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Different world dungeon life Chapter 14


Called by Lumidora and when I tried to leave the room then Kuon made a lonely face. I stroked her hair and said I will return immediately. I went outside.

"Kyosuke-sama, the ring is ready."

"Thank you, Lumidora."

"It is here, it would be nice, if Kuon-san would be happy to receive it."

"That's right, I hope she would be happy..."

"It's okay, if it's Kyosuke-sama's present, I think Kuon-san would be happy ."

"That's right, then I'll go for now."

When I returned to the room, Iris and Ellis were called by Lumidora and took them out of the room, I went to Kuon and took her hand and put the ring on her. She was surprised for a moment and then started to cry.

"O... Oi Kuon..."

"I'm sorry..."

"Why are you apologizing while crying, don't you like it?"

"It's not that, I'm happy..."


I hugged the Kuon who was crying and stroked her head until she stopped crying. When she stopped crying, her face turned red and lifted her face up shyly and looked at me.

"Kuon, this our new bond from now."

"Yes... I will take care of it for life..."

I kissed her lightly on her lips. I called back Lumidora and others, who are Iris and Ellis.

"Ellis, give me situation report"

"Yes, when I returned to the town, the information on this dungeon was already known to the adventurer guild. It seems from the information it is a small dungeon and was good for fledgling adventurers."

"I see, Lumidora, with current state of the dungeon, against fledgling adventurers, how far can it endure?"

"Let's see, with orc general and orc knight alone can handle 5 teams... If we include Kuon-san and Kyosuke-sama we can handle with ease up to 15 teams."

"I see, Ellis, upto which rank could be called fledgling adventurer?"

"Upto C-rank is called fledgling, B-rank is medium, A-rank is high and S-rank is called hero ot brave."

"Hmm, then it's fine for now."

"I will protect Kyosuke-san!"

"Kuon, I do not want Kuon to get hurt."


"Aa~, please don't flirt here..."

"Oh~ my bad, my bad."

"Sorry, Lumidora-san..."

"It seems, you had consciousness that you are flirting..."

When we are talking, alarm resounded from smartphone.
Apparently there seemed to be some intruders, I sent 2 orc generals right away and start watching the intruders from the screen of the smartphone.

"There are 2 parties with a total of 11 intruders. Let's send 2 orc generals and orc knights to deal with them."


By looking at the situation, orc general have already dealt with 6 member party. One of the orc generals was defeated by the 5 member party and are struggling.

"A general should have the strength to fight with a B-rank, right?"

"Ha~hai, since there are 2, should be able to win against one B-rank..."

"Then, all 5 are B-rank..."


"Kuon, can you fight?"

"I can at any time!"

"Iris and Ellis also come. But, give us support from behind."


"I understand."

Together with Kuon, Iris and Ellis, I headed towards the adventurers. When we reached there, 2 orc general had fallen with little breath.
Since, there is nothing left when they dies like this, so I killed them and turned them to points. Once, I kill them I got back 4000 points of those 2 monsters and it was not a minus.

"Oi! what are you doing to our prey?"

"No, if they die like that it will be a minus for me and also, I want them to become my experience points."

"Ah? What do you mean?!"

"This is what it means..."

As I raised my hand, the Ellis who was hidden releases an arrow into the man's eyebrows. Ellis seems to be good at the archery and Iris was also ready to shoot magic at any time. Kuon also pulls out the Kodachi(short sword) and faces the intruders.


"Just now, where did the arrow come from?"

"I will take that fox..."

"Even though I am here..."(Kyousuke)

I felt a different atmosphere from one of the remaining four people.
It is dangerous to let Kuon to fight him, it seems I have no choice but to do it.

"Kuon, can I leave those three people?"


"Iris, Ellis both of you support Kuon."


"I will be your opponent."

"He~e~, you will be my~ got guts..."

I also pulled out my sword and took the stance, he is obviously different from the opponents I have fought so far. As his figure disappeared from my front, I also swung my sword accordingly and 2 swords collide with each other and make a sharp metal sound.

"Able parry this, who are you?"

"I am the master of this dungeon."

"Hou~ master himself would come out. My name is Luiza, I will get this dungeon's treasure by killing you."

"I see, then I'll kill you and get points."

By naming ourselves and our purposes, Luiza swung his sword towards me and by avoiding it, I aimed at his chin with my legs. But it was avoided by him by moving backwards.


"Damn, I thought it would be a good counter... It's fine, I will stop thinking deeply."

I took distance at once and swung the sword, Luiza also swiftly swings his sword according to my sword.
My speed raised steadily.

"ku~tsu! It will become much faster!"


"Ga ~a~a~a~a!"

I don't know how much time had we parried. It felt like even an hour had passed by. As the time passes, my attack speed gradually goes beyond the speed of Luiza.

"This is the end!"

"Na~! Gu~a~a!!"

Finally, my sword attack that completely exceeded the attack speed of Luiza cuts his arm, Luiza holds his injury and fell down on his knees and collapsed. It was the moment, my victory was decided.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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