Saturday, 13 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 11 Pregnant little girl Prince [18+]

Tonight also, the little girl prince came to my room at once and announced that today I will squeeze out all your semen and defeat you.

This little girl prince was completely addicted to my penis. She comes seeking my penis every day, but when I refused to have sex with her, she would make a face as if the end of the world came. This is also cute to watch.

It seems that her body became unable to live without my big penis. So, I wrote on her forehead 'Cock loving hentai little girl' with magic.

In addition to that, I wrote on her stomach 'sex addicted' with magic.

It is fun to let pretty little girl play like reverse rape, but recently I got interested in pregnant Loli.

That's why, I ordered magicians to develop magic that makes pregnant even a little girl.

So that magic was completed today, so I tried using it.

The great part of this magic is that it not only modifies the uterus of a little girl to be able to become pregnant, it also has the function of promoting ovulation, fertilization and the ability to rapidly grow the fetus.

As a result, a stunning pregnant little girl was completed.

Big inflatable stomach incompatible with young body.
A bigger breasts, nipple darkened breasts.

What is this big brother? Got pregnant before her sisters, who were committed before, is not the girl power too high?

I do not know whether that is girls' power or not.

Okay, let's have a shot of sex with pregnant little girl prince, for the time being.


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