Saturday, 6 May 2017


As The Spirit-sama Says Chapter 01: Onaho Hime [18+]

Here is the room of the first princess of a certain country.

A silver hair beautiful girl in a beautiful dress sat on a bed and gazes at me.

By my hypnotism she now believes that I am a legendary spirit who leads the country.

Simply to put, what ever I do to her is forgiven.

That's why I instructed her to take off her clothes.

The princess who believes me as a spirit-sama obediently obeyed me and became naked unintentionally.

Big boobs and sakura colored nipples and I looked further down.

The lower hair was also silver like her hair.

It is a fantastic body.

I ordered the princess to masturbate.

While blushing, she uses her fingers to rub her nipples and that place while panting occasionally is also erotic.

She cummed a little with masturbation and I confirmed that place of her gotten wet enough. I quickly thrust my penis into the princess's pussy.

Well, it's tight and nice.

I broke the princess hymen without hesitation and without caring about her and moved my hips back and forth violently.

The inside of her vagina was really pleasant, I quickly reached the climax in her.

She is definitely a master piece instrument.

I was impressed by her and decided to make the princess, my exclusive onahole.

I wrote on her stomach with magic, that she was my exclusive pussy. A single line was drawn on the thigh as the number of uses.

And I wrote Onahole on her face with big letters. When I told her from today onwards you are my onahole, she nodded happily.

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