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As The Spirit-sama Says Chapter 02: Niku-bin Hime [18+]

After playing with onahole princess, I suddenly wanted to go to the toilet.

I can release it on the face of onahole princess. But it's such a special occasion, let's go get a new toy.

That is why we came to the room of the second princess.

It is the little sister of onahole princess.

Little sister's body is still underdeveloped and lacks unevenness, when compared with her big sister who is attractive as a woman with a curved body.

However, both sisters matching silver hair suits them. Little sister is as pretty as her older sister.

On such cute face from now on I am going to shoot my toilet.

I ordered to little-hime to sit on the floor and open her mouth wide.

Because the spirit-sama orders are all right, little-hime follows the instructions without any doubt, opens the mouth widely and looks at me.

I immediately shoot on her mouth.

I kept on watching while smiling when I missed the aim and her pretty face and dress got dirty.

Yellow liquid is poured into her mouth, but I did not instructed her to swallow it, so she keeps her mouth open with her face facing upwards.

I thought of a good thing.

Let's let the onahole princess also use her.

When I gave an order to onahole princess. Princess onahole came to her little sister's face, she began to piss in little sister's mouth.

There was not enough room to contain the for two people in the mouth, urine that did not fit overflowed out of little sister's mouth.

Already little-hime's face and body drenched with piss.

I wrote on little sister's forehead as 'Meat-toilet princess' with magic.  And I told her from today onwards you are a meat toilet princess, then I ordered her to swallow the thing in her mouth.

The meat toilet hime-chan has swallowed mine and her older sister's. It looked as if she was swallowing something delicious and looked happy.


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