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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 12 Semen thief [18+]

At the other day meeting, the plan for improving the security of the slum area in the castle town was raised on the agenda and it was when I found a thieves group during a visit to the slums for examination.

I noticed that there was a cute girl among the members of the thieves group, I put a cretain suggestion on her as I placed the thieves under brainwashing by hypnotism.

The content of that suggestion was come to steal a treasure known as a drop of a Spirit-sama in the royal castle.

It's a drop of the Spirit-sama. But it was a setting that have a tremendous power of creating a new life.

Well, that treasure is my semen, who is supposed to be the Spirit-sama.

So now the thief girl infiltrated into the royal castle and came to my room seeking treasure.

And as soon as she approached me, she took off my pants and underwear, squeezed it with her hands and made me erect and started blowjob in her mouth.

Unlike her cute face, she is unexpectedly skillful and I reached climaxed and I came a lot of semen inside her mouth.

She put my semen into a small bottle, which was inside her mouth and closed the lid. She looked satisfied with the vial containing my semen.

Her purpose was accomplished with this, but she did not try to escape right away and started taking off her underwear on the spot.

A vibe has wiggling in her crotch when she took off her underwear. It seems from the looks of her vagina, she planned to use the treasure to herself from the beginning.

In other words, the one who gave the suggestion and the vibe was me. Well, those things are unnecessary now.

She pulls out the vibe and spreads her vagina with her own fingers and invites me.

I do not have a reason for refusing her invitation, so I pushed her as it was, and repeatedly cummed into her many times.

It is enough that her stomach bulged just with semen.

In other words, I was not satisfied enough with inside. I did it all over her, so now her whole body was stained white with semen.

I finally got satisfied with that, so I decided to return her soon.

When she stand up with her bulged stomach with my semen. And from her vagina white muddy semen is falling.

Then she went out of the room with a extravagantly showy gait(way of walking) while dripping semen and love juice from her vagina.

After that, she returned safely to the hideout thief's hideout, and she seems to have became a hero who brought back the treasures remarkably from the royal castle.


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