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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 19

I put Lumis and Subaru into the nursery. I put Kuon on my Knee and drank tea.

"But, I thought that there are Japanese other than me, was it my imagination...?"

"What's happened?"

"No, it's nothing, I am sorry for worrying you, Kuon."


Kuon noticed that I was thinking of something and called out to me. In order to not make her more worried, I stroked her head.

"It's okay."


"Kyosuke-sama, are you OK for a moment?"

"What? Did something happen?"

"No, something has not happened."

"There are no intruders and it's okay."

"Thank you, currently Kyosuke-sama and Kuon-san's LV gone up by defeating the intruders."

"Yeah, even though orc lord was defeated, my LV did not rise."

"Yes, but when Kyosuke-sama beat orc lord, did you notice that the experience value entered?"

"Is that so?"


"Since, I still have a low LV, the LV also gone up."

"I see..."

Apparently it seems that experience and points will be included, even if either I and Kuon defeat the monsters.
If the number increases, I wonder if I can raise my LV by defeating few monsters...

"And also do you know that you can convert adventurer's money and other items to points?"


"There is a suggestion, why do not you go to the city with Kuon-san, Iris and Ellis. And earn points by raising LV as an adventurer?"


"I will deal with this dungeon, by tomorrow there will be four orc lords. How about it?"

"That is fine, but can I go to the town without being suspected?"

"Because Ellis, Iris and Kuon-san are there, if they say that Kyosuke-sama saved from monsters. It should be fine."

"I see..."

"So, how about it?"

"That's right, it's worth trying out, Kuon what will you do?"

"I am... wherever Kyosuke-san I will go."

"Well, let's go."

"Well then, we will start preparing right away."

After that Lumidora will take care of it soon. I took Kuon and Iris to leave the dungeon.
Ellis have decided to join in front of the city.
Then we walked about 4 hours from the dungeon, when it became evening we joined with Ellis.
From there it took about 30 mins to reach the city.

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"What? Is not it Iris, are you alright?! Ellis was also worried and looking for you, what's happened to Taku?"

"Stein-san, it's been a long time, I am safe this way, Taku..."

"I see... I asked about a bad memory... Who is that guy and that fox family?
I am familiar with the fox family, but... If I am not mistaken, wasn't she a slave? "

"He name is Kyosuke-san and he is the one who helped me."

"Nice to meet you, I am Kyosuke and this is Kuon. I helped her in the forest, her former master lost his life by monsters and she was saved by chance, other people were..."

"I see, as the guardian of the people of this town, thank you..."

"No, I just did something that I could do."

"I see, Today already late, so take it slow and easy."


"Well then we will have to look for Inn, so Stein-san I will excuse myself."

"Oh! Sorry, Iris and Ellis also rest well."



Without being suspected, I went through the gate. Even though I saw it from the outside, this town has a considerable size, Ellis says it's about a 10-kilometer radius.
The wall surrounding it is 10 M in height, 5 M in thickness and only 4 entrances to it.
It is impossible to break through even if you bring orc lord...

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"He~e, that's amazing."

"Kyosuke-sama, I will show you to the recommended Inn."

"Oh, please because I do not understand it at all."


Ellis brought us to an Inn. The size of the Inn was about a 2-story apartment.
When we entered by opening the door, a lady with good cup size welcomed us.


"The land lady, it's been a long time."

"Thank goodness, you were safe! So, what about Taku?"(TL: The only man who was in the nursery. Ellis brother.)

"No, I and Ellis was safe, because we ran to bring help."

"I am sorry for asking painful memories... So, who is he?"

"This person's name is Kyosuke-san. He was the one who helped me from the monsters. So, he wants to use the Inn for a while, are the rooms available? "

"What did you say! Sorry for being rude. I cannot refuse for staying, if it's Iris's request and her life benefactor. It's not a luxurious Inn, but I am proud of my cooking. Please stay here at ease."

"Thank you very much, how much is it?"

"Is it fine for the room to be double rooms?"


"If so then, 100 sheets of silver coins a day will do for double bed rooms."

"I understood, please take this for 10 days."

"You are welcome. The rooms are in the furthest back on the 2nd floor, so I can put dinner right away so please put the luggage in the room and come to the dining room."


Once said that we parted with land lady and went to the rooms. In my bed who will sleep became a subject of argument. I pulled Kuon and entered the room quickly, the room was about the size of 8 tatami mats and there are 2 beds, a candle which is used for lighting , a table and a chair.

"How is it, Kuon?"

"Yes, it is my first time staying at an Inn..."

"I see... Yoshi! Let's have our meal."


By placing luggage in the room and locked the door with key, by joining next door Iris and Ellis, we headed to the dining room. We sat on the open seats of a table, I can feel the eyes of the surroundings but it can not be helped. Kuon's race is not only rare but herself is a beauty. And Iris and Ellis are a little inferior to Tia and Kuon, but you can say beautiful girls and I have 3 such girls sitting... Well I would do the same, if I am in the opposite position~.
When I was thinking about such a thing, meals are brought to the table.

"I have kept you waiting, today it's a salad with bread and a rabbit stew!"

"Looks delicious..."

"Wow~, I like this dish..."

"It's a nice smell..."

Kuon and Iris shine their eyes, I also smelled the scent which made my face smile. Ellis had already begun to eat without saying anything.
I also scoop the stew and carried to the mouth, the vegetables are not too soft and the meat melts in my mouth.
Is it like a demi-glace sauce?

"How is it?"

"Is delicious."

"I see, if it's fine, there is also wine!"


The land lady returns and we will proceed with our meal, in a matter of time to the delicious cooking, we finished eating bread and stew, 4 of us tilt the wine. It was a wine for the first time after transferred to this world, it is easy to drink with sweet and tasty wine.
Ellis and Iris were fine, but Kuon slept on my knees on the way of drinking.
In the end, we drank 2 bottles of wine and returned to our room. I carried Kuon and put her down on the bed so as to not to wake her up and put a sheet of cloth on her so that she could not catch cold.
I also go to sleep on the next bed. Bed was softer and better than the one in the dungeon...

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Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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