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Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 03


Yesterday I ended up doing it three times with Tia. Physically it was a bit painful, but mentally full of pleasant. Black hair beauty is the best. Well, let's put that aside.
According to the story after that, while the Demon troops are attacking, it seems that Dian seems to be responsible for causing troubles inside the army and lead them to enemies trap. It seems that he will split the Heroes apart from each other and confuse the kingdom.
Well, to keep the Heroes apart is already impossible to achieve, but it would be nice to keep it secret until that time. It is a surprise gift from me. I would like to do something else, but what should I do?

"Master-sama, I brought changing clothes."

When I was thinking about a method to attack Dian, Tia brought the changing clothes. Since, I did not bring any clothes that I could change into. So I decided on Tia to bring something from this country.
At first she tried to bring the clothes that the nobility wears, but when I told her that such clothes would not suit my taste, I got more comfortable to move clothes.
It seems like these clothes worn by commoners, but the cloth is a little bad and a bit rough. I can feel the comfort of the jersey.

"Tia, what's the future schedule?"

"In the morning, there is a meeting with the second princess Margarete-sama about the current situation and the policy of the front line, as soon as it is done, it seems that the afternoon scheduled to be sent out immediately to the front line"

"Second princess? Are there only princesses in this country?"

"No, there are 1st prince Roberto-sama and the 2nd Prince Rando-sama, They were present yesterday in the audience..."

"I see, when I think about it, there are many people at that time."

Yesterday a lot of things happened, it cannot be helped for not noticing them.
Even so, we will be going to the front line immediately, I think this is a pretty bad situation. The things that happened cannot be helped.
For the time being, until the time for breakfast should I spend time by flirting with Tia?

Just like yesterday, we are having breakfast with the Royal family. One thing that is different is that there is one more woman who was present yesterday. Perhaps she is the second princess.
She has the same blond hair, but should I say a vertical roll or her hairstyle is like a aristocrat. Unlike Sofia, who has a gentle atmosphere, she is a strong minded woman.
When the breakfast is finished, We followed the 2nd princess to the meeting room. While we are on the move, she was glaring at me. But, why should she need to glare at me, furthermore the person she met for the 1st time?

We entered the room that looked like a conference room and sat in order. The participants this time are only the heroes and this princess.

"I will greet you again, I am the second princess Margarete, I have already heard the powers of you Heroes."

Margarete who introduces herself with a dignified voice. The Sofia feels like a princess(Hime), but she can be called as a princess(Oujo), which will come nicely. She looks good with vertical roll like in a fairy tale, but it looks better for Sofia.

"Well then, I will tell you about the current situation immediately, but now our army and the Demon Empire's army were struggling at the Guruta fort near the border. If the fortress there falls into the enemy's hand... If such a thing happens, our defense line will fall back greatly, but the enemy is deploying a quantity strategy that uses far more people than our army. Army of the fortress and also supplies there are not enough."

"In other words, we need to defend the fortress?"

"Well, I would like to have it done, but the more important thing is the escort of the supplies delivered to the fortress. The army of the demonic empire is now obstructing the transportation of supplies to the fortress. Without food our army may starved to dead. If we were able to deliver the supplies which can overcome the winter. The demonic army who had to fight in the snow for many days will be depleted. And their troops have no choice but to retreat.  

"I see, in other words, it is an endurance race."

"In other words, I think it will be more safer than fighting head to head."

"Yes, I believe that our army will be victorious if we have the power of the Heroes."

Although the conversation of the princess and others continues. In short it means that I will send you the supplies, so you should defend until the winter. I think that it would be nice if they could turn fortress upside down, but is this the difference in feeling toward magic?
There seems to be about 700 soldiers currently in the fortress, but it seems that enemies are attacking the fortress with more than ten times their strength. There was too much difference in force. In this case it is only to depend on heroes, it also tells why Dian was betraying.

"Yard-sama, it seems you are thinking something for a while, did you hear my story?"

Since, I have no reaction for sometime, she might have thought that I am not following her conversation. This princess still stared at me as usual, but I noticed that this was an eye that is looking down on me rather than hating me.

"Aa~, I got a good understanding of the story, so please keep talking regardless of me."

I felt uncomfortable in my line of sight, so I will return it with a slightly disgusting voice. Sure enough the princess sends herself not to hide her gaze like a despised frown.

"I see... Sorry, I do not expect so much from you. Although my sister asked you about yesterday, the other brave man showed off wonderful magic. On the other hand, your magic seems to be honestly disappointing, if my talk was boring, please leave."

