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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 05: 6-yrs old (2)

I got my mother to teach me letters, so I can read and write a little.
No, although I was taught, I took a paper with letters and I just read it over several times.
After that I compared the letters with a book, I almost mastered letters by myself.

My mother taught me enthusiastically, but she thought that because I was 6-yrs old, the pace was slow and that was obvious.
To Maren tribe, it seems that recognition of degree was good enough to be able to memorize the character reading and writing by age of 10-yrs old.
I wondered they thought that it was still too early.

Even I said that I understood, she repeats the same place over and over again, and if I thought she progressed a little, again gone back and started over.
So from the first day onwards, "I wonder if it will be good for a while..." I pretent to be tired and escaped, I decided to learn without permission.

I sit on an otem in the garden and opened a book of magic.
It was intended for children, with plenty of pictures.
Even though I read this, I still do not understand the characters well yet, but I can make excuses that I just looking at the pictures.

My parents still do not know that I can read characters.
If they know that I self-taught and mastered after throwing letters into a mix what ever were taught. What my my mother may think about it?
Just before, my father said that I was not like a child. I had better keep it hidden.
Over time, I can insist that I remembered simple letters while reading a picture book.

"Nii-sama, can you read the letters?"

Giselle stretches her head from the side and looks into the book of magic.

"Oh, it's a secret to our father and mother."

"Wow, it is amazing! Oh, I want you to read the story of the dwarf's forest!"

A dwarf's forest is about a collection of children's stories.
My mother often tells me to read before going to bed.

"I do not want to be seen where I am reading... Let our Mother read it, will not it good enough?"

"But, I... I want nii-sama to read it, is not it good...?"

Will she not let go?

"Is not it good, I want to keep that I can read letters only between Giselle and me, a secret between only us two."

"Only us 2... is it?"

"Aa~, that's right, is not good?"

"Well, it's good! Okay, it is a secret between only us two, between nii-sama and I!"

Alright, she took it.
Giselle is also pleased and it was a perfect way to push it. No one will lose.

The primary reason why I wanted to learn a character is because I wanted to start full-scale training of magic.
Creating an Otem is the foundation of the foundation. I do not plan to neglect the basics, but it would be enough since I made that many.
My father will not teach me by saying it is still early, but I wanted to enter the next stage soon.
So I wanted to read books and gain simple magical knowledge.

According to the book, Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes) and fortune-telling normally seems to be primitive magic.

Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes) is like a Tarot card dedicated to the Maren tribe.
It is divided into a red and a black tag, each of which has thirteen pieces, and numbers from 1 to 13 are written. There are also colorless tags written as 0, so there are 27 in all.
Everything is painted with thieves, hunters, sorcerers... and a slightly stinky dubious pictures are drawn. By the way, if the color is different, the same picture is drawn if it is the same number tag.

Although it is close to tarot cards, it is more close to playing trump cards.
In fact, I played with Giselle an Old maid card game.(Babanuki: A game where you lose when the last card in your hand is a joker. Each turn you take a card from your opponents hand. If it matches with one of your card you through it down something like that.)
... Well, after that, my father found out and he got angry over it.
Apparently it seems that it was not a good thing to play them.

He should have overlooked that much if he said that I would play like a child.
I was forced to do that cuts the air into crosses and asks God for forgiveness.

If I try to bring out a Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes), my father may get angry again.
Should I have Giselle to pick that up?

On the day, I took out Oracle notes to play the Babanuki, "Anyway, you were the one who should have suggested that!" Only I was scolded, by saying that.
And actually it was a he said, I am not against it, but my father will not get angry at Giselle. That's why I should rather have Giselle pick them up.

"Do you remember Giselle, the oracle notes?"

"Yes, I remember that Babanuki..."

In the Giselle's mind, they have completely turned to Babanuki.
Well, why not? I am not in a position I can correct.
Whatever it is, I wish that they would make it popular to the point to not to get angry even though the Oracle notes to Babanuki.

"Yes, those Babanuki, pick them up from the second floor, I will attract our mother on the first floor."

"Yes, please leave it to me!"

Giselle does not hesitate and replies so.
Yeah, well done sister.

However, if I have to use those Shintaku-satsu(Oracle notes), I want to do it out of reach from my father.
By taking the permission of my mother, should I go to a little lonely place where a bit far from the village?

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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