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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 11: To Become friendly with Tsundere Tutte!

"Nn~! Wait a bit, How is this... Aan~... washing my back?"(T)
"Even if you say that."(P)

"Onii-chan... Tutte-chan is easy to turn on... ha~a ha~a, cute."
"Wait! You, make this stupid dog quickly... Aan~, quickly stop her... there, don't."

By the time I entered the bathroom, Papi already on Tutte, sucking up her nipples while chewing, relentlessly licking and playing with the beautiful pink nipples swollen by 'Lero lero' licking and teasing, without mercy she kept caressing.

I did not do anything before the two who were getting along, I sat on a chair and looking at the situation like that, well then.

"Tutte-chan's this place is not rejecting. Ne~, It asking happily to put it in. Hora(look), onii-chan's that place."

"Ugh... It's embarrassing... I met for the first time only... I... like this... Aan~..."
"I, too, Chuu(Kiss)... Onii-chan also, really want Tutte-chan, Chu(Kiss), to get along, do you understand?"

"Understand, I understand so, if you do anymore than this... (no)Hi~ya! I, ha~a ha~a. I really can't!"
"I cannot endure... it! Uu~ Aaa~..."

Immediately afterwards, a tide blew out from the Tutte's smooth vagina, and hot love juice scattered on my face grandly. She blushed her cheeks with a rugged breath while breathing 'Ha~a ha~a'.

"Give Tutte-chan final blow."

"I wonder, if it is okay? Her consciousness looks hazy..."
"Onii-chan, a female is a creature that would want to be dominated by a male. The one who taught me that onii-san himself."

With Papi's self-confident words and I recalled about my behavior for the last few days. I cannot refute, if she said such a thing. And I am in a situation where a cute girl is blushing in front of me, who was covering her face with her own hands from embarrassment.

To be honest, if I say that I do not want to put it in, it would be a lie. Besides, it is also truth that I also want to live with Tutte happily. So...

"Tutte, I will be gentle."
"Eh? You mean... Wait a bit, stupid, wait, if you do any more... Ahhhh!"
"Eh? It's a lie right? Tutte, by any chance..."

The moment when I put into the entrance and entered her vagina... The fresh blood escaped from her vagina and traveled through my meat stick. I got a little anxious for a moment. Is not this a virgin penetration? ... No, it is without a doubt that...

"Yes, is it bad? That it is my first time!"
"No, I'm happy, because I got to take your important first time, I will be gentle."
"Stupid! I will not forgive you, if you treat me roughly."
"Of course. Let's Kiss?"
"Fu~fuun~, if you really want to do it that much, I may listen to it."
"I want to do it, I want to do it with Tutte."

"Nn~! It's not bad, being kissed gently like this..."
"Tutte-chan is a Tsundere-san. Cute."
"What? Who is Tsundere! It's not it because of you guys... In addition."
"In addition?"

"Even I, that... Want to get along well..."
"U~un! Tutte-chan is so cute. I will rub you."
"Kora! Stupid dog stop... Hi~yaa!"

"How? does it hurt?"
"I am only surprised when you suddenly moved, more than that!"
"Onii-san, you take of the lower part and leave the upper body to Papi."

Swinging her tail happily and Papi closes the mouth of Tutte and tangles their tongue. At first Tutte, whose pupils were opened with amazement, is now accepting. Accepting Papi with a 'Toron' face.

Thanks to that, the bottom also increased the movements and accepts my meat stick more smoothly than before.

Every time I insert it in and out with 'Jupu jupu' sound, she started to raise a sweet voice. When I raised my speed gradually, she started to pant her voice. That was the sweetest moans that was leaked even if Puppy is blocking her mouth.

While listening to such a lustful voice, I would like to cum pleasantly. So, I strongly hit my waist with 'pachun pachun' and gradually increased my speed while watching the state of Tutte.

May be her vagina was feeling the impulse of the male, when I noticed the uterus mouth begun to fall. Every time I thrust into her our tips are kissing eachother with a sweet sensation.

The hot melting meat stick rubs against 'Korikori' uterus mouth as it does not let escape the whole meat bar head from the glans. Entwines with each other, as they have consciousness to confirm love.

I cannot afford to love call from inside the vagina. So, it sends a signal to my brain whether the height of precision is now or not... Thanks to that, my meat stick which has lot of baby making milk stored in starts to pulsate 'pinkin pikin'.

"Tutte, it is about time..."
"Ha~a ha~a, a~an, what? Say it... Clearly say it, tell me!"

"Right, I cannot afford to hold back with my semen!"
"A~an, it's fine... cum inside... Nn~... me."

"Tutte-chan is so cute. If you make such a face, Papi also get turned on."
"Aaa~... Now, if suck my nipple...  aa~, don't. Nooo~, I will fly! My consciousness will.... fly away... Aa~a, aa~a, gu~. A~an!" 

"I too, cumming!"
"Aa~, aa~a, Aa~n, Iku, ikuikuikuiku~tsu(cumming). Iya~a(no)!"

Along with Tutte's climax, I came at the same time. At the same time, I unconsciously knocked on the uterine mouth and came inside the glans with a white cloudy liquid so that it will be as close as possible to the baby's room - in to the deepest part of the womb.

"It's hot! Semen, it's hot! Don't, if you cum this intense... I will cum again. Cumming!"

After cumming everything, I was out of breath with "ha~a ha~a". I also fell down on my back beside Tutte. She is cute and I lovingly holding the hands of Tutte, who was being wrapped in happiness...

"Both onii-san and Tutte-chan are lovey-dovey. Yatta... but... onii-chan."
"It's ticklish."

When I thought Papi was licking my face with 'Peropero'. Suddenly she ride into a position of 69 on top of. My penis which was limp from before was wrapped in a warm feeling.

"Next, I want to be feel good... is it?"

Papi swings her tail 'Furi furi' and asks me to take care of her important part and presses against my face. My thing was satisfied with cumming just now, but it got hard with the stimulation by Papi. When I noticed, I grabbed her butt and put in my tongue with 'Lero lero'.

"Onii-chan's tongue, ha~a ha~a... feels... good."
"'Chupu', Papi's mouth also great."
"I'm happy, onii-san, nn~... Got stiff."
"Papi also a big flood(gotten wet). Should I put in?"

Our bath party seems to continue a little more.


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