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IMWMT04 part 1

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 04 [Part 1]

After lunch, while soldiers were hurriedly moving around in preparation for departure, I decided to call Margarete with Sophy's cooperation. I was waiting in Sophy's room for them to come, and I heard footsteps of the two people. I also adjusted my appearance.

"Yard-sama, I kept you waiting, I called Marie as requested."

"I am sorry at this busy time for taking your time."

Contrary to Sophy talking to me with a smile, Margarete is flooded with a bad mood that says, she was unwilling to see me. When our eyes met, she sent a gaze full of hostility towards me, but I deliver her with a honest face.
Both of them take their seats. Margarete sat in front of me by facing me. Sophy sat next to me after having Margarete sit first. After seeing that, Margarete face became further dark.

"Onee-sama, how come that man is here? I came here because you told me, you have something to tell me..."

"Yeah, Marie, that story is about the misfortune of you and Yard-sama, because we had only a short time before this departure. And for me the only opportunity to make reconcile between you two."

With Sophy's words, Margarete glares at me. Apparently it seems that she thinks that I blew something on her. Actually it is the truth.

"I'm sorry, I asked her to prepare a place. Margarete-sama, I regret that the previous incident was caused by my non-cooperative attitude, I have taken a rude manner towards you. So, I would like to apologize for it."

Before Margarete says something, I took the lead and apologized. Was it unexpected, she blinked her eyes few times instantly and let out a sigh. Now when I saw her again, but she was not sending her hostile filled eyes like before. 

"No, I have said too much before. I am sorry for saying something that looked down on Yuusha-sama."

The root seemed to be a good girl, I accepted her apologies straight forwardly. She got up and stretched her hands towards me, I also got up and shakes her hand. Sophy, who was watching us with a smile, as if she was relieved leaned on me. Margarete had a startle expression on her, by the Sophy's sudden behavior.

"Onee-sama, what on earth are you doing? Do not lean on someone other than our family members, please stop doing embarrassing things."

"It's fine Marie, I love Yard-sama. It is a natural feeling if a woman wishes to hold close to the dear person she loved."

"Dear! Do you know what you are talking about? For the time being, get away!"

Margarete, who cannot follow her sister's sudden change, she tries to separate Sophy from me in a hurry.But Sophie also grabs my arm tightly to resist. Thanks to that, Sophy's rich breasts were pushed against my arms and I enjoyed that softness.
Margarete, who succeeded in pulling away Sophy from my arm, pulled her and let Sophy sit next to her.

"Yard-sama, what is this all about? My elder sister is not the one who does this kind of things. If by any chance, did you do something...? "

"No, I..." "What are you saying? what did Yard-sama do to me? No matter how much Marie thinks about me, I would never forgive you, if you suspect him!"

Before I could say anything, Sophie had a great momentum and scolded her little sister. Iyaa, I am being loved.
Sophy left Margarete, who was drowned by her scolding and hugged me and gave me a kiss. She leaned on me at the edge, so I also hugged her tightly around her waist.
After exchanging a hot kiss that ascertains each others affection, she gently peeled away and looked at me with a smiley expression.

"Marie, I love Yard-sama with my will. Whatever people says, I will never change my feelings."

Sophy proclaims dignified words towards her little sister. When Margarete heard the sister's confession, she looked around and sends a sticking eye to me.

"It may be a shame to you. But, I also love Sophy, of course not a joke."

Margarete who was hit by a decision on my word collapsed into a chair as if the threads had broken. It seems that she was shocked by it. When I look at such a situation, my heart is full of refresh feeling. Regret that you sold a fight to me.
Margarete left as if to escape, by saying that she suddenly remembered errands. I and Sophy left behind already forgot about her and enjoyed the last kiss before departure.

The loading of supplementary supplies is over, finally the time of departure came. Many of the castle people, including the king, are coming to see us off. To the braves, the king and the prince are going to give words of encouragement one after another.
Heroes have a bracelet firmly attached to their arms. That is the same bracelet that was from before. That means the Heroes are already being manipulated. They are really pathetic for being called as Heroes.
As for me, I am talking to Sophy, who was shedding tears for out parting. Because the princess is crying, The attention from the surroundings are amazing. Although I do not want to be in the spot light, but she never noticed my concern.

"Yuusha-sama/s, please save our country."

"Well then, we will go! Let's definitely repel the soldiers of the demon empire and show them!"

Alec says that on behalf of us. I saw Tia in the people who saw the carriage go out of the castle gate. She wanted to follow me, but unfortunately it seems she could not get into this transportation mission.
While I was preparing for departure, she did not leave embracing me. I might have raised my popularity a bit.
People in the castle will also send cheers to us, so by waving my hands and responded to them. The appearance is perfect for Alec with a yellow cheers are flying towards him, but I do not feel a gaze at all towards me. May be because of my commoner clothes. Well, it is better not to be noticed in this way.

We went through the town and entered the forest. It seems it takes about 4 days to reach the intended fortress. Until then we need to pass through several towns and villages, it seems that we will pass through a relatively safe way, so it was said that there will be no turn for about two days. Even if it takes time, it is fine to take a safe route.
For the minimum safety Sagami got on top of the front carriage to guard and protect. The other Heroes are in carriages in the middle of the row. I already lifted the manipulation technique in the Bracelets. Because I do not want any surprise attacks.
It is hard to talk with the Middle Age persons, and Margarete who is riding along was depressed by the previous matter and it is a mood that it would be hard to speak with her, so the inside of the present carriage is very uncomfortable. Fairlis is bravely talking to her, but there seems to be no reaction.
Even I have to say, the one who caused it. If you could not stand the heavy air(mood), you should shrunk in a corner. Alec came close to me. You also cannot bear this heavy air?

"Yard-dono, do you not know the reason why the Margarete-sama was distracting? As in the morning, she was like a kind of goddess that seems to have a proper taste for the royal family. But, what made her feel depressed to this extent?"

"Sorry, I also do not understand."

"I see, somehow Fairlis-dono will be able to recover her..."

Give up already. Unless I say that the relationship with Sophy was a lie, she will not easily recover so easily. I wonder if I should say Fairlis to give up soon.
I activated [Paradise] as a test. It seems that only her mouth was smiling without her facial expression returned. With the sudden spooky face, Fairlis also gotten back. Even after I cancelled the technique, her smile remained. It would have been better not to try it.

"That's right, Yard-sama I have a favor!"

Finally, Fairlis also ran away to me. May be she saw that face in close range, her face slightly paled away.


"Yes, Yard-sama is familiar with magic, if possible please teach me magic."

Fumu, indeed, if I need to spend time in this atmosphere(mood). It would be better to lecture about the magic techniques. But the problem is that whether they could understand about contents of my lecture.

"What procedure will you take? When you are invoking the magic?"

"That's right... Giving prayers and mana to the God, who gives something like power and magic triggers by trying to put it out of the body. The power depends on their belief in God "

What is she talking about? The God that she believes in, does not exist in this world. Then, who or what giving her power?
It's useless, because the word magic she was talking is wrong. Magic is an exquisite technique, we must know that if all people use the same technique, the same effect will be produced.
I lectured thoroughly the foundation of the operation until we got to the next town, but eventually the medieval group did not understand a thing. Let's no longer teach these ceremonies to them.

To be continued

Part 2 contains [18+]

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