What should I say? This girl is a muscle brain. Although the idea that demonstrated yesterday certainly may seem to be modest, it is a convenient technique that can convey the most important information in the war much faster than the message, etc.
For her princess naivety, rather than sorry the feeling of mercy was coming out. But only Sagami shows negative expression to the princess's words among the surrounding people. By seeing them nodding to this princess's words, the medieval people seems to be fully agree with the princess's words. This is why I dislike medieval humans because they does not understand the importance of information warfare.
Well how ignorant they are, it was not a good reason to look down on a person. Since, it is the principle for me to buy the fight which was sold, then let's go back quickly.

"Oh, apparently I am not needed here, let me get out of here, excuse me."

By saying that I left the room. When I am going out of he room, for some reason princess looked at me somehow she was victorious. By seeing that, I resolved that to make her cry someday.

I left the conference room and returned to my room. I asked Tia about the information about the 2nd princess. Queen's 2 child and 4th in line for the throne succession right, that is the least possible. Thanks to that, she was quite free to behave. She was leading Knight order and going to the front line to take command. It seems she was also the commander of the Guruta Fortress.
It seems that she is quite skilled as a commander, the reputation from the soldiers of the castle is also high, and she is said to be trusted by the princes and others.
However, now such things does not matter. What I needed now was something like a weak point.

"In regards to Margarete-sama, I never heard about mistakes or misfortune. I have heard that her parents and siblings are quite friendly. As she have little hope of originally inheriting the throne. So it seems that not only men, but also women are liked her."

"It seems, in this country she was quite capable person... Is there any rumors like lovers or something like that?"

"I have never heard of such stories, although it seems that she was closely related to the Queen and princess Sophia. She was close to Sophia more than her family of men, but because they are a little clean. So, they are not like homosexual love relationships between male and female partners. It is said that it is liked so much."

"If so, rather than grabbing weakness, I need to push her to the corner from the surroundings. Is there any good ideas?"

"Well, since Margarete-sama has grown up in an environment blessed from a young age. There should not be no one betrayed by a human being believed to be ally. Betrayed by the family members and her subordinates rather than spreading abuse to many people. It seems to be a good idea to make her think that she was betrayed by the family."

Tia makes a Dark black remark with a cute face. I must be sure to not make her too angry.
Even so, it is not a bad idea of separating them play, it is at a light repayment level for me. Tia must have been angry about me being looked down. Since, i talked about Margarete, her face has been clouded with anger. By embracing, I stroked her head, she must have felt relieved, she brought her face to my chest. Yoshi(Alright), for my cute maid, I will do my best.

I will try Sophia, who was too close to her. Perhaps, Sophia was the one who told Margarete about the story of yesterday.
I mentioned earlier to Sophia through telepathy about I need to talk her in private. As I entered the room, there was no one other than Sophia in the room.

"Sorry, I suddenly said that there was a private talk."

"No, no, if it's a request from the Yuusha-sama, it is as simple as sparing time for me."

A maid came in and prepared tea for us and left. For the time being, I tried detect skill, there seems to be no one around the room. Just in case, I put a sound barrier and preparations are made perfect.

"It seems that yesterday things were already told to the second princess."

"Yeah, I've told her about the magic of the braves, I think Marie was particularly concerned about Sagami-sama's magic."

Marie seems to be nickname of Margarete. If so, is Sophia called Sophi? While she was talking in a good mood, I used my trick so that she would not notice it. 
Keeping on talking in a good mood When I used a mischief so as not to let her know, I certainly understood that she told yesterday things. However, my information seems to have not been transmitted accurately.

It seems Sagami, who was after me knowledgeable about the magic surgery seems to be misunderstanding about strategy grade magic. It cannot be helped, if others do not understand it well. Everyone seems to misunderstand about my magic. Strategy grade magic was not only used for attack but also it is used for super long distance transfer and induction of collective consciousness.
In the first place strategy grade magic was for attacking a large scale attack enough to be used also during interstellar warfare. By the way, it have no enemies or allies. If made a mistake, it could annihilate one or 2 countries. So it is impossible to use in the place where the war already started and in your own country.
However, it seems that the power of their imagination was greatly mistaken, thinking that it was a power to the extent that it can blow off few tens of people. Such a thing is not a strategy grade, it is just a range technique, it is not even a tactical grade.
Because there will be a magician who can use the range technique and so on, it is not that I do not know the feeling that Margaret who listened to unreliable information was contemning me. Well, I do not mean to stop the revenge.

