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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 18 ☆[18+]

4 of us finished our meals, I check the screen while embracing Kuon. Lumidora doing her work in the room. Iris went to her room to clean it. 
I can see from the screen that the intruders fighting orc lord and generals. As expected they are B-rank adventurers, but against orc lord and generals they are gradually pushed into corners and as soon as their avant-garde warrior fell down, they were destroyed.

"But, orc lord is strong."

"Yes, I was taught at the adventurer guild if I saw one, I should run away."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, there is strength, but... when women get caught..."

"Oh, they will do men also."


The party that intruded were all guys, so I turned everyone to points. Right now there are 2 women in the nursery and I feel like little missing from them.
But the adventurer's women are very few~.

"Kyosuke-san, new intruders came."


While I was thinking a little, the next set of adventurers came. It is 3 member party, which contains 2 females and 1 male. Besides, one of them have black hair with ponytail, that is rare in this world. From her face she looked more like a Japanese.

"What happened?"

"No, a little..."

"That woman, she has same black hair as Kyosuke-san. I am a little envious..."

"Is that so? I like the color of Kuon's hair."

"Is that so?"


"Thank you!"

While watching at the scene of the adventurers movements from the monitor, I stroked the hair of Kuon. It is different from when she came here, Kuon's hair became glossy and elastic. It is pleasant to stroke her hair.

"Are not lord being pushed back?"

"Yes, those three are amazing."

"Let's send the other lord there."

I immediately ordered and the other lord goes their. I ordered that black haired woman to bring here, another woman to nursery and the man to kill.
The black-haired woman is holding a weapon like a sword and fights by covering her weapon with flames.
Orcs who were fighting well in cooperation but eventually one general
was killed.

"I did it!"

"Yoshi, I can keep up!"

"Do not let your guard down yet!"

"Left only 2..."

"Fire Arrow!"

The adventurer's magic attacks orc general, at that moment with a roar orc lord comes out in front of the general and strikes magic to erase it.


"No way..."

"Ku~, it's hard to defeat one, but 2 are..."



A momentary gap arises at the appearance of the second orc lord, the orc lord who was from the beginning wields the sword as though it aimed at that moment and cuts off the body of Kaito into 2.
The situation became the worst...

"Lumis, I will earn time, so run away!"


"It's fine, just go!"


"Magic sword cannot be used with cool-down time... huh!"

When I was looking at the screen, 2nd orc lord chasing the girl who ran away, while the first orc lord was dealing with the black haired girl.

"What happened?"

"I am concerned about that girl a little."

"If now, we can still make it."

"Is it good?"

"Yes, if it's Kyosuke-san. I believe that even if the number of people increases, you still be gentle with me!"


After kissing Kuon, I used the instant transfer to go around behind the black-haired woman. It was at the time where the sword was swung down by the orc lord without holding back. I also took out my sword and parried in front of the woman and received the sword that was swung by the lord.

"Who are you?"

"I made it on time."

"You are?"

"I am Kyosuke, I am a Japanese..."



When I raised the sword, the lord evacuated to the back of the dungeon. As expected of the gentleman orc lord...

"Thank you."

"No, are you a Japanese too?"

"No, I am Subaru."

"I am Kyosuke."

"Shall we move for the time."

"But, what about Lumis?"

"That girl is fine."

"Thank goodness..."

Yes, because orcs will take care of her, I muttered with in my heart. I took Subaru's hand returned to the room by transfer.

"What is this room?"

"This is the master's room of this dungeon."


Subaru hurriedly jumped back and takes her sword, though I helped her.
This treatment was slightly painful... Kuon is hiding behind Subaru.

"You fooled me!"

"No, I only said the real things."

"Why the dungeon master?"

"No, I became one only when I was blown into this world."

"What happened to the missing adventurers?"

"I protected those can be protected. If it's not possible were dead..."


"No, if I do not have to do it, I might have been killed."


"I like you, so why do not you join me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I will not do anything. Kuon tea please."



Suddenly she heard a voice from her behind and Subaru was surprised by it, because she did not felt any signs behind her.
I forcibly let Subaru sit on the chair near table and gave her tea and cake.

"Well drink it, because there are sweets, of course there is no poison."

I ate some sweets and drank the tea for her to trust me. She also...

"Is this..."

"Is not it delicious?"

"Awesome such delicious things..."

"Oh well, please have these."

"Hang on!"

Subaru puts sweets in her mouth and surprises with her eyes.
The sweets I offered were purchased by Lumidora by the points. Which are cookies from Japan, etc. It is a taste that cannot be tasted in this world

"Come over Kuon."


When I called Kuon, she is a cute fellow who sits on my lap as this is her special seat.

"It's amazing..."

"I'm glad that you like it."

"It was nice to match your taste."

"Ah yes... who is she?"

"She is a slave of an adventurer who has attacked this dungeon, I released her and done various things."

"Yes, I thought that there was no hope for me, when I was hunted by slave hunting. But, I'm very happy to have met with Kyosuke-san, who saved me!"

"Something like that ..."

"I already killed the man, who made Kuon into slave and done terrible things to her."


"Well then... will you go on the same road as me?"

"Let me think a little..."

"Suit yourself."

By saying that I confirmed the situation in the nursery from the screen. It has already started before I and Subaru have our tea. The escaping Lumis was captured by the orcs and was being used.

"Noo~ it hurts! Please stop ggu~u... bu~... gefugefu... noo~... Kaito~o..."

Two orcs pierced her from the top and bottom. And they are shaking their hips violently inside her. May be she was a virgin or just broke by the big cocks, blood was flowing from her vagina.
The orcs kept on swinging their waists.

"Nn bu~... gohogoho... ugu~e... not inside..."

Orc who was using her mouth ejects sperm into it.
In the meantime, the lord that was attacking her vagina ejects seeds into vagina.
I wonder how many times it has been, Lumis's body was full of semen.

"What happened to Lumis?"

"She's alive."

"Is it true?"

"Do you want to see?"

"Can I see her?"


"Such a thing!"

I showed Subaru the screen I was watching, there is still an orc fucking the figure of Lumis, whose eyes became empty and continues being committed was reflected on it.

"What a thing... you fooled me!?"

"No, it is true that she was not dead, right? Also, I said it is all right, because my monsters are taking care of her. So, for me it is alright."

"You scum!"

Subaru releases her sword and jumps over the desk to cut me. But, the sword was blown and struck into the wall by beaten by something.

"What are you doing?"

"Lumidora, have you finished your work?"

"Yes, so who is this girl?"

"I like the appearance and I brought her."

"Oh, was that so?"

"Kyosuke-san, are you injured?"

"It's okay."

"What should I do to her?"

"It's alright, put her in the nursery floor."


I asked Lumidora to take the Subaru to the nursery bed. I sat on the chair again and drank tea. I do not think there are Japanese other than myself in this world. There is noway it's possible~.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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