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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 02: Two years old

Two more years have passed since I have received my second life.

Recently I got to be able to walk around to a certain extent, but since we need to use a ladder to go upstairs and no one takes me out. Basically my world was the first floor of my house.

According to the information I gathered in last two years, apparently I was born as the eldest son of the Belek family of the Maren tribe.
My name is Abel. In full name, Abel Belek.

It seems white skin and red eyes are the characteristics of Maren tribe. I have same characteristic as Maren tribe. I guessed to some extent by seeing my parents, but I was stunned when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time.

At first, I was a little disturbed, but gradually accepted the present situation during the past two years.
In my previous life, in spite of being a single parent, the one who remained was a freaky idiot father, so I thought that living with parents seemed to be uncomfortable.

I have memorized words to some extent, but I still do not know where this country is located on the Earth.
I have never heard of this continent.
I wish I had studied geography more in my previous life, I thought such a thing. When I asked my father(current) was there any world map, but he answered me as, if there was such a thing I want to see it myself.

In the house, there are no electronic appliances, and more likely it was a place where they were not developed.
I did not think that there was such a place in the present time.
I miss my smartphone and TV.

My parents wake up in the morning and close their eyes towards the window in the bedroom, say "Pray to the spirit of our Maren's ancestors" and cut a cross in the air with your left hand.
They were strangely looking seriously and When I saw them for the first time I almost cried.
The current father often comes to me and tries to imitate this prayer "You also pray, Abel."
I make use of age of being an infant and some how dodged the topic by saying I do not know well.
But this is also a matter of time.
Someday, I guess I will be doing it every morning seriously.

This prayer is not only when woke up in the morning, but also when we did bad things, we also had to say with the left hand a cross in the air and say "Spirit of Our Maren's ancestor, forgive me."
I do not know much about it, but it seems that most of the ancestor's spirits overlook it.
Unexpectedly, our ancestors of Maren seems to have a big heart.

Also, food culture.
This was the most challenging.
Basically it was a meal that diluted the black stiff bread and the stew made from goat's milk called white soup.

Although it was good, sometimes I wanted them to stop giving me pig's head and serpent's blood.
It seems to be ritual food to eat on a certain day.

In here, the calendar was a combination of a number of discs called a date meter.
It moves manually, but the number of days count changes once every several laps, and there is a function to consider the leap year in Japan.
It was the same as Japan in terms of the date counting machine, which was one year and twelve months, but the basic day were 352 days.
When I learned of it, it became awkward to me that this place is not on the Earth.

Speaking of what I cannot accept outside of diet, next thing is Otem? [TL: Instead of Totem, Author made it Otem]
Otem is like a cylindrical doll made by carving trees. Even if I say dolls there are few things that are made without feet, mostly with hands or feathers with drums in place of their feet.

Otem were decorated in large quantities, both inside and outside the house.
They have a weird makeup, they are eerie and it can not be helped.
It was creepy, but the most creepy thing is that I do not know what they were for.
Sometimes I was chased after in my dreams.

When I thought that Otem was important to the religious viewpoint, my mother used it as the base for taking the books on the shelf.
No, but after finished using it, she cut a cross and asked for forgiveness in the spirit of our ancestors, so it may be important, after all.
No, but do not do it from the beginning, if you ask for forgiveness.
Because you are not a child.

"What's wrong, Abel? Looking at the Otem so much."

My mother, sitting in a chair and reading a book, sees me.
I know that she is a real mother, but suddenly I get stuck if I suddenly face her.
How old is her? Perhaps, around thirty.

"Mother-sama, what are the uses of Otem?"

I stroked Otem and asked my mother.

"Ara~, Abel already interested in Otem? With this future is promising."

Mother by saying that laughs happily.
What, do the people here likes Otem that much?

"Otem is what Zere-sama makes for magical training, they are also things for celebration and decoration...."

Zere-sama, it is my father.
My father is named Zereto and I have seen neighboring people also calling him Zere or Zere-san and others. Zera is most likely a kind of nickname.
But, why my mother calls my father with -sama?
It may be a custom to set up as husband. In that case, they call each other with nicknames, but... well, this may be a gap with my sense as a Japanese.

Well, leave that sort of things for a moment... I never thought that my mother would say words like magic.
Maren is not only faithful, it seems that they also believe in magical things.
I cannot help thinking that they are behind times.
Is it really possible to return from this village of Maren to a country with a smartphone or television?

"And now Abel was stroking this(Otem)... for Gisel's celebration."

My mother said so, closed her eyes and gently stroked her swollen stomach.
Yes, my mother was carrying a second child.

By the way, it seems that it is like a curse or fortune telling, and they seems know the gender as a girl.
I think that it was superstition, but it is strange that my parents already believed that fortune telling.
I am looking forward for what kind of face they will make when it gets wrong.

I go to my mother's side and put my hands on her belly after obtaining permission.
If this child also had a memory of the previous life. It would be great, we can talk about our previous life's while playing.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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