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I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter 04 [18+]

Hmm? heavy? My body does not move... No way!
This is a bondage play! Just kidding♪... It cannot be.
Because, this sweet scent and fluffy feeling.
There is only one thing, is not it?

When Dee opens his eyes, a big butt in front of him.
That is Shakti on top Dee.
She was doing it in a shape 69.

Oh, this view is good♪ After all woman's body is good♪ It is a spectacular view from the morning♪ Before That, the lower part is feeling pretty good.

"Shakti, I wonder what are you doing? It feels too good... Aau~un."

"N? Nn! N'nn, n un n, nn nn."

"Sha... Shakti, do not talk while it is inside!
Au~un, In addition with tits, what kind of thing? When did you learned it?"

"Puhha~a!! Good morning Dee♪.
When I got up in the morning, Dee's was also got up, so I eat. And then Lina, said if I did this you will feel even better. She told me♪ Was it pleasant?"

"I see! Was it like that... But, It is a physiological phenomenon of a man called Morning wood. Please remember, it was not on purpose! Also ...
I will return back because it felt comfortable."

As he said, Dee pull down her pants and removes them.
And brings his face closer to Shakti's clitoris and licks her pussy.
Then Shakti's pussy gets wet and love juice flows out.
As he licks, Shakti's sweet voice leaks out.

"Aa~a, au~un ya~tsua~an a a."

"Jupujupu jupu jupun~n."

Dee is not only licked but also using fingers and caresses.
Shakti also sucks his penis .

"Mou! It cannot be helped."

By saying that, Dee puts Shakti on her back and stabs his Big penis into Shakti's pussy.

Just as I thought, when I do it with Shakti, this is the best position♪ Why? Becasue, while looking at the shaking of big boobs, I can see her still little shy red face♪. Right, if I let her drink a lot more saliva, I may be able see her Ahegao♪, yesterday I was able to see Lina's Ahegao♪. Want to see Shakti's, right?

"Shakti! Let's kiss!

Then, Shakti's face slowly melted and became a Ahegao♪.

"A~ua~u a a au~un  ee~un  ani~yu nn hafuhafu~un."

This is good, is not it♪? Even so, I also began to feel it♪. Is it my imagination or my penis is getiing bigger again?

"Aa~, I also soon cum! It is last spurt♪."

"An dont! so fast an~ aa~a."

"Aa~ au~un Iku yo! Shakti."

Dee vigorously puts semen into the vagina of Shakti.

"Fuu♪♪ Shakti, are you OK?"

"Ah, oh, oh, I am okay. I am still having a little aching. It will become normal in a while!"

"Is that so♪? Before that, I cannot find Lina, where did she go? "

"Oh, if it's about Lina? she went out to look a little around outside. It is almost time to return."

When Shakti said that right after a big hole opened in the soil wall. And it is Lina's appearance.

"Mu, you were doing it since morning, right? Well,I had that feel♪. But♪, I'm okay with it♪, come Dee eat this♪"

Lina said that, the animal that was caught in the forest for Dee.
She put the roasted meat into his mouth.

"Hai Dee♪ Say Aaa desuwa♪ here Aaa desu wa♪ Is it tasty?"

"Un♪ It's delicious Lina♪ Thank you. I was really hungry♪. But this is really delicious♪, what kind of meat is this?"

"This is, meat of the demon called rabbit horn. It is something we eat often around here."

Rabbit horn: I saw it in games with high encounter rate. I sit a rabbit with a horn?

"Is that an animal with long ears and a horn?"

"Yes, it's small and moves fast, but to me it was nothing♪. But, to the new adventurers they might die, so it is dangerous to underestimate this monster!"

"Well then, I'm going to die ..."

"It's fine! I will protect Dee! It's fine to be relieved!"

"I will also protect Dee! With this muscled idiot only, I'm worried!"

"What sis you say?"

"It's true!"

"Both of you, calm down? I believe♪ in both of you will protect me. Before that, let's all eat the remaining food. And shall we pass through the forest?"

"That's right♪."

"Let's eat quickly and head for the village!"

