of Tutte, who was being wrapped in happiness...

"Both onii-san and Tutte-chan are lovey-dovey. Yatta... but... onii-chan."
"It's ticklish."

When I thought Papi was licking my face with 'Peropero'. Suddenly she ride into a position of 69 on top of. My penis which was limp from before was wrapped in a warm feeling.

"Next, I want to be feel good... is it?"

Papi swings her tail 'Furi furi' and asks me to take care of her important part and presses against my face. My thing was satisfied with cumming just now, but it got hard with the stimulation by Papi. When I noticed, I grabbed her butt and put in my tongue with 'Lero lero'.

"Onii-chan's tongue, ha~a ha~a... feels... good."
"'Chupu', Papi's mouth also great."
"I'm happy, onii-san, nn~... Got stiff."
"Papi also a big flood(gotten wet). Should I put in?"

Our bath party seems to continue a little more.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter 16: Demon Queen's public masturbation show [18+]

Currently I took over the body of the queen of the demons, who are against the human race.


From now on I will show off the 'demon queen's public masturbation show' in front of the Magus army's executives, who gathered during this demon king meeting.

The demon queen, whose body was hijacked screaming for a while that return my body back, what are you going to do with my body? But those are trivial matters.

Without knowing, what will happen from now? The executives looking at demon queen with reverenced eyes.

There is nothing else that everyone gathered here today, there is something that I would like to show you, firmly watch me.

As I said that with demon queen's voice. So I reached out to the crotch and started to tease the demon queen's vagina with my fingers.

The executives were surprised and started to buzz with the demon queen, who began to masturbating acts.

But I intimidated the executives and made them silent, and commanded them to pay attention to the demon queen.

Although the demon queen screaming that to stop doing it and do not look. But that voice does not reach the executives.

While the executives were watching, I showed them the demon queen's masturbation for about an hour.

Demons are still surprised by the current situation of the demon queen, but since I twisted, so as not to lower their favor to the demon queen absolutely, They will soon accept the perverted demon queen-sama.

At the same time, I made demon queen's dispute to never raise discomfort towards perverted acts and never decrease pleasure towards perverted acts. So that, in time she will turn into nymphomaniac, who will perform perverted acts by herself. 


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

IMWMT04 part 2

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 04 [Part 2][18+]

It seems that we will be camping outside this town today. For the time being they arranged rooms for us to sleep in a inn in the town, but Alec declined politely that our soldiers could not fit inside the inn, while letting the soldiers sleep outside the town.
The soldiers said that 'At the very least, let us be on guard at night', so currently I am rolling inside the tent made by Sagami. Just as I thought Sagami was not a normal person.
After a while, I decided to go to the town since there was nothing to do to kill time. I cannot do anything, unless I buy a sake(Wine).
Pocket money was given by Tia, so I could manage somehow.

After a while, I was wandering behind the alley.
I was trying to find a bar by walking randomly, but there were no shops with the signboard. Before I noticed it, I was already lost in the back alley.
If I know would happen, it would have been better only if I asked the people. While I was walking thinking like that, I heard a scream from the further ahead, so I went towards that voice.
Then there were two men hitting on a woman. Since I came here without any preparation, of course they noticed me.[Read at Novel44 Blogspot]

"Please, please save me!"

The woman's clothes were torn apart and there are traces of been beaten on her. She still has her underwear, so she has yet to be raped. The men are wearing leather armor, they may be mercenaries or something. Since, their things are standing, I feel sick.

"What are you? Did you come here to save this woman?"

"If you do not want to be killed, you can go to somewhere else!"

With their sudden shouting, I was a little surprised. Anyway I did not come here to help this woman, but since they came to bite me, I released [Terror].
The men who have been hit by my technique fallen down and blowing bubbles from their mouth. Perhaps, it seems that their hearts must have felt fear enough to be broken. (TL: Is that a Conqueror's Haki? From Onepiece.)
The woman was surprised at the sudden collapse of the men who attacked her. But she turned her face to here, as she realized that I did it.
I did not notice it a while ago, she is a pretty girl with red hair. Her clothes were torn and her underwear and skin are visible. Big breasts are big enough to be seen from above the clothes. Will not it turn me on?
I looked around, there were men who attacked her. A nice woman is looking at me naked in front of me. There are no people in the surroundings. OK, should I do it?[Read at Novel44 Blogspot]

"Ano~, thank you very much..."

