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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 05 Futanari Magical Girl with Nekomimi [18+]

The grandfather who serves as the court magician of the Royal family of this country tried to talk proudly of his grandchild as she is pride of his grandchild.

Who came was a healthy child with brown hair.
I heard that she was a girl, but she is quite a boyish, there is no chest so it is at suspicious level whether she really is a girl.

That's why I took off her clothes soon to confirm her gender.

She did not grow below.

Although I knew cutting board before I took off, the lower place also did not grow in double meaning, it is a beautiful shaved one.

This girl should be about the same age as Princess onaho(onahole Hime), but the secondary sex did not come?

I wonder if is it OK?

But, well, it is ini it's own way good because it is fun to watch like this.

Also, well, I'd like to see her magical skills, but let her be a futanari with the magic of physical change system.

Because it is a neutral girl, it may be interesting to have her truly become a daughter of a man.

That's why I used magic right away.

As a result, a pretty elephant appeared in her crotch.

When I saw it, I laughed at her without thinking.
No, yeah, I think it's good.

She is cute, so I will forgive.

So, I commanded her to masturbate.

She keeps tiny penis hard at hand.
Eventually she reached its peak and a pure white semen popped out from the tip.

Apparently the function seems to be wonderful though it is so small.

Watching futanari magical girl's masturbation was more interesting than I thought, but anyway, I may be able to enjoy her magical talent in various ways.

In addition I wanted a pet, so I will attach a cat ear and a cat tail to her in addition.

That's why I decided to hire her as an exclusive magician.


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