Three people who finished their meals returned the soil dome back into soil.
The meat of the remaining rabbit horn is cut into 20 cm width 15 cm which was put into 3 cm thick magic bag. And headed towards the village.

"Lina, by any chance is that a magic bag?"

"Yes, you know well! This bag is of a small size.
So, I cannot put many inside, but this size of rabbit horn meat can be fit about 50.

"How nice! Can we buy that? Also, you said it is a small size. Then, does that mean there are medium and large sizes?

"That's right. How to get this, is by buying it or to find it from the treasure chests of the dungeon. But, to buy a small size magic bag is very expensive. It would cost, for small size 100,000J, medium 500,000J and for large size 1,000,000J!"

How much is 100,000 J? Well, I can check it once I reach a village or a town.

"So, how did Lina get it?"

"I got it in a treasure chest of the dungeon by chance♪, I was lucky♪."

"Dungeon... I wish I could go there..."

"Right... I cannot recommand to take Dee to the dungeon, it is too dangerous... at the very least you should be able to protect yourself, it's because we do not know what's in the dungeon!
We need weapons to handle something! Can Dee handle any weapons?"

Weapon?... Shakti uses a long sword and Lina uses a Wand, I do not want to fight in close proximity like Shaktie andI cannot do it... I can not use magic to say... Magic, is not it? Can I also use magic?

"That's right, I am as small as this size, so it's impossible for me to fight like Shakti. Is it possible that magic can be used by me too?"

"What? Dee, did not you check your magic aptitude? Normally, don't we check when we are small."

Oh, it's bad! I dug a grave! How to deceive her...~ ~! But there are things of the future and isn't it better to obediently say the truth... It cannot be helped, if they want to be separated!

"Un, that's right, before that I need to talk to you both about important matter. Please don't say to anyone else. In addition, even you hate me after listening, please take me to a village."

"Oh, sure!"

"I understand."

Both of them from Dee's serious look, they felt that it must be an important matter and listened with serious expression. Dee told them about his past and about incarnated from a different world. And he ran away from the goblins while making Thunder sound and because of him, they separated from each other. He told everything.

Un, about this, is not it? Well, if I tell about my saliva... I will be killed...

"And, it's like this... I'm sorry that I kept silent about this from you two. I did not like being hated by you two by saying this... Because I... I already came to love you two..."

"Dee, no such thing? I do not care what kind of guy is Dee! And that sound thing also, in a way it saved me. Also Dee, do not forget that you are first man and my husband! What will bride do, if she does not believe in her own husband?"


"That's right! I am also Dee's bride!
It was fate without a doubt that you helped me at that time... So, where did you come from? It was inevitable! You and I always be together!"


Dee talks to them with a face that seems to cry at the beginning.
Finally thanked them with a smile. And that smile is an Angel smile, which himself did not notice. But, Shakti and Lina who saw that have made their hearts 'Kyun' and wetted their lower body."

"Thank you! Shakti! Lina! I love you.
Please, take care of me from now on."



Shakti and Lina each other at the same time cling to Dee's arms and rub their cheeks to his face and kissed his cheeks.

"Wai... wait a moment both of you, what are you doing, suddenly?"

"No, Dee looks too cute."

"It is true, that is cowardly."

"Hey! I am a man and I do not like to be called cute!"

When Dee said that with a pouting face, he looked more cute than before.
They again rubbed their cheeks and kissed his cheeks.

"Mou! Both of you give me some space. I still have something to talk!"

"Do you still have something?"

"What is it?"

"Shakti said earlier, that can I handle any weapons? That's when I thought, that for me swordsmanship is not suitable. So, I thought may be magic be suitable for me. Earlier said checking magic aptitude
Well, can you do it for me to find out the magic aptitude that you were talking about a while ago? ""

"That was it! I just forgot about it."

"That's right! Well then, should we test it now?"

"We can do it now? Then, I will do it."

As she said that, Lina put her hands on the ground and made a 1m square table with soil magic and from the magic bag took a cloth with 50cm on each side and laid it on table.

"Yes, I did it! Well then, concentrate your magic on top of it to see the results! "

"Good! I will Do and see♪."


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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