Sunday, 14 May 2017

ATSS Side story: Main Character- dead

As The Spirit-Sama Says: Main Character- dead![18+]

I died with too much sex with Princess onaho.

And when I noticed it, I am in heaven.(TL note: Please go to hell!)

There were two beautiful angel girls in front of me, but there were no nipples on their tits, the crotch was slippery with no holes for vagina and the butt.

I noticed that I was also born into an angel I began researching magic and succeeded in magic development which finally produced a penis and a vagina to the body of an angel only after ten years.

I immediately used that magic to my little sister who was born after me, and we have sex non-stop.

After that, when I released that magic in Heaven, an unprecedented baby boom rolled up in heaven.


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