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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 04: 6-yrs old (1)

I am now 6-yrs old and Giselle 4-yrs old.

I started making Otems since 2-yrs ago, that was around when I am age of 4-yrs. I have been making Otems almost every day for almost two years.

Although I was troubled for the place to put them, because there was still attachment to what I caould make well.
It seems that my father want to burn them, but I cried and strongly protested against it. I somehow managed to place them in the garden as an Otem repository.
I am glad that I was a child. It's been a long time since I have thought that.

My father seems satisfied that his child practices diligently in magic training and he probably did not want to do something that would crush it.
My little sister Giselle contributed the most. My father was weak against my little sister.

However, our garden was not that wide.
There are not many houses that arrange the Otems in the garden, but there were no houses to the garbage mountain level like ours.
Obviously, they became a rumor for the public and my father seems to be not bothered by it.

As I pretty much sorted them out, as soon as I have completed I am going to destroy the majority which are not to my satisfaction, but the number of homemade Otems are steadily increasing.
Before, it used to take one week to make one, but now it is possible to make three on the same day.
More and more Otems covered the garden.
Today, more than a hundred Otems are lined up in the garden.

Today I placed Otem as a chair, making an Otem.
There is also Giselle by my side.
I told her to sit on top of the Otem, but she refused me by saying "I cannot sit on the Otem made by Nii-sama!"
There were many Otems that were made to sit on them easily, so I would like to thank them for sitting...

But, who made them everyday can be said myself. And the one who watches it everyday without getting bored said my little sister.
She blushed her white cheeks and happily watching me making Otem.
I wonder if she do not get tired of just watching.
I always think about Giselle to teach her how to make an Otem, but to give a knife to my cute little sister has a slight sense of resistance after all.
A bit more... At the very least, I will wait until Giselle becomes 5-yrs old... I need to consult with my father, too. If I let Giselle grab a knife in secret from father, I might be beaten up when he founds out.

"... Abel, Abel."

And the moment I thought about my father, my father called me out worriedly.
Because I was thinking, I did not notice my father.
I was going to drop the knife surprise, but in a hurry I grab it in the air.

"What happened, Father?"

"Why do you keep making Otem to that extent?"

"Even you say that... No, this is the best way for training magical..."

In this Maren tribe, it is status how much you are good magical user.
Even parents should be glad that the child will be devoted to training magic, but recently parents watching me has a strong puzzle on their face.

"But... that... That was the first time I made Otem. I cannot say that it is not early... You should play a little more like a child."

I see, in other words they were uneasy about me not being childish.
However, if you asked me from my point of view, those who spend time on magical arts training are far more childish... no, such a thing is meaningless to say in this world with magic.

However, even if you say to be a child, I already exceeded 20-yrs easily, if add my age of the previous life. I cannot mix with the children of the settlement and also cannot play with them.
It was much more fun to get involved in magic by making the Otems.
It might be another story if there are games or a smartphone, but I do not think that there were such things in this world.

"For example, how about try going out to the forest outside the village? It may be dangerous to take Giselle, so I cannot give permission to that..."

The forest outside the settlement...?
But, how do I play there?
If I was a child, it may be fun just running around, but as my spirit has passed such a period of time.

Better yet, I thought about revealing about my past life, but I did not do it.
There is a possibility that they may think of me demon and kick me out of the village and at worst case scenario I might be executed by saying devil possessed or something.
Even if there is no execution or ban, I do not want for my family to become uncomfortable.
I love my parents and sister now. I think that it is important as much as the family of my past life.

"No, but..." "No, I hate it! I do not want it! If so, I will also go, too!"

Gisel grabs the hem of my clothes.
It is a moderate force. Stop it because it becomes wrinkled.

"Mu, mu..."

This time it's my father's to swallow his words. My father is weak against Giselle.

"It's father, father said that I have to always get along with Nii-sama. But still, why do you say such a things?"

At last Giselle started crying.
Giselle 100 out of 100, all the time sticks to her older brother's party and further more she is still 4-yrs old.
Speaking of pulling me away from her, there is no way she would not cause a tantrum. This is my father's fault.

I patted Giselle's back and comforted her and I glanced at the anxious father.

"Hora, see, stop crying! Dad, because father was bad!"

Well, I succeeded in successfully misrepresenting it.
I thanked her with comforting words and rubbed Giselle's back.
Giselle while crying leaned against my body, and she puts her arms around my body.

I let out my tongue secretly, while watching the anxious father from the side.
For time being, let's escape with Giselle as a shield.
Since it was uncomfortable to hurt my little sister, from now on I will teach her few things before hand, so that I can fight off my father.
Because Giselle will always be by my side, she will always function as a shield. That way of saying is a bit bad.

Thank you for reading.
Let's meet again.

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