Saturday, 20 May 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 15 Royal Spirit Academy's Freshmen Representative Ahegao with Double peace

In April, while the cherry blossom petals are scattering and dancing, new encounters are happened even in this country who believes in the spirits.

This is the Royal Spirit Academy in the Kingdom.
New students also came to this place where elderly students are constantly pursuing their daily routines to become ona-holes and meat-toilets for the country.

The most lovely girl will become this year's student representative and dedicate her virginity to the spirit at the entrance ceremony.

The representative girl now enters the stage and began to take off her clothes one at a time in front of the students of the whole school.

Being embarrassed and blushed her face red a little bit is fresh and cute.

As the representative student took off her clothes, freshmen also followed her and took of their clothes. Once everyone took of their clothes, the representative girl made a pledge.

Once I confirmed her pledge has ended, I thrust my penis into her vagina.

New students also started to masturbate, while listening to the panting voice at a loud volume from the speakers every time I thrust into her.

While enjoying the strange sight of the pretty girls desperately masturbating with a serious face. I fired my semen with a lot of force inside the womb of the representative girl.

And she was unable to withstand the pleasant feeling of being filled with semen into her womb that she experienced for the first time since she was born. She leaked my semen from her vagina, while exposing her slovenly stupid laughing face(Ahegao) with double peace(V-sign with two hands) in front of all the students.


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