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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 03: 4-yrs Old

Another two years have passed and I am now 4-yrs old.
I gotten used to the life as a Maren tribe.(Maren clan)
Now a days, white soup became tasty, which I have thought it has thin taste as a real water and I was able to drink the heated snake blood normally.
I do not think anything about pig heads, even they are lined up on the table.

I gotten used to my appearance which was our Maren tribe's characteristic and my hobby became making Otems.
Every morning, I offer my prayers to the dedicated god window.
This may already be difficult to return to the original life style.

While living a long life as a Maren tribe, I started thinking seriously that this place was not the Earth.

I lowered my line of sight that were seeing towards the sky and moved it to a log I was holding in my hand.
Today also, I was carving the surface of the log with a knife in the garden next to the house and making an Otem.

To carve wood with a knife there was a technique, which was written and transmitted by the Maren tribe. It corresponds to the magical power that dwells in the trees around the village. By using that technique, it can be carved easily with the power of the child.

"Nii-sama, Nii-sama, please play with Giselle."

My little sister Giselle pulls on the hem of my clothes.

Giselle is two years younger than me. She is now 2-yrs old.
She resembles mother and her eyes are big with the long eyelashes emphasized her characteristic eyes.
It goes without saying that hair and skin are white and eyes are red.
Giselle's beautiful looks with her young age was like a Western doll...
Especially when she was sleeping, anyone would think that she is really a doll.

My parents will leave the care of Giselle to me, for granted.
Even though, I am an older brother, I am still four years old.
I think that they are pushing it a bit far, was it because of my Japanese thought process or is it the deviation way of thinking of Maren tribe?

My parents do not seem to be busy, and they do not seem to not affectionate towards Giselle.
I saw in the shadows, that my parents secretly watching at Giselle and me, I found their smiling faces.
I wonder, if they want us to deepen our brothers and sisters relationship.

"Nii-sama? Are you listening?"

"I'm concentrating on making Otems now, I will play with you when I'm done."

"... Why are you sticking to those Otems so much?"

"Rather than Otem, I am interested in what's beyond."


"Ah, because Otem is the basic of the foundation of magical training, Nii-san is interested in magic."

Yes, this tribe, they can handle the magic that I did not need in the previous life.
No, in order to tell from the story of my father, it is surely recognized worldly people that magic exists.
This is the biggest factor that I have come to decide that this is not the Earth.

When I was convinced of the existence of magic for the first time, I ran through the room with excitement.
After reincarnation, the real world where magic exists?
It sounds like a light novel or a web novel.

By the way, "Status Open!" Even though I screamed out, nothing came out.
It's a shame.
My mother looked at me with strange eyes. I almost cried for a moment.

When my father told me about rituals and magical stories, I thought that there was no such things, but I actually have to believe it because I witnessed it.
From magic tricks such as telepathy and others, it was possible to treat even a slightest injury.

I was surprised and desperately asked my father that there must be some kind of tricks to it, but there were no suspicious points.
It took a while for me to conclude that there was magic.

From the point of view of my father, it seems that he was surprised to be suspected so far.
From my point of view, magic was something I could not comprehend, but is that so? If you live in such values ​​from an early age it is normal.

I craved for magic a lot in my previous life, once I actually witnessed it, I could not help by suspicious.
May be I am unexpectedly who believes in common sense type.

First of all, when I saw the father who healed his injury proudly saying "Look at this Abel, this is magic," I was surprised to lose my words.
I was surprised at the existence of magic, but I was surprised at the light tone as if it would be shown at party tricks.
Even looking at magic, Giselle was only excited by saying 'Kyakya'. Her reaction was no different from seeing toys.

"Giselle cannot understand, why nii-sama were so enthusiastic about magic."

Giselle inflated her cheeks and said so.
By treating her lightly, she probably being down.

But regarding that remark, I also want to question her in reverse that why are you so indifferent to that.
I want to question.
I want to question until she cried.

It's magic. There is magic.
Mystery mysterious fantasy phenomenon is in my hand.
If I am not enthusiastic about this. Then what should I be enthusiastic about?
For Giselle the existence of magic is common sense, so she do not know its value.

My parents also troubling.
At least, they should at least take care of Giselle while I am in training magic.
My father should be pleased with me, that I am devoting myself to the training magic.

This tribe has too little conscious about magic.
There is magic. We can do anything depending on our training.
They should be encouraged to spare time to practice one minute and even one second.

"Nii-sama, nii-sama, come to think of it, when mother (Kaa-sama) took me out yesterday. Philo-sama was walking with a meir-wolf. Giselle also wants to buy a meir-wolf."

Giselle has changed the subject. She must be thinking that she could draw my attention with this.
Philo is the granddaughter of the Maren tribe.
No, was she a great granddaughter? In this world, there seems to be no word to distinguish between grandchildren and great grandchildren, so the sense goes crazy.

Philo is a pretty girl and on top that a stubborn girl. I do not like her very much as she often comes in my way.

Meir-wolf is a small wolf.
The hair was white and their eyes are red, and the appearance features are very similar to Maren.
Basically they are temperate and obedient, Maren tribe often tends to tame them and hunts together in many cases.

"Tell those things to the father."


She wanted to attract my interest with it, but now I want to concentrate on making Otem.

The reason why making Otem is basic training of magic is simple and reasonable.
Once you go briefly, you can refine concentration, space grasping ability, color sensation, and imagination. And it seems that these are the very important factors in using magic.

There seems to be some Otems made from stones and minerals, but basically when making Otems as a basic practice of magic, its main material is wood.
It is easy for trees to pass magical power, and deeply engaging with natural life force also leads to magical power boost.
The same thing as this was written with thick words in a heavy book at home.

My father says that the tree growing in the vicinity of this Maren tribe has magical powers and that it also raises the magical power of the trainees.
I can practice magical skills under such superior conditions.
Can I go easy with that?

I wonder if I can somehow manage Giselle to calm down.
Oh, that's right. I came up with a great idea.

"That's right Giselle, I will make you a model of Otem."

"Is that true? Nii-sama!"

Giselle who is happily moving her hands with 'patapata'.
Choroi(easy to manipulate). I should have said it from the beginning.

"Sit down on the stone there. Un~ this is fine, I can see Giselle's face well, do not move too much."

"Yes! Yes!"

Unlike before, who was a busy body until a while ago, Giselle sitting on a rock stretching her spine a little.
As if I was taking her photos. She must be suffering, have not she stopped breathing?
It seems that Giselle's physical strength may drain by the time I finished it.

Although it is not like Otem was able to resemble a human being just by having eyes, mouth, nose and a certain degree of decoration.
To mislead the Giselle, I must make a few similar places like her.

While carving log with a knife, I turn my eyes to Giselle several times as if there are any points that can be imitated.
Each time I see her, Giselle dyes her white cheeks red and looks at me shyly.
I wonder if I saw her a bit too much.

As usual the result was a dense ugly face specific to Otem and there were no fragments of Giselle... Well, it seems that Giselle is pleased, so there will be no problem.
As I watch, Giselle who embraced the ugly Otem and was cheering while watching it, she thanked me... This, I feel like I do not understand it.
No, if she was convinced it was fine by me.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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