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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chapter 10: Papi and Tutte! A friendly bath play!


"Chotto You! You come and pick me!"
"Don't give me, Eh? Because you did not come to pick me up, I had to come by myself. This really is the worst."

Suddenly showed up out of nowhere at the front door was a cat-type beast girl named "Tutte", she has dark brown skin and is swinging her fluffy tail with 'boom boom' sound. She was glaring at me with intimidating eyes.

Unlike Papi, she has a slender appearance and there is almost no chest. But her height is slightly higher than 160 centimeters. She wore a Y-shirt with red necktie and a mini skirt and wore a black tights on her thin legs. The absolute area cannot be contended.

As I was looking at her...

"Chotto! It's hot here, how much longer should I stand here?"(Chotto= wait a bit)
"Oh, sorry... That's right, come inside."
"Fuun~ even you do not say... Hey, what is she!"
"Oh, sorry! Hora~, Papi wake up."

"Mmm... Good morning onii-san."
"Good morning, that's not it, greetings, greet her."
"Oh... Oh brother's friend? Nice to meet you, I am Papi."
"Muka~tsu(angry)! Who is a friend? Worth less master like him, who will become friends?"

For some reason she is getting angry, what's going on? Besides, she was talking as if she knows me. I am troubled and cannot be helped.

For the time being, in order to hear what she was thinking, I quickly turned on A/C and gave her Ice tea. In order for Papi to be quiet, I gave her a milk bar for the time being.

She is eating deliciously with a sound 'Chupachupa' and looking at me from the dining table. For the time being, I talked to Tutte at the living room table.

Then, she said... apparently I was supposed to pick up at the exchange place was Tutte (a facility where beast girls given from the government to head of households). but because I did not come, so she was worried about me and came to my house and found an unknown beast girl at the entrance. So, her anger got exploded. It seems... 

For Tutte, she looked forward to meet her new master and have various thoughts about her new life. But, she did not expect unbelievable and unforeseen circumstances.

To be honest, on the first day of pickup- Papi came to my house. I thought Papi was the homestaying beast girl. A mistake after another made it this far. Once I know it, I acknowledged my mistakes and apologized. "Sorry". However...

"Hey ──you. Are you joking around? Do you think I will forgive you like that? Do you know how much I look forward...  Uaaaahuu."
"Onii-chan, Tutte-chan is crying."
"Who is Tutte-chan? Use '-san'... Uu~wa~a."
"I am sorry, Tutte-chan."
"Shut up! Stupid dog!"

"I'm sorry, I was bad, really sorry."
"Idiot... Idiot! Do you know how miserable I was... Although other families were picked with a smile, I have always been alone in the waiting room. This feeling... Nnn~"(kiss)
"Sorry. Will you forgive me for now? Because I will make amends from now."

"... Stupid. Do you think that you will be forgiven like that?"
"I do not think that I will be forgiven, but now I can only show this with sincerity."
"Fu~fuun~! Well, I'll think about it."(TL: A cat for sure.)

Until a while ago, she shook her big tail non-stop and her ears are stood up. But now her ears are folded 'petan' and the tail is standing still. She is hiding her blushed red cheeks. She seems to be not against it.  

I tried kissing without thinking, but it was effective. I am a little relieved that she calmed down with this. I did not think with this everything is fine. I do not have to do it.

"Hey, hey, onii-chan."
"Papi wants a bath."
"Aa~, we did not have since yesterday, right?"
"It's a nice opportunity, let's 3 of us take bath together."

"What... a bit, why are you arbitrarily proceeding the talk!"
"Skin ship Tutte-chan, it sure is fun."
"I am saying repeatedly to use "-san" many times! "
"Come come, the bath is here!"
"Hey! Listen to people when they are talking."

"It destroys the pretty face of beautiful Tutte-chan."
"Hora, look in the mirror... I have such a nice smile?"
"Hun... you are fine being like that."

"Do not be so tsun, tsun... otherwise..."
"Hi~ya... just wait a minute! Why are you rubbing my breasts!"
"Tutte-chan is sensitive, so cute"
"Mou~, Iiya!"(Iiya= no)

It seems that they are making noise 'Kyaa-kya' at the dressing room. It would be great if they get along. Papi has such personality and she may have lightly thought to take Tutte around to get friendly. In the end I have to decide it, by putting spirit into 'Yoshi' word. I headed towards changing room...

"Wait! Why did you come?"
"Because it's time to take a bath together."
"That's... even so!"
"Tutte is very beautiful, so I'd like to make up and I will wash your back."
"... I got it."

"Tutte-chan is cute and she's embarrassing."
"Who is shy? This stupid dog!"
"Korakora, we are living together from now, so make friends."
"I do not want you to tell me!  Be~da~tsu!"
"Ah, wait Tutte-chan."

Tutte went into the bath with fast pace and Papi follows behind Tutte. After light screams, I hear the sounds of the two people who seems to be not against each other from the shower.

As a guardian of two, I honestly thought about how to make them friends, but it seems to be fine. When I was thinking about that...

"Onii-chan, quickly get in."
"Eh~, are you seriously going to enter?"
"That's right, only onii-chan should not be outcast."
"Fuun~!"(A sound by nose)

"Tutte-chan said it's fine... onii-chan hurry up."
"Who said it's fine..."
"I understand, I will come in."

In order to get along well, I entered the bathroom. Not yet, I yet to go!

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again. 

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