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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 03 Female Dog slaves[18+]

Today I invited the daughters of the Nobles families known as the four great dukes of this country.

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green haired beautiful and pretty girls. It seems they are from the families which control fire, water, thunder and wind respectively. Well, it does not matter anyway...

For the time being, I made all of them naked and appreciated their bodies.

Even just by looking at a variety of large and small boobs, it's fun.

As for pubic hair, it seems to be the same as the color of the hair as well. I do not get tired of watching them.

By their appearance they got passing points, so I cummed inside each of them at once immediately. I did graffiti on each of their stomach with magic.

The feeling of pleasure when having sex is inferior to Princess onaho, but it is good to keep it for viewing because it is not bad.

They are faithful dogs serving the royal family. So, I attached an anal vibe simulating the tail of a dog and attached dog ears.

Let them have nakedness all the time with the feeling that they do not hold any secret against the royal family.

Finally put a collar of the same color as each of their hair color and when I told them that you are going to live as a good female dogs. The female dogs  happily swung their tails.

Well, I have to feed the cute dogs.

Naturally, given is dog food.

I put plenty of dog food on the floor, they crawled on all fours and came close to the food.

But I cannot them eat easily.
I trained them such as sit down, lying down, hand, waiting and other things.

They learned quickly, because they are former human beings.

I praised them while complimenting you did well and gave permission to eat food.

Until a while ago the girls who made it so much as a daughter of the duke had crawled on the ground and transformed into a female dogs which eats dog food deliciously just with a mouth without using hands.

There is nothing left of the great nobility's pride there, but let's get them to live normally as usual.

Of course, dressed as female dogs.


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