Tuesday, 9 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 06 Boobs Saint[18+]

Well, who I called for this time is a woman called a religious saint who worships the spirit-sama.

Light blue hair, a gentle face and big boobs that seems to have a hug power that could wrap everything.

I can assure you that her charm is in her boobs.

It would be nice to do paizuri with those big tits.

That's why I had booby-chan to take off her clothes.

The two big fruits which were hidden before have jumped into my eyes.

Well, it is truly brilliant.

I put lotion on booby-chan's breasts and thrust my dick in that valley, booby-chan breasts swallowed my dick to the root as Supen.

When I move my hips, the boobs shake with 'Brumburm' in conjunction with it.

I somehow started to enjoy, I pierced the breasts violently and casually ejeculated in the boobs.

Cloudy liquid that drips down from the valley.

Oh, it felt very pleasant.

With this, I have decided that she will be my exclusive paizuri maid from now on.

I wrote on booby-chan's forehead as "sex worker" with magic and I also gave her ears and tail of a cow. I also gave her nose ring and a cow bell. booby-chan was pleased with a smiling face like a saint.

Booby-chan really a saint.


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