"I am sorry for interrupting your talk, but I have something I'd like to request."

"Now that I think about it, you said that there was something to talk about. If you are good with me, please tell me anything."

Here, I used seventh kind of spirit sensitive system called [Thought induction]. This is a technique to blunt the opponent's reason and make no doubt on my words.
Although, it cannot manipulate the thinking of the other person separately. It cannot be detected or released unlike brainwashing. There is no condition different from the control, so it is quite convenient magic depending on usage.

"Actually, now I had a controversy with Margarete-sama, apparently it seems she was thinking that I am a burden or something."

"That was... It was very rude, I apologize on behalf of my little sister, I guess you were hurt. But, I think my sister surely was misunderstanding. With a generous heart Please forgive her. "

"Aa~, it's okay. I think it was because of my attitude itself. I do not mean to say she was at fault. Shamefully I jumped out of the conference room. I just want to reconcile with her. That's why I need your cooperation."

"I see, then please let me cooperate by all means."

When I saw her smiling face, I can see that she and her sister really seems to be good terms. This seems to be going as planned.

"Thankfully, I heard that you and your sister are very close. So if you show her the places where you and I are getting along. I think we will be able to solve her misunderstandings and become able to reconcile. But what do you think?"

"It's a wonderful idea. I think that's fine."

It already the talk became strange, but she does not seem to have noticed and agrees with my opinion. As far as I heard of Margarete's personality, if she saw, I and Sophia was getting along well, she would get angry and hard get reconciled. I think it would be normal to notice that, but it seems to me that due to my [Thought induction], she could not notice that.
Well, the strategy has just begun. When I stand up I go near her and take her hands with a grin.

"To tell the truth, the previous talking was because I am about to say these words to you now."

While watching her eyes firmly, tell the words in one breath.

"Sophia, I love you as a man."

I invoked magic with my words.
Seventh kind of spirit sensitive system, [Paradise]. The effect only makes the opponent happy. It is the easiest technique in the spirit sensitive system.
In addition, it also adds excitement. This one will strip the reason of your opponent if you use it with the original effect, but it makes her excited, but it was a diminished effect and make it a bit exciting.
After receiving these two techniques, she trusts honestly, my suspicious words. For a moment, she was solidified with surprise. But she regained her consciousness back and blushed her cheeks and deflated her face.

"Please stop joking, we have just met yet..."

"There is a word love at first sight, time does not matter, do you hate me?"

"I never said I dislike you! Ah, that, no ... ...."

By getting shy and looking at me with her eyes now and then. Was she expecting me. Now in her, it is euphoria and excitement that she felt at the same time with my confession. She should be trapped by the illusion of love.
Since reason is suppressed and it does not work well, it seems to me that it is impossible for her to think that she is a royal family and a stranger like me who can not associate in the first place.
Lightly pulled her, who was doubtful about how she can respond to me and bring it as close as possible to where our noses are likely to touch. I think that the facial expression was not as crisp as Tia but cute.

"Sophia-sama, would you accept my love?"

Even if I had to say it myself, I feel like I am gross. Anyway, I invoked another paradise to beat out here. The body's tension disappears and she melted. This is all right now.

"Yes, Yard-sama, I love you."

Sophia replying with a very beautiful smile. Staring at each other, the lips touch each other naturally. Because it is the first time, kissed lightly and release our lips.


"Please call me Sophi..."[TL: Should write it as Sophy or Sophi.]

"Sophi, I love you."

"I also love you, Yard-sama."

I held her waist tightly and pulled it, she also accompanied her hands on my cheeks.
I will give her second kiss as it is. Extend my tongue from there, pushing her lovely lips into the oral cavity. She also gently moved her tongue and gently licked it up. While I tried it a few times, I tried to tie her tongue, so tangled my tongue while feeling each others heat.
She probably could not breathe well with her first deep kiss, she turned down as she lifted her mouth, she touched her bosom with her hand on her breasts.
When I was watching such a situation, I became wanting to kiss again, so I put my hands on her cheeks and turn her face around and give her a kiss again. Her breathing was still rough, so I feel satisfied that a rough air is hitting and enjoy her in my mouth.
She also extended her tongue into my mouth. The place where our mouths and the tongue touch each other feels kind of comfortable.
We mixed each others saliva and kept kissing enough to think that the sense of tongue would become dumb. We continued it until the castle person came to tell us the time for lunch.
OK, this means that we are ready to retaliate against Margarete.

Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+ [part 2]
Let's meet again

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