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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 09 Little girl prince [18+]

I responded to the request of Prince little girl.

At the meeting with the ministers, a proposal came out as to how to make the prince a little girl.

It seems that I was a fake, who named myself as Spirit-sama and I was deceiving all of them and prince was made to believe in order to defeat me there is only one way that is by sex. It is the setting that ministers proposed. 

If someone goes against Spirit-sama, they could be killed in this country. To proposed by ministers such a situation, how much does the prince being disliked by the ministers? It is a funny story, when I think about it.

Well, it looks interesting, so let's go with it.

Apparently, there was a prince.
I was not interested in men, so I forgot about him.

I am thinking that while looking at the prince, who was called here.

For the time being, the prince is a handsome man. He was cool and excellent, it seems he was popular among girls. You should die handsome.

It's unpleasant to look at him, I asked magician(Futanari Magical Girl) to put a feminization magic on him.

Then, what is this? That unpleasant to watch handsome transformed into a pretty little girl?

It's so dramatic.

The little girl prince said many things like to turn her back to normal, you fake, devil and other words to me. But, since she is cute, I will forgive.

When I said, if you want to return back to normal, you need to squeeze my precious thing with sex and defeat me.

Naturally the little girl prince believed my words, because she became little girl, she took off her baggy clothes at once and became naked. And she jumped towards me to strip my clothes off. 

It is fresh to have a little girl take off my clothes.
Points are also high where the person herself is serious about it.

Then, the little girl finally finished taking off my clothes now tried to push me down. So, I guided her to the bed and I fell on the bed.

The little girl prince rides on me and asked me with serious face, what is your purpose in doing this? 

Even if she did not shout loudly, I would have answered her properly. Besides, it is purely nothing other than for erotic purposes.

When I told her, the little girl prince became angry and shouted 'I will defeat you and make everyone go back as they were before'. And she sat down towards my erected big penis.

My penis pierced into the little girl's tiny vagina.

When my thing went to the deepest part, the little girl stopped moving.

Her face turned red and her breathing became terribly rough.

What is wrong, is that it?

When I asked that, the little girl said that from here on it's game and started moving her waist up and down. But, her panting voice was not suppressed at all.

And, as it is, she climaxed herself alone without permission and fainted.

To see her former big brother in that situation, princess onaho looked at little girl prince with cold expression that how pathetic he(she) was.

Approached me and throw her former elder brother body on the bed and Princess onaho rides on me on behalf of the former elder brother and begin to continue where the former elder brother left off.

At that time the expression of Princess onaho, looked like a bragging and satisfying face, then I came inside her.


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