Though she thanking me, I ignored her and put a sound barrier. With this her screams will not leak. I attacked her, who was looking strangely at me doing something like a mystery work. Because I did not do it with Sophy, I accumulated a lot lately. This is something that cannot be helped. When she realized that the one who saved her was another rapist, she hurriedly tried to run away, but I pushed her down.

"Noo~, stop it! Please let go!"

I realized that the voice of the woman who resist is really good. I peeled off her clothes by restraining, who was struggling to escape from me. The nice big breasts are exposed to the outside air, and her nipples which are just about right size appeared.
I try to get them at once, but her resistance is harder and troublesome.

"If you do not become quiet, you will be like those guys"

The men seems to be dead at first glance, so the effect of the threat seems to be outstanding.
As I stroked her body, who immediately ceased her resistance, I took off her last underwear. I found that her style would be loved by any man.
When she looks at me with her trembling eyes, my excitement rises up.[Read this Novel at]

"With these erotic boobs, you were luring men, right?"

"No, wrong! Kyaa!?"

I pinched her nipples with my fingers and rolled my fingers over them, but I was surprised at her not even resisting it.
It seems the effect was surprisingly high(about threat), I licked her nipple with my tongue as I began to massage her big breasts this time.
She keeps her pant voice down, she desperately closes her mouth despite having a rough breath. I aimed at the right moment and bite her nipple when her expression softened by getting used to my tongue on her nipple.

"Ahhhhhhh! Don't do that!"

"Fuu, what should not I do? If you do not say it properly, I do not know."

"Do not bite my nipples, please!"

There is no way I would stop even though she said to not to bite. I took a nipple and sucked into my mouth while pulling the other breast with my hand. May be she lost her composure, her panting voice was not stopping.
Even so, although she do not have breast milk, I feel sweetness when I chew her nipple. Tia was also like that, it is strange.

"What's wrong, did you turned on just by teasing your breasts?"

"No, I do not feel it..."

"If so, I will investigate."

I thrust my hand between her thighs and thrust my finger into the vaginal hole. Apparently, she seems to be a virgin.

"No~, please stop there..."

"You said that you did not feel, but your groin seems to be wet."

When I showed my wet fingers with love juice, she turned away her face. If it is embarrassing, she do not have to act strong, she is a foolish woman.

"Here, turn this way."

Pull her cheeks and turned her face over here.

"There is no choice but to use violence, if it do not be honest."

"I am sorry! I will listen to as you say, so please do not beat me!"

"That's right, if you are obedient, I will not do anything rough. Do you understand?"

She nods to my words. Finally she became obedient, I also take off my pants and take out the meat stick. May be it's her first time seeing one, she blushed her face and looking at it while diverting her face. I put my penis at the mouth of vagina, she must have resolved herself and closed her eyes. If I see such a reaction, does not it make me want to you?[Read this Novel at]

"What is your name?"

"Eh? Mira..."

"I see, it's a nice name, it fits you perfectly."

"Yes, thank you very...!"

I thrust into her the moment she talked and distracted. May be due to the pain her words do not come out in he mid way. She only moves her mouth like 'paku paku'.
I pierced my thing to the mouth of her uterus at once, but it's quite narrow. Already she was a virgin and on top of that she cramped her vagina due to pain. So it hurts past the pleasure, she was tightening her vagina to the point might break my thing. It's really painful.

"Ku~, this is bad!"

Since she has tightened to the point where my thing can really break, I used [paradise] hastily. With it's effect her pain must have relieved. She relaxed her vaginal muscle to the reasonable space.
She has a face that looks pleasant due to the influence of the technique, but if the penis is moved, the pain might have been attacking her again. Her facial expression once again distorted due to the pain.[Read this Novel at]

"This is the tightness I needed, your insides feel very good!"

"Aa~, thank you... very much! Aa~un."

"Look, you are turned on even though you are a virgin! You are an extreme Nympho!"

"I, I'm a nympho, Aan~! Why? Why do I feel like this?"

Both the pleasure and pain struck at the same time, while watching her face distorted while leaking panting voice, I was about to reach climax soon.

"Be happy! I'll cum inside you."

"No, no, not inside! Please forgive me!"

"I will cum at any moment! receive my semen!"

"Aaaaaaa~! Nooooo~!"

