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Different world dungeon life Chapter 13 ☆ [18+]

I can hear 'picha picha' water sound, along with water sound a muffled sound and a lustrous sound resonates.

"Nn~... Aa~... fu~a~."

"Picha Picha... Ellis-chan, is it pleasant?"

"Kuffu~... wait... Iris... Noo~..."

By relaxing with Iris and Ellis's lesbian play. I started flirting with Kuon by not touching her sensitive places by rubbing her thighs and without touching Nipples rubbed her chest. The face of Kuon became red and breathless with excitement, but I did not insert my thing.


"What's wrong, Kuon?"

"It is painful for Kuon..."

"I see, but you must have patience."


I continue to tease Kuno like this, while seeing the actions of the iris and Ellis. Well, my son is ready too, it points to heaven like it was saying wants to enter quickly but I will endure it. The insertion is a pleasure for later.

"Ku~... Aa~... Don't... Irisu~..."

"Aa~... good... Elise~..."

"Aaa~... There... Uu~..."

When I see at the Iris and Ellis, Iris attacks Ellis and entangles her feet with Ellis, rubbing the pubes against each other. It's been a while since I stopped controlling movements of Ellis, she was moving with her own will, even though she will never admit it herself.

"Master-sama, are you feeling good?"

"Aa~ Kuon it feels good, will you do more?"

"Ah... Nn~... Yes..."

I made Kuon give me a blowjob , In addition to caress the chest and rubbing the thighs. Of course I made sure to not to touch sensitive parts directly. Kuon moves her body for the stimulation, but I avoided that and kept on teasing her.

"Master-sama, Kuon already..."

"Oh right, if Kuon will make me cum and drink all the semen, I will let you cum."


Jubujubu and even more fiercely attacking my son by Kuon. To that Kuon, I also continue teasing. Iris and Ellis's actions also become more intense and the end seems to be approaching.

"Ah... Ellis... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~..."

"Aa~... no... no more... Iku~..."

"Ku~iku Kuon!"

"Nn~... Fu~... go fu..."

At the same time the Iris and Ellis cums, I came inside Kuon's mouth which she swallowed and see my face. Iris and Ellis as it is lost their consciousness. I pat Kuon's head and lift her body and inserted her while slowly lowering her.

"Master-sama, Aa~... I can't... I am cumming already... Ku fu~..."

"Kuon, move by yourself."

"Yes... Aa~... it feels too good and my head goes..."

"Good Kuon, Ku~!"

"Oh ... it's useless... I am cumming...!"

"I am cumming Kuon, take it!"


Kuon bends her body upwards like a Bow and climaxed. I also put a lot my semen into the Kuon's womb.

"Wa~a ha~a ha~a."

"It was good Kuon."

"Thank you very much, master-sama was also the best..."

Breathing roughly on me and I stroke the tail of Kuon who can not move with embracing.

"Kuaaaa... master-sama... tail...  I just came... Oh ..."

"What Kuon? By touching your tail, will you cum?"

"Yes, if Kuon was touched by master-sama, I will cum merely by the tail. Nympho desu~..."

"To such Kuon, it's punishment!"

"Oh no! No! At the same time with the tail... ah... not ears..."

When I heard Kuon's cute voice, my son regained it's energy and without pulling out of Kuon, chewing her ears and stroking her tail, I started to shake my hips.

"Aa~ dont... I am feeling too good... I will become strange..."

"Ku~! Kuon, you gotten better at tightening!"

"Oh no... I will cum!"

An obscene sound is reverberating in the room.
By simultaneously attacking the tail and ears, the amount of love juice of Kuon increases and my sperm is also flooding together.

"Master, master-sama."


"Ah don't...... It's impossible... cumming..."

"Cum Kuon... Kuhaa."

"Don't, I will cum, itchchau ... ... ah ah oh oh oh ..."

I pushed my waist and released my sperm inside Kuon. When I look at Kuon, her stomach is slightly inflated due to the amount of the semen. I slowly removed my penis from inside the Kuon, a white liquid flows out of Kuon, which is erotic. I would like to do third time, but I feel sorry to make impossible for Kuon. So I carried Kuon to the bath.


"What happened, Kuon?"

"I am happy..."

"Suddenly, what's wrong with you?"

"I was kidnapped, at that time I saw that my village was burned red and I became a slave without my will. And then those men bought me. If those guys did not get lost and bring me to this dungeon that day... I without fail gotten raped and toyed around by them and I would not have felt this love now..."

Kuon appealed to me with tears in his eyes, Kuon is still a little girl. She probably endured it till now. Until Kuon calm down I embraced her and stroked her head.

"Hi~... gusu ~..."

"Kuon, you have worked hard, you are no longer a slave but my family."


By hugging Kuon and removed the Slave collar, it is no longer necessary for Kuon. I have to give her an alternative...

"Kuon, from now on take care of me."

"Yes... lifetime with master-sama..."

"Oh, I will not let you go, even if you say do not want to."

"Even if master-sama says that I am not needed, I will not leave."

"Nn~... Chu... ha~a..."

To ascertain each others feelings, we intensely devour each other and then release our lips at the same time and laugh at each other.

"Yoshi, let's go out."

"Yes, your master!"

"Kuon, can you stop calling me master-sama and call me by name?"


"No, without sama."



Suddenly changing the way of calling, with embarrassment both of their faces turned red.

"Then, let's go."


Both of them left the bath and return to the room. In the room in addition to Lumidora, just woke up Iris and Ellis were waiting.

"Ara Kyosuke-sama, Kuon-san... Well, it is good for you Kuon-san."


It seems that Lumidora knows about Kuon and somehow see me with a good smile.
Well I am a little embarrassed but nods with a smile.
Kuon also seems to be more happy than ever and I also do not regret it.
I asked Lumidora-san to prepare a ring, by keeping it a secret from Kuon. Thanks to the intruders from yesterday, points are affordable. I asked for status rising ring, so points became empty... With 4 adventurers and equipment  there is 3000 points, it became 500 points and I am not regretting.
Although there is no regret, need to use by planning...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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