Monday, 22 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter 16: Demon Queen's public masturbation show [18+]

Currently I took over the body of the queen of the demons, who are against the human race.


From now on I will show off the 'demon queen's public masturbation show' in front of the Magus army's executives, who gathered during this demon king meeting.

The demon queen, whose body was hijacked screaming for a while that return my body back, what are you going to do with my body? But those are trivial matters.

Without knowing, what will happen from now? The executives looking at demon queen with reverenced eyes.

There is nothing else that everyone gathered here today, there is something that I would like to show you, firmly watch me.

As I said that with demon queen's voice. So I reached out to the crotch and started to tease the demon queen's vagina with my fingers.

The executives were surprised and started to buzz with the demon queen, who began to masturbating acts.

But I intimidated the executives and made them silent, and commanded them to pay attention to the demon queen.

Although the demon queen screaming that to stop doing it and do not look. But that voice does not reach the executives.

While the executives were watching, I showed them the demon queen's masturbation for about an hour.

Demons are still surprised by the current situation of the demon queen, but since I twisted, so as not to lower their favor to the demon queen absolutely, They will soon accept the perverted demon queen-sama.

At the same time, I made demon queen's dispute to never raise discomfort towards perverted acts and never decrease pleasure towards perverted acts. So that, in time she will turn into nymphomaniac, who will perform perverted acts by herself. 


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