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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 07 Kuso ōhi (Shit Queen) [18+]

A/TL Note: There are scatological elements. Please do not read this chapter, go to next chapter. Please do not read this chapter while eating.

Today's target is Mother of Princess onaho and Princess meat-toilet, she is the mother of these princesses. She is the Queen of this kingdom.

I would like to say, as expected of the mother who gave birth to the both beautiful sisters. But, unfortunately she was a fat woman that I cannot watch.

She might be a beauty, if she lost her weight. But since I do not need to stick to her, I left her as it is.

The reason for targeting such a woman this time is the result of asking the ministers, who were brainwashed by me. It was their ideas, when I asked them, what kind of play they want to watch?

Specifically, it is a scatology play that puts enema in the queen's hole and the excrement was drunk ber her daughter.

So, I will do masturbation by using Princess onaho while watching it.

Well, for the time being, let's get started.

First of all, meat toilet princess puts the equipment to do enema into the Queen's ass hole, she puts plenty of enema liquid.

The queen issued a signal, when waiting for bowel movement to come.

When I saw it, when I gave a go sign, the queen launched a dirty object against the daughter's face.

Meat-toilet princess opened her mouth wide and the feces goes into it but everything could not fit into her mouth and the face and white dress became brown.

The mother made an ecstatic expression when she unloaded it into her daughter. The daughter who was in pain from choking also showed a happy smile while gulping which is inside her mouth.

At the same time the older sister was smiling happily looking at the state of the two while being commited by me.

Well, it is a totally hentai parent and children.

Well, although I made them by brainwashing.

This is a success as it was and interesting.

What kind of situation should I enjoy next time?


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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