Sunday, 14 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 13 Milking of the Big Breasted Saint [18+]

Today I am in a church with the big breasted saint in the castle town.

She has beautiful light blue hair, with a relieved face. Only with that saint-sama was filled with holiness, but now she has a golden nose ring on her face, a cow's ears, a cowbell around her neck and a cow's tail on her back and became a cow girl. Her clothes were modified and cut at the place where her boobs are and her boobs are rolled out of the clothes. Right now she was nothing more that a perverted sex worker.

This time I came to cast a magic which makes breast milk come out of her boobs.

When the magician casts her spell with magic. Originally big breasts increased in size one more step and milk oozed out from the nipples.

When I massaged her breasts strongly, white breast milk blows out vigorously.

Magic seems to have worked.

I wrote 'milk tank' on her tits with magic on her breasts and sucked her boobs.

Sweet and rich taste spreads throughout my mouth.

It does not matter how much milk was sucked, breast milk never runs out.

I enjoyed her milk for a long time and I returned to the castle in a very satisfied mood.


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