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Different World Dungeon Life Chapter 15


Luiza holds his injured arm and fell down on his knees and lost his consciousness. I was worried about Kuon and looked around to see the situation of Kuon and others. It seems I was worried for nothing. Although it was same 3 vs 3, it seems our side is above.
Well as long as Kuon is there, we will not loose easily.

"Good work, Kuon."


"Do you have any injuries?"

"It's all right, because the opponent was weaker than I thought."

"Is it so?"


Ellis replies to my question. When I look next to me, Iris nods vertically with a speed as if her neck may break.

"The previous 4 are D-rank adventurers. I remembered them when they joined adventurer guild at same time as us."

"I see, but if those 4 are D-rank then who was the one I fought now?"

"Although it is a speculation, it might be a C-rank promotion quest and the adventurer who Kyosuke-sama fought might be an examiner..."

"Examiner... So, what do Ellis think?"

"Are you trusting me?"

"Aa~, if you want to betray me, you would have done it already."

"Yes... if the examiner do not return, probably guild may dispatch high ranked adventurers by designating this dungeon as dangerous."

"I see... for the time being let's get back to the room."


We quickly returned to the room and began quick meeting with Ellis and Lumidora. Since Iris and Kuon could not help in this strategy meeting, I have them cook meals.

"So, if this dungeon becomes a dangerous designated dungeon, what is the minimum rank of adventurers may come?"

"Hai(yes), even if it says dangerous designated, there are only A to D rank are available. I think this dungeon will be ranked D and only adventurers  B-rank or above may enter."

"I see, B-rank... What rank would that guy be?"

"I think, probably B-rank, The best adventurers in that town are A-rank, there are only 4 A-rank adventurers and out of the town for other quests. So, I think only B-rank adventurers will come."

"I understand, if B-rank adventurer parties comes, it might be hard to deal with current strength. What do you think, Lumidora?"

"That's right, since orc generals became 2 again. I think, in the current situation, if Kyosuke-sama and Kuon-san do not fight they will be defeated easily."

"Well... Do you have any other plans?"

"Orc generals will become 4 by tomorrow. But, even if the generals are increased by numbers with the current situation it might not be much help. Since, there is only one layer of this dungeon."

"I must do something..."


"What is it, Kuon?"

"How about checking points?"

"I see!"

When Kuon said I immediately confirmed the points with the smartphone and I was astonished.

"15,000 points..."

"Increased by a lot."

"As expected of Kyosuke-san!"

"But, why this many?"

"Calculations are over, 4000 points from 2 orc generals, 2000 points for the intruders who were defeated by Kuon-san, 7000 points for the intruder who defeated by Kyosuke-sama and the intruders who were killed by orc generals are 2000 points. As expected of A-rank adventurer."

"Lumidora, how many points do you need to increase 2 floors?"

"Yes, it will be 9000 points."

"Just like orcs, find monsters with high reproductive rate and can be bought with current points."


"Ellis immediately return to the town and see the state of the adventurer guild. If there is any movement, let me know through  familiar."

"I understand."

Lumidora looks for something like a catalog and Ellis goes to the town from  dungeon.
Kuon and Iris had been preparing meals.

"Kyosuke-sama, I found it!"

"Please say."

"Yes, it's an orc lord who is the king of the orcs. One can be bought at 5000 points and a Garumu at 8000 points, which can give birth to a lot of children at once. But, this is from the discount with my power."

"Is it good?"

"If this dungeon is gone, I will lose my job..."

"How many days does a Garumu be born?"

"If there is one month..."

"Then orc lord!"

"That's right..."

"What's wrong?"

"No, that look a bit..."

"Well, just give up this time."


Lumidora immediately summoned an orc lord and took him to the nursery. There were 2 new women in the nursery. Perhaps they are the adventurers, who were defeated by the general, incidentally lord headed for... I immediately returned to my room.

"I am back."

"Yes, with this we will have two lords by tomorrow. Also the generals will also increase by double. We will be able to respond in a few days."

"They will soon multiply and it is convenient with orcs..."

"That's right, only if that look and smell do not exist..."

"Yeah, you're right..."

"Kyosuke-san, meals are ready."

"Thank you Kuon, what did you make today?"

"We used the ingredients that were originally purchased by Kyosuke-san."


"Kyosuke-sama, what is this?"

"This is something called curry in my former world. Kuon, have you cooked rice?"

"No, I only have prepared bread."

"That won't work! Yoshi, let's cook rice quickly!"

Immediately boiled rice and started preparing for the meal. Once rice is boiled without waiting for it to let our steam. I served the rice and curry to the number of people and sat on the seat.

"Okay, let's eat"


"It's delicious! It's this taste! It's good even with potatoes, as expected of Kuon!"

"Thank you, then I also.... It is delicious!"

"Great, is this the taste from Kyosuke-sama's world...?"

"Well, thanks to Lumidora, we were able to stock seasonings from my world."

"If there are points, we can purchase as much as possible."

As long as I give Lumidora points she may be able to purchase heavy weapons. However, it is a delicate point when asked if I need it now...

"That's right Lumidora, can you make this smartphone's screen bigger for 1000 points?"

"I understand..."

Immediately the Lumidora begins searching the catalog and gives me several choices. I chose something like a tablet among them and installed it.

"With this, it is easy to see."

"I agree..."

"Oh, Kuon for a bit look here."


By calling Kuon and looked at the tablet. And took a photo of her from the camera app.


"Un~, just as I thought Kuon has a good photogenic face."


"Oh yeah, this is what it is."

I showed photo I just took. Kuon also surprised by her own photo that was on the screen.

"That's amazing, Kyosuke-san!"

"Is that so?"

"This is amazing, is not it?"

"Lumidora, you too do not know?

"Yes, I saw such a technology for the first time."

Today, it was a lively until late at midnight with photos and curry.
Thanks to Lumidora's service, I was able to make Kuon, Iris and Ellis's rooms.
Because each room was made, I went to each room after taking a bath.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next 3 chapters 18+

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