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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 08 Female Knight is M [18+]

There are  female knights in this kingdom.
Their duties seem to be mainly the protection of female royalty.

This time called girl was chosen for her real strength among female knights, who was miraculously pretty and is a rare species among female knights.

I think that I would like to see newly established knighthood figures attentive to their appearances later. but, fow now let's enjoy this girl now.

By the way what is a necessary thing for a female knight?

It is a high loyalty to protect the royalty's lives even at the expense of their own body.

To do that, you should not be afraid of your own body being injured.

So I think I will do some 'S&M' play to train her this time.

First of all, she bare her ass, bashfully slapping her butt.

A good sound began to ring and on her white butt a red hand print is printed.

This is an act for her, so she naturally gives me the words of gratitude.

When I asked her, do you want to be slapped more? She who has outstanding loyalty answered me to beat her more.

With her reply I hit her ass several times. Since, my palm began to pain midway, I beat her ass with the leather whip.

It is painful to look at painfully swelled red butt. But, for some reason her face looked happy when I smacked her butt number of times. 

Looking at her crotch is wet with a liquid different from urine, apparently she seems to feel pleasure when being beaten.

I cannot believe she was getting turned on by being beaten. She must be a tremendous 'M'.

Well, it was surprisingly amusing to slap a cute girl's ass.

I will continue this training for female knights selected for their appearance.


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