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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 16 [18+]

TL note: For those who waited for Lumidora

In the midnight, When I am sleeping on the bed. There is someone on top of my body. I guessed it might be either Kuon or Iris, but when I opened my eyes it is Lumidora who removed my clothes and kissed my chest.

"Oi, what are you doing...?"

"Ah, exposed!"

"That's natural..."

"Because Kyosuke-sama, you kept me waiting for a long time since you said you will do me.

"Ah, that's right, but you see, there are various things happened."

"Even you say various things, you have done with Kuon-san. Are not you pushed down Iris and Ellis... "


When Lumidora said words with proofs, I cannot refute. If I have to say, I focused all my strength on Kuon, Iris and Ellis to fall. When I noticed that I did not do it with Lumidora, I felt a little sorry for it. 
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"I am also waiting!"


"I cannot take it anymore!"

"Na~! Nn~... Chu... puha~."

Lumidora stole my lips and will be satisfied without doing it. If this goes on as it as I might be at a disadvantage, so I changed the posture forcibly.

"You have done this far, are you ready for it?"


I closed Lumidora lips without waiting for her reply and as it is I hold her breasts and forcibly removed her clothes. I kept tangling her tongue with mine without releasing her lips. In the mean time Lumidora's face turned red and eyes melted away. Then, I put my hands on her breasts and slowly massage them.

"Nu~... nn~... nn~u~!"

It seems Lumidora came with just Kiss and caressing her breasts. Well even if she came, I will not stop my hands, but I will increase my attack! At once I released our lips and saw the face of Lumidora.


"You are cute Lumidora, you also become mine."

"Yes, I will continue to follow Kyosuke-sama!"

Listen to Lumidora's answer halfway and at once advanced my hips.
It pierced all the way while feeling the response of 'buchibuchi' hymen.
The body of Lumidora stiffened and I noticed that her nails dug into my shoulder.

"Ku~... ha~... ku~u~..."

"are you okay?"

"Yes... well... I'm fine..."

"Do not push yourself."

"Ha~... nn~... funn... Aa~..."

It seems painful, if I move now. So, I resumed caressing her breasts while kissing. Her nipples already become stiff and standing up. I gentle caress her breasts, so that it would not hurt. The pain must have been relieved a little, Lumidora's voice became a little lusty.

"Ha~a~! Aa~u... k~yo... suke-sa... ma~a..."

"Lumidora I will move..."


"Wa~u! Un~... Aa~... Aan~..."

I moved my hips slowly, lick her nipples and stimulate her clitoris with my left hand and another nipple with my right hand.
The voice of Lumidora is getting little by little louder, the amount of love juice also increases and the movement of my waist became smoother than before.

"Aa~... Aa~... un~... ha~a ha~a... ha~au~..."

As Lumidora began to feel it, I slowly increased the movements of my waist.
Also, I penetrated deep inside her and the sounds are reverbrated in the room 'supansupan' and 'Jupujupu'. And furthermore Lumidora's panting voice echoes in the room.

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"Wa~au~... don't~... it feels too good..."

"Ku~! I also feel too good, Lumidora..."

"Ha~a... ua~a... don't~... Iku~... I'm cumming!"

"I also cumming... take it..."

"Aaaaaaaa... it's cumming... it's cumming deep inside... Kyosuke-sama's is cumming inside... just... just cumming inside made me cum... Aa~... Aaa~..."

When I came inside Lumidora, I came a second time inside her and she lost her consciousness in the middle of cumming. I slowly pulled out my thing from inside Lumidora and the blood which was the proof of her purity was mixed with my sperm was flowing out of her vagina.

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"I finally put my hands on Lumidora- what will Tia might say...?"

"N~... uu~u..."

"N~? Have I woken her up?"

"Kyosuke-sama? ..."

"Oh, are you OK?"

"Yes! I am okay, rather very happy..."

"I see, come over here."


Lumidora entrusted her body to me. She rested her body on me and for a while I stroked her hair.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Eh? ... Yes... There is a little bit of pain and the feeling that something goes in..."

"I am sorry, I cannot do it better."

"No, I was very happy."

"Oh, I see ..."

Lumidora turns straight to me and says it with a smile.

"Yoshi, Lumidora let's take a bath."

"Eh? Ah! yes!"

"Can you walk?"


Lumidora's way of walking became strange and it seems difficult to walk. So, I went behind her.

"Kyosuke-sama? Kyaa!"

"Lumidora, you are light."

I hold Lumidora in princess carry. The surprised Lumidora panicked and puts her hands around my neck and clings to it. Of course, it's after SEX, she was not wearing a single thread. When her hands cling around my neck, the breasts of Lumidora struck to my chest. It was really pleasant and I am enjoying her breasts... By the way, the size of breasts goes like this first Lumidora is the largest, next it continues with Tia, Iris, Ellis and Kuon. And height goes again with Lumidora followed by Ellis, Iris, Tia and Kuon. I went inside bathtub while carrying Lumidora, of course she was embracing me and not let me go. 
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"Why do you still holding me in a bathtub too?"

"Why - somehow?"


"Well, it's good."

"That's right... Aan~..."

By my embrace Lumidora, who cannot move I use my fingers on her nipples and her vagina.

"Aa~... Nn~... no..."

"Since I put it in, I must withdraw it."

"Wa~... No good..."

Lumidora begins to turned on and the power of her embrace became stronger.
Since, the face of Lumidora is close to mine. Her panting voice could be heard directly beside my ears. Listening her voice, my penis regained energy and hit the butt of Lumidora.

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"Hah hai~... please come... Aaa~! Aa~..."

"Ku~, ha~a ha~a..."

I removed my finger from Lumidora's vagina and put my penis inside. Lumidora looks at me with moving her mouth 'pakupaku'. It seems, she came just by inserting it inside. As it is we got of the bathtub and I lowered Lumidora slowly. Then made her on four and pierced my penis from behind.  


"Wa~a ha~a ha~a..."

"Aa~... amazing ... No ... too deep..."

"Is it good Lumidora?"

"Yes... it's too fierce that my mind... No more..."

I stopped moving there, decided to tease her like Iris.

"Ha~a ha~a... Kyosuke-sama?"


"Why stop?"


Then resume movement and hit harder than before.

"Aa~... Nu~... cumming~!"

And stop my hips again.

"Kyosuke-sama, why?"

"Do you want to cum?"

"Yes, please let me cum..."

"N~? I can not hear you?"

"Please let me cum!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"With Kyosuke-sama's cock put it inside my vagina and move violently and let me cum!"

"You said it well."

Shake my hips again, I am also at the verge of cumming and I speed up the speed to the climax.
The climax gets closer.

"Aa~! Don't... Iku- cumming! ..."

"Yoshi, I'm cumming!"

"Oh! Kyosuke-sama... inside cumming..."



I grabbed the Lumidora's waist from behind and push my waist and shake it in the back as it shoots as it is and I came again 2nd time without removing because of sexual activity.

"Aa~ don't... even I just came... Aa~ even though I came just now I will cum again! Aaa~..."

I kept shaking my hips until my ejaculation is over, Lumidora has lost her consciousness again. I gave up the bath and held Lumidora and carried her to the bed and go to sleep as it is.
I have to get up early in the morning tomorrow and take care of many things...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+

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