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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 20


Kuon got drunk and slept till Dawn.
I woke up with a soft touch on my lips. That was Kuon, who woke up earlier than me.
I finished dressing my clothes and went to the cafeteria in the inn. Iris and Ellis immediately joined us for breakfast. Morning breakfast is made up of bread, salad and soup. Soup and bread are delicious, though I felt a little unsatisfactory.

"Un~, it was delicious."


"Kyosuke-san, what are your plans for today?"

"Let's see, first of all, it will be registration to the guild."

"I understand. Kuon-san, have you registered as an adventurer?"

"No, I have not registered, because I was a slave before."

"Then, both of you must register together."

Ellis guided us and we reached the adventurer guild. Although it is still early in the morning, there were many people in the guild.
Few adventurers were searching for requests. And there are few adventurers that are coming and going out of the guild. There is one looking at us and clicked his tongue with gloomy face, it was probably towards me.

"Kyosuke-san, come here."

"Thank you Ellis, let's go Kuon."


While Ellis guiding us, I walk with Kuon and Iris followed behind. We went through middle of the adventurers to the reception desk. There was nothing like a beautiful older sister as a receptionist. But a muscular old-man waiting...

"Debosu-san, is it alright?"

"N~? Ellis, what do you want?"

"I'd like to ask you to register these two as adventurers."

"N~? These little chicks?"

For these guys, my physique may not look good enough. It's fine for this macho to bad mouth me, but...
Right now my physique in their point of view, they could say at good small macho or at bad a bean sprout. Kuon's mood got worse and her tail stood upright, I stroked her head to calm her down. Since it cannot be helped, I tried to go to the other counter, it is stopped by an adventurer who was in the side. Certainly this guy is the fellow who clicked his tongue against me. (Read at Novel44 Blogspot)

"Oi, Bean sprout!"

"Do you mean me?"

"Who else was there other than you?"

I can hear 'gera gera' laughter from the surroundings and I can see that was apparently to provoke me. The fact that the eyes of the adventurer in front of me are directed towards Kuon, but not me.
I understand his purpose for some reason...

"It is impossible to be an adventurer for a bean sprout like you! I will take care of those women there. You return to your own little village you came from."

"I see... if I cannot do it, then you could be used as a Can-kicking."

"Teme~e... Do you know that you are selling a fight towards me, a C-rank adventurer?"

"I just said the truth, I did not sell fight."

"This brat!"


Guran fist is swung down towards my face and Iris raises a voice.
Kuon believes in me and do not doubt my win. I must answer to her expectations. 'Pashin!' 'Dogoo!' Sound resonates in the room, and silence was covered the room.
I grabbed the fist that is being swung down with my left hand and grasped the head of the Guran with same momentum and smashed it to the floor and moved towards the window as it is.

"So then, can you register as an adventurer?"

"Oh un~..."

"Come here Kuon..."


"Please take care of this girl too."

"Aa~... I understand, give me some blood on this metal."


By borrowing Kuon's Kodachi, I cut tip of my finger slightly and put a drop of my blood on the metal. Kuon did same as me and cures our wound with healing magic.

"Please wait a little."


Debosu moves to the back of the room, Guran still fainted.
The adventurers who were around have already examined their requests and went outdoors.
I watched such a situation for a while, Debosu came back.

"I kept you waiting, this is the guild plate, is there a need for explanations?"

"No, I asked Ellis before, so it's okay."

"I see, but you are not even an adventurer, but that LV..."

"I hunted few monsters at the village of my hometown."

"I see, well the birth of promising adventurer is a pleasure to the guild."

"From now on take care of us."

"Oh, so what are you going to do for today?"

"Is there any good request?"

"That's right..."

Debosu brings a request paper from behind. The request contains Orcs extermination in the vice forest, which was in the west of this town.

"How about this one?"

"Hey, an orc?..."

"In truth, a new comer an E-rank like you cannot accept this request. But, with your ability to beat Guran, I think you can afford this request."

"I understand, I will beat them accordingly"

"Oh, be careful"

I waved my hand and went out of the guild. Behind me Kuon and others Three of them followed me.
I spread the map that I got and headed towards the vice forest.

"How was it, Debosu?"

"I got my back wet with that killing intent, I never thought that someone that would be hiding till now."

"Totally... Guran was alive because of his luck. If he had not faint there... that girl would have killed him..."

"That's right, the boy named Kyosuke also the fox girl named Kuon have B-rank in terms of strength... No, it may be more than that."

"That's right, do not turn him into an enemy..."


By walking slowly in the town, we reached the west gate. And we headed towards the vice forest through the west gate. Unlike my dungeon's forest, this forest is quite large, we go straight into the forest and started searching for few orcs.

"How is it, Ellis?"

"No, not to mention an orc, I was not able to find even the signs of a rabbit."

"Is that so..."

"Kyosuke-sama, please do not push your-self."

"I know."

Since, Ellis and Iris are out of the town and as soon as there were no people in this region. They started to call me Kyosuke-sama.
Because there are public in the town, They called me as Kyosuke-san. And the reason Iris was worried about me was because she noticed that, since I got out of the dungeon, Tia's blessing had disappeared. My LV went up by defeating intruders and orcs so far. My current strength is as good as a B-rank adventurer...

"Really, cannot find them~."

"Totally... if we do not encounter till now. May be the request could be an invalid?"

"This is my first time like this, as long as there is nothing wrong..."

"Is it the calm before the storm...?"

Without encountering any orcs, we searched for the orcs and went to the back of the forest.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.
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