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IMWMT04 part 2

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 04 [Part 2][18+]

It seems that we will be camping outside this town today. For the time being they arranged rooms for us to sleep in a inn in the town, but Alec declined politely that our soldiers could not fit inside the inn, while letting the soldiers sleep outside the town.
The soldiers said that 'At the very least, let us be on guard at night', so currently I am rolling inside the tent made by Sagami. Just as I thought Sagami was not a normal person.
After a while, I decided to go to the town since there was nothing to do to kill time. I cannot do anything, unless I buy a sake(Wine).
Pocket money was given by Tia, so I could manage somehow.

After a while, I was wandering behind the alley.
I was trying to find a bar by walking randomly, but there were no shops with the signboard. Before I noticed it, I was already lost in the back alley.
If I know would happen, it would have been better only if I asked the people. While I was walking thinking like that, I heard a scream from the further ahead, so I went towards that voice.
Then there were two men hitting on a woman. Since I came here without any preparation, of course they noticed me.[Read at Novel44 Blogspot]

"Please, please save me!"

The woman's clothes were torn apart and there are traces of been beaten on her. She still has her underwear, so she has yet to be raped. The men are wearing leather armor, they may be mercenaries or something. Since, their things are standing, I feel sick.

"What are you? Did you come here to save this woman?"

"If you do not want to be killed, you can go to somewhere else!"

With their sudden shouting, I was a little surprised. Anyway I did not come here to help this woman, but since they came to bite me, I released [Terror].
The men who have been hit by my technique fallen down and blowing bubbles from their mouth. Perhaps, it seems that their hearts must have felt fear enough to be broken. (TL: Is that a Conqueror's Haki? From Onepiece.)
The woman was surprised at the sudden collapse of the men who attacked her. But she turned her face to here, as she realized that I did it.
I did not notice it a while ago, she is a pretty girl with red hair. Her clothes were torn and her underwear and skin are visible. Big breasts are big enough to be seen from above the clothes. Will not it turn me on?
I looked around, there were men who attacked her. A nice woman is looking at me naked in front of me. There are no people in the surroundings. OK, should I do it?[Read at Novel44 Blogspot]

"Ano~, thank you very much..."

Though she thanking me, I ignored her and put a sound barrier. With this her screams will not leak. I attacked her, who was looking strangely at me doing something like a mystery work. Because I did not do it with Sophy, I accumulated a lot lately. This is something that cannot be helped. When she realized that the one who saved her was another rapist, she hurriedly tried to run away, but I pushed her down.

"Noo~, stop it! Please let go!"

I realized that the voice of the woman who resist is really good. I peeled off her clothes by restraining, who was struggling to escape from me. The nice big breasts are exposed to the outside air, and her nipples which are just about right size appeared.
I try to get them at once, but her resistance is harder and troublesome.

"If you do not become quiet, you will be like those guys"

The men seems to be dead at first glance, so the effect of the threat seems to be outstanding.
As I stroked her body, who immediately ceased her resistance, I took off her last underwear. I found that her style would be loved by any man.
When she looks at me with her trembling eyes, my excitement rises up.[Read this Novel at]

"With these erotic boobs, you were luring men, right?"

"No, wrong! Kyaa!?"

I pinched her nipples with my fingers and rolled my fingers over them, but I was surprised at her not even resisting it.
It seems the effect was surprisingly high(about threat), I licked her nipple with my tongue as I began to massage her big breasts this time.
She keeps her pant voice down, she desperately closes her mouth despite having a rough breath. I aimed at the right moment and bite her nipple when her expression softened by getting used to my tongue on her nipple.

"Ahhhhhhh! Don't do that!"

"Fuu, what should not I do? If you do not say it properly, I do not know."

"Do not bite my nipples, please!"

There is no way I would stop even though she said to not to bite. I took a nipple and sucked into my mouth while pulling the other breast with my hand. May be she lost her composure, her panting voice was not stopping.
Even so, although she do not have breast milk, I feel sweetness when I chew her nipple. Tia was also like that, it is strange.

"What's wrong, did you turned on just by teasing your breasts?"

"No, I do not feel it..."

"If so, I will investigate."

I thrust my hand between her thighs and thrust my finger into the vaginal hole. Apparently, she seems to be a virgin.

"No~, please stop there..."

"You said that you did not feel, but your groin seems to be wet."

When I showed my wet fingers with love juice, she turned away her face. If it is embarrassing, she do not have to act strong, she is a foolish woman.

"Here, turn this way."

Pull her cheeks and turned her face over here.

"There is no choice but to use violence, if it do not be honest."

"I am sorry! I will listen to as you say, so please do not beat me!"

"That's right, if you are obedient, I will not do anything rough. Do you understand?"

She nods to my words. Finally she became obedient, I also take off my pants and take out the meat stick. May be it's her first time seeing one, she blushed her face and looking at it while diverting her face. I put my penis at the mouth of vagina, she must have resolved herself and closed her eyes. If I see such a reaction, does not it make me want to you?[Read this Novel at]

"What is your name?"

"Eh? Mira..."

"I see, it's a nice name, it fits you perfectly."

"Yes, thank you very...!"

I thrust into her the moment she talked and distracted. May be due to the pain her words do not come out in he mid way. She only moves her mouth like 'paku paku'.
I pierced my thing to the mouth of her uterus at once, but it's quite narrow. Already she was a virgin and on top of that she cramped her vagina due to pain. So it hurts past the pleasure, she was tightening her vagina to the point might break my thing. It's really painful.

"Ku~, this is bad!"

Since she has tightened to the point where my thing can really break, I used [paradise] hastily. With it's effect her pain must have relieved. She relaxed her vaginal muscle to the reasonable space.
She has a face that looks pleasant due to the influence of the technique, but if the penis is moved, the pain might have been attacking her again. Her facial expression once again distorted due to the pain.[Read this Novel at]

"This is the tightness I needed, your insides feel very good!"

"Aa~, thank you... very much! Aa~un."

"Look, you are turned on even though you are a virgin! You are an extreme Nympho!"

"I, I'm a nympho, Aan~! Why? Why do I feel like this?"

Both the pleasure and pain struck at the same time, while watching her face distorted while leaking panting voice, I was about to reach climax soon.

"Be happy! I'll cum inside you."

"No, no, not inside! Please forgive me!"

"I will cum at any moment! receive my semen!"

"Aaaaaaa~! Nooooo~!"

I hold her down who was trying to escape desperately, I thrust deeply into her and ejaculate.
She knows that semen is hitting inside her vagina and she cums while raising despairing voice. I spurted all into her while feeling the pleasure of her vagina tightening.
When I pulled out my meat stick, the semen drips down from her crotch. Even I moved away she did not tried to run away. May be she do not have the strength to move.

It felt very refreshing. Well then, should I clean up?
I activated [terror] on the girl and made her faint. I took off men's clothes, took their money, activate [memory extraction] of the three people. This is a technique to extract memory in the form of an Orb. I removed all their memories of myself and I got 3 orbs. I immediately broke them on the ground. The orbs cracked into pieces, fragments of memory faded like melting.
Finally put one of man on her. With this there is no evidence that I was here. Even if someone looks at it. This looks like that those men attacked her. I released [Sound Barrier] and left the back alley behind.[Read this Novel at]

I bought some sake (liquor) on the way home. I was found out by the Margarete, who had already recovered from her previous mood, and I was preached and sake was confiscated. It's a shame.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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