I hold her down who was trying to escape desperately, I thrust deeply into her and ejaculate.
She knows that semen is hitting inside her vagina and she cums while raising despairing voice. I spurted all into her while feeling the pleasure of her vagina tightening.
When I pulled out my meat stick, the semen drips down from her crotch. Even I moved away she did not tried to run away. May be she do not have the strength to move.

It felt very refreshing. Well then, should I clean up?
I activated [terror] on the girl and made her faint. I took off men's clothes, took their money, activate [memory extraction] of the three people. This is a technique to extract memory in the form of an Orb. I removed all their memories of myself and I got 3 orbs. I immediately broke them on the ground. The orbs cracked into pieces, fragments of memory faded like melting.
Finally put one of man on her. With this there is no evidence that I was here. Even if someone looks at it. This looks like that those men attacked her. I released [Sound Barrier] and left the back alley behind.[Read this Novel at]

I bought some sake (liquor) on the way home. I was found out by the Margarete, who had already recovered from her previous mood, and I was preached and sake was confiscated. It's a shame.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 15 Royal Spirit Academy's Freshmen Representative Ahegao with Double peace

In April, while the cherry blossom petals are scattering and dancing, new encounters are happened even in this country who believes in the spirits.

This is the Royal Spirit Academy in the Kingdom.
New students also came to this place where elderly students are constantly pursuing their daily routines to become ona-holes and meat-toilets for the country.

The most lovely girl will become this year's student representative and dedicate her virginity to the spirit at the entrance ceremony.

The representative girl now enters the stage and began to take off her clothes one at a time in front of the students of the whole school.

Being embarrassed and blushed her face red a little bit is fresh and cute.

As the representative student took off her clothes, freshmen also followed her and took of their clothes. Once everyone took of their clothes, the representative girl made a pledge.

Once I confirmed her pledge has ended, I thrust my penis into her vagina.

New students also started to masturbate, while listening to the panting voice at a loud volume from the speakers every time I thrust into her.

While enjoying the strange sight of the pretty girls desperately masturbating with a serious face. I fired my semen with a lot of force inside the womb of the representative girl.

And she was unable to withstand the pleasant feeling of being filled with semen into her womb that she experienced for the first time since she was born. She leaked my semen from her vagina, while exposing her slovenly stupid laughing face(Ahegao) with double peace(V-sign with two hands) in front of all the students.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Friday, 19 May 2017


Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 04: 6-yrs old (1)

I am now 6-yrs old and Giselle 4-yrs old.

I started making Otems since 2-yrs ago, that was around when I am age of 4-yrs. I have been making Otems almost every day for almost two years.

Although I was troubled for the place to put them, because there was still attachment to what I caould make well.
It seems that my father want to burn them, but I cried and strongly protested against it. I somehow managed to place them in the garden as an Otem repository.
I am glad that I was a child. It's been a long time since I have thought that.

My father seems satisfied that his child practices diligently in magic training and he probably did not want to do something that would crush it.
My little sister Giselle contributed the most. My father was weak against my little sister.

However, our garden was not that wide.
There are not many houses that arrange the Otems in the garden, but there were no houses to the garbage mountain level like ours.
Obviously, they became a rumor for the public and my father seems to be not bothered by it.

As I pretty much sorted them out, as soon as I have completed I am going to destroy the majority which are not to my satisfaction, but the number of homemade Otems are steadily increasing.
Before, it used to take one week to make one, but now it is possible to make three on the same day.
More and more Otems covered the garden.
Today, more than a hundred Otems are lined up in the garden.

Today I placed Otem as a chair, making an Otem.
There is also Giselle by my side.
I told her to sit on top of the Otem, but she refused me by saying "I cannot sit on the Otem made by Nii-sama!"
There were many Otems that were made to sit on them easily, so I would like to thank them for sitting...

But, who made them everyday can be said myself. And the one who watches it everyday without getting bored said my little sister.
She blushed her white cheeks and happily watching me making Otem.
I wonder if she do not get tired of just watching.
I always think about Giselle to teach her how to make an Otem, but to give a knife to my cute little sister has a slight sense of resistance after all.
A bit more... At the very least, I will wait until Giselle becomes 5-yrs old... I need to consult with my father, too. If I let Giselle grab a knife in secret from father, I might be beaten up when he founds out.

"... Abel, Abel."

And the moment I thought about my father, my father called me out worriedly.
Because I was thinking, I did not notice my father.
I was going to drop the knife surprise, but in a hurry I grab it in the air.

"What happened, Father?"

"Why do you keep making Otem to that extent?"

