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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 09: Happy memories, I made a lot!

From then on, we two took a nap, then we went up to the sandy beach and our stomachs made "Guu" sound and we laughed "kerakera". At times, we did what we want to do. What should I say, well, is it faithful to instincts?

"Papi was hungry"
"Un! You played with onii-san(older brother) a lot. So, Papi can eat a whole lot."
"Well, wait a bit and onii-san will buy something."

"Papi will follow."
"Okay, then let's go together."

By emitting "Love, love aura" clings to my arm, that Papi is cute and irresistible. With smile she is forever waving her tail-- Looking at us like that, sea-house's owner old-man by saying "Love love da-ne" teased us, but Papi is energetically "I like onii-chan! I love him!" by saying that she returned full bloom smile.

I was ashamed(because of previous statement) to wait until he made the food items that I requested, to hide my embarrassment I scratched my cheek, but I did not feel bad at all.

Promised with lot of strawberry syrup shaved ice, yakisoba and baked corn are standard items of the classic standard, the sea-house's is normal at the beach, but Papi was happily enjoyed it.

As soon as we arrived at the seat, we began to eat crispy corn, we stuffed a lot of seeds in our cheeks and laughed.

I patted her head and took the corn seed that got stuck on her cheek and put it in her mouth. When I did that, she licked my fingers, it ticklesd and it can't be helped.

"Onii-san, onii-san! This, it is delicious! I like it being sweet and 'pichipichi' sticky!"
"I am glad that you liked it. There are also Yaki-soba [fried noodles], want to eat?"
"I will, I will. Papi want to eat yakisoba [fried noodles]."
"Here, slurp the noodles 'churuchuru' sound."
"Wa~i(yes), will onii-san make me eat? Yatta!"

By shining her eyes 'kira kira' and looks at the chopsticks that have tangled noodles with with excitement. when I carried the noodles to her tongue, she sucked them with 'chu pong', with 'Umm' sound she puts her hands on her cheeks and shakes her tail non-stop.

"Was it that delicious?"
"Yeah! This is amazing. It spreads in my mouth and Papi is very happy."

May be because she is sensitive to smell. The burned scent of extra sauce goes into her mouth and throat, every time I bring yakisoba to her mouth, she sounds "Umm" and eats them and enjoys while rolling on the sheet.

It's like for cat it's catnip and for Papi it's yakisoba.

"Onii-san also eat, eat. I will eat the leftovers."
We both shares happiness with each other. While eating Papi clings to me with gentle and sparkling shining eyes as saying "it is delicious, right, is it delicious?"

"Papi, there are still. As I promised shaved ice, it's cold and tasty."
"This looks like a milk bar?"
"That's right, it's texture and taste are different from milk and it's delicious. I think you may like it."
"Papi, want to eat it."

Like saying, I am waiting for it. It is a normal shaved ice that coated with strawberry syrup from the stall. Even so, Papi started eating with high speed.

"Oh, if you eat in such hurry, it will hurt your head?"
"Oh my brother, it hurts... Wow... Is Papi got sick?"
"It's okay, it's okay, It will be fine in a while. If the mouth gets cold at rapid speed the head will hurt... That's why do this..."

At first I put my tongue in her to warm the inside of her mouth. Papi was surprised at first, but gradually felt pleasant and that headache was gone.

"Puhah! Huh? How is it still hurts?"
"Un... Onii-san is amazing, it's just like a magician."
"Because, you cured Papi's pain, kind and... that felt very pleasant..."

"Haha~, if Papi was pleased, it was worth doing."
"Yeah, I love you! Onii-chan."
"Korakora, I don't mind clinging, but the shaved ice will melt away?"
"Onii-san, eat the rest."

Because she gave me the shaved ice. Did she got full? I ate the shaved ice fastly...

"It hurts!"
"Are you alright?"
"Do not worry, it's same as Papi, I will be fine after a while."
"Then... this time Papi will cure onii-san."
"Eh? Wait! Nn~."

By closing her eyes, gently grabbed my cheeks and put her soft tongue in my mouth. The cold ice and the warmth of the tongue mixed together felt comfortable.

With 'Chupa chupa' our tongues tangled together and swapping saliva with each other. Our faces stuck together and with 'chupan' our faces parted from each other. And I saw Papi's face, who still closed her eyes.

Well the pain has gone away, but we repeated kissing as if we are checking how much we love each other. Papi and I kept kissing each other and sucked each other until we are satisfied.

Such a sweet time soon passed away, before we know it, the day started to set.

"Let's continue this at home." While saying that I patted her head to calm her down. She said with smiling face towards me. "Papi will listen to onii-chan's word!"

She is a friendly, enthusiastic and amenable, but follows what I say and a good girl.

I urged her to first change her clothes, I cleaned up and packed the luggage. It was a little disappointing to part with the looks of Papi in her swimsuit for a while. I also got ready.

By the time to end everything, the sun sets and got into the train running in the dark and returned home.

At first, she spoke happily about today's event, "I enjoyed the ocean." "It was a delicious yakisoba." With a smile. But, may be gradually started to get tired, she started to swing her head with sleepy eyes. When I rubbed her head by saying 'Yoshiyoshi'. She leaned on me and fell asleep while breathing '' and with an angel's smile on her.

"Truly, I enjoyed today, I want to make more memories again." When I muttered. "Munya, Papi also... ehehe, Onii-chan." When I thought 'are you awake?' She slept again with sleep talking those words.

I got drowsy gradually by the shaking train and gradually I fell asleep together with Papi, before I notice it.

With such pleasant and drowsiness. I and Papi returned home by holding each other hands. And slept at the entrance of our home by closing the door.

When I noticed it, I felt a lot of heat which made me awake and an intense light from the day breaks through the glass hits my eyes directly.

Thanks to that, I noticed that both of us made sweaty stains on our clothes.

This is I need to wash later, when I thought that inter-phone rang. Papi is in such a condition and "it is such a trouble" while saying that in my heart. I cannot let them standby and opened the door...

A lovely beast girl was glaring at me. Who the hell is this child...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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