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As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter: 04 Female pig Yuusha [18+]

It seems there is a cute girl, who was summoned as a chosen Yuusha came from another world. So, I called her.

Yuusha is a girl with black eyes and black hair that is unusual in this world. It seems, she was the Yuusha, who exterminated the dragon.

However, what is important is not the contents, but her appearance.
I was expecting what kind of thing she was because it was a reputation before saying a brilliant brave. But, I actually feel like I do not have much to see.

No, if I have to say, is she cute? She is cute, but there are plenty of cute girls around here.

Actually Princess onaho is far more a pretty girl.

To be honest, it's disappointing. But, it is a waste to return without doing anything after calling her here.

Just because I raised hurdle without permission. But, this Yuusha-chan enters into a cute category.

It is probably the second most cute in a village or cute to that extent, the face itself is my type.

However, I cannot change my opinion, I decided to have this Yuusha-chan become a female pig.

I prepared nose hook.
The nose holes are widely spread like a pig.
With her current face, no one would call even by mistake her a beautiful girl.

I wrote on her face 'female pig' and on her stomach 'use freely' with magic. I did her once and let her go.

From now on she can only talk 'pig barks', let her try hard as a lowly female pig Yuusha. Who cannot turn down if a man asked her for sex.


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