"Even you say that... No, this is the best way for training magical..."

In this Maren tribe, it is status how much you are good magical user.
Even parents should be glad that the child will be devoted to training magic, but recently parents watching me has a strong puzzle on their face.

"But... that... That was the first time I made Otem. I cannot say that it is not early... You should play a little more like a child."

I see, in other words they were uneasy about me not being childish.
However, if you asked me from my point of view, those who spend time on magical arts training are far more childish... no, such a thing is meaningless to say in this world with magic.

However, even if you say to be a child, I already exceeded 20-yrs easily, if add my age of the previous life. I cannot mix with the children of the settlement and also cannot play with them.
It was much more fun to get involved in magic by making the Otems.
It might be another story if there are games or a smartphone, but I do not think that there were such things in this world.

"For example, how about try going out to the forest outside the village? It may be dangerous to take Giselle, so I cannot give permission to that..."

The forest outside the settlement...?
But, how do I play there?
If I was a child, it may be fun just running around, but as my spirit has passed such a period of time.

Better yet, I thought about revealing about my past life, but I did not do it.
There is a possibility that they may think of me demon and kick me out of the village and at worst case scenario I might be executed by saying devil possessed or something.
Even if there is no execution or ban, I do not want for my family to become uncomfortable.
I love my parents and sister now. I think that it is important as much as the family of my past life.

"No, but..." "No, I hate it! I do not want it! If so, I will also go, too!"

Gisel grabs the hem of my clothes.
It is a moderate force. Stop it because it becomes wrinkled.

"Mu, mu..."

This time it's my father's to swallow his words. My father is weak against Giselle.

"It's father, father said that I have to always get along with Nii-sama. But still, why do you say such a things?"

At last Giselle started crying.
Giselle 100 out of 100, all the time sticks to her older brother's party and further more she is still 4-yrs old.
Speaking of pulling me away from her, there is no way she would not cause a tantrum. This is my father's fault.

I patted Giselle's back and comforted her and I glanced at the anxious father.

"Hora, see, stop crying! Dad, because father was bad!"

Well, I succeeded in successfully misrepresenting it.
I thanked her with comforting words and rubbed Giselle's back.
Giselle while crying leaned against my body, and she puts her arms around my body.

I let out my tongue secretly, while watching the anxious father from the side.
For time being, let's escape with Giselle as a shield.
Since it was uncomfortable to hurt my little sister, from now on I will teach her few things before hand, so that I can fight off my father.
Because Giselle will always be by my side, she will always function as a shield. That way of saying is a bit bad.

Thank you for reading.
Let's meet again.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 14 spirit presentation[18+]

Right now, I thrust my penis into onaho princess's vagina.
Walking around the town with the clothes of so-called Ekiben.

Why did I do something like this? Because I decided to carry out the opinion saying that I should do a spirit-sama presentation, which was a proposal by the ministers.

While a lot of citizens are watching, I walk with the meat toilet princess, a saint, a brave, a mage, and a knight to the open space.

Of course, everyone's breasts and vaginas are out.

The reaction of the people is pleased with the great cheers praising the spirits and the princesses and it was an enthusiastic welcoming mood.

Among them, there was a group of young girls who have naked upper body and written as 'Spirit-sama Banzai' on their boobs.

On the way, when I arrived at the square while waving my hand towards the people, Princess onaho told the citizens joy to the advent of the spirit and began to make a speech in hopes of further development of the kingdom.

Meanwhile I will not relax the sex momentum with princess onaho, so the cute panting voice of onaho princess was magically amplified by me and it was mixed with the voice of a serious speech, and it reverberates in the open space with a loud volume.

Many people started to masturbate on the spot while listening to the voice of princess onaho and around the time end of the speech by princess onaho, there was a strong smell of sex on the whole plaza.

But the festival of the show is not over yet.

This time the meat toilet princess stands in front and calls for everyone to devote a prayer to the spirit.

Then the meat toilet princess and the Yuusha kneeled towards me, lowered their heads and started praying.

And men came in there and started squatting semen one after another towards them.

Their bodies are stained white as I see them.

However, the rows of men who are getting white clouds to them are never decreased, even if they are covered with semen covered without leaving their whole body, the men who did not line up in the line are also squatted on the girls who kneeled like meat toilet princess and were giving their prayers to the spirits.

It was as if the plaza sank in the semen pool.
It was a sight to be seen.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+
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