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I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power 02
(Edited by: Tim Schmidt)

"So then, Shakti where is here?
I do not know even where here is..."

"Here, here Znazivar Kingdom's border and this forest is called devil's forest. Are you here without knowing such a thing?"

Shakti looked at Dee with amazed eyes. But, in truth her bodies aching still did not stop. Although, it is a little better than before.

U~un... it's still aching but better than before. But, why by hearing Dee's voice, my body responds unconsciously? Well, I gave my first time to him because of that I am conscious of that...

Shakti's misunderstood about the aching. It is Dee's semen has not only recover magic power and physical strength. There is also the effect of raising the basic ability, but to such effect... Side effects were involved. Its side effects are gradually little by little turn-on the body and there is an effect that makes it easier to feel and brainwash little by little. So the more semen put into the body, Shakti will become Dee's limbs. That, not only did Shakti not know but Dee himself as well not noticed that.
Well then, what happens in the future? No one knows.

"Even you say that, I was send here by a certain person. Without knowing anything I was chased by the goblins. Later I was attacked by a woman, who I helped! Shikushiku..."

"That, I am sorry! But even for me, it's my first time, so appreciate it! And Dee, I will take responsibility to take you out side the forest!"

"Un thanks! Then Shakti, why did you come to do in such a dangerous Devil forest? Moreover bruised all over?"

"Aa~ that's right! I got strayed from my friend! When I come to a nearby village with my friend, villagers requested help that a lot of goblins are comming out of the forest to attack the village and there will be a lot of casualties from them. It was good at first since we took it, but unexpectedly we were out numbered and fought desperately. And a big sound like thunder was heard, we and goblins all fled away. But my friend who was running beside me went missing..."

Un, that sound was mine! At that time they were near... But, thanks to that, I survived... so I did a good thing, probably? It's a lie right. Thanks to that I made good memories.

"I see then, do you want to go back while looking for your friend? Or, return to the village as it is? What will you do?"

"Yeah... I'd like to think she may be able to escape, but just in case. Let's go back to the village while looking for her."

"Shakti I will tell in advance, I cannot fight! Is it alright?"

"Aa~ it's okay! My strength and magical power have already recovered. Somehow, I feel that power also raised! So, I can go.
Well, even if my physical strength and magical powers are exhausted, Dee can recover it again."

"Aa~ leave it up to me! I will recover thoroughly ♪."

As the story got together, We decided to walk back the way where Shakti came from.  Shakti walks in front and Dee walks at back.

Even so, the back of Shakti is a nice sight ♪.
Height is about 170 cm. Body has moderate muscles and boobs may reach F? Even from back I can see big boobs. Hair is long straight which goes down to half of the back and pink color ♪. Besides big butt, it is the best that it is an overwhelming type that is not too big and not too small
♪ I want to touch it ♪.

Sharp tea stopped unexpectedly, when I was getting into such a feeling.
Not noticing her stopping, I directly tackled into Shakti's ass as it is.
Shakti holds her mouth with her hands in order to stop her scream.

"Kya! Bu~u~un... ha~a ha~a!... Dee!"

"I am sorry, I have not seen the front!
What happened, you stopped suddenly? "

"It can not be helped... Please be careful next time... Oh, and there are three goblins over there, but somethings not right. The situation is strange. They are watching the bottom by surrounding something!"

Shakti says, so Dee also looks down from the blind side of goblins, there is a green haired woman fallen.

"Shakti! A green haired woman is fallen down.
Is it? Perhaps your friend? "

"Aa~ my friends! It's my friend Lina! I'll help now! And, Dee while I attract the goblins. Look after Lina! If it is needed, I will forgive! Please, help Lina! "

As she said, Shakti ran towards the goblins.
To face them.

Wai, wait a little! If it is needed, you mean! that to do it? Is it fine? There is no time to think. Right now, the goblins are fighting Shakti. They are away from Lina-san. Well then, let's go!

So, decided the resolve and Dee rushes to the place where Lina was.
He saw there is a shortcut green haired beauty.
It was a slender woman.

"It's a beautiful person... It is not the time for that! She is breathing, but this abdominal wound may be a fatal injury? It can not be helped! Shakti also asked to do it! let's do it! But, as it is here that thing is... Let's move her behind this tree."

Dee carries a bigger woman than himself, holding like a princess carry and moved to the back of the tree.

Well then, first after drinking my drool instead of anesthesia... She responded!

"U~uu~an ~a~an."

Let her drink more! At the same time removed clothes and robe. Oh! What a beautiful body ♪. The breasts are B. But the body is thin and supple, the height is around 160cm. It looks like a beautiful doll with a small face!

When I thought that, the face got more and more lusty and gotten heated up. Dee cannot stand it and removed Lina's underwear and suck on the left tit and rubbed the right breast with left hand and then Lina further felt and leaked a voice. When Dee heard the voice, he came up with an idea.

If she becomes like this only from getting saliva from her mouth, then what will happen if I put in her pussy?

When Dee thought so, as it is he closed his face to pussy and started playing with it. At that time Lina awoke.
She do not know what is happening, even though it is her body.
It feels like her body is floating feeling continues, it does not matter anymore.

"What is this feeling that never been tasted so far! Ahan
good! Feels good! Ah Un! Oon~♪"

Dee continued without quitting. Lina, cummed and fainted, but for the virgin Dee, not noticing that and take off his pants down and put his buldging thing inside her.

"What is this tightness? Moreover, every time I move inside some kind of grains like things touching, it is too pleasant ♪ "

Right, Dee is a virgin until today. So he do not know that Lina's that place is a master piece instrument. Like that master piece instrument, he do not know how play it, because he is a virgin. Just kept on moving his thing inside her, as her love juice is overflowing from her pussy. 

"U~uu~an ~Ahn Ah~ big!
~A~an  big, too big I will break! Un~ Ahn Ahn cumming! "

"I, I am already! Ikuu! U~uu~an!"

Dee fell on Lina's tits as it was.
Lina hugged the fallen boy.
Noticed her body shined light and noticed the changes.

"Who is this little boy? Did this kid commit me?
But what about the light just before? that? Injuries stabbed by the goblins no longer hurt. The body healed! Besides, magical power and physical strength also returned. What on earth is happening?"

"Un... that? Ah! I... I'm sorry!
Is the body okay? ... Ah! Your wounds are healed!
It was good♪."

Dee was fallen, but woke up and talked to Lina while inside her.

"Ano, who are you? And, why did you do this?
And why the wounds has recovered and magical power and so on are recovering... Aan~.
This is, this aching! Ahn! It gotten big again. Ahn~."

Lina consciousness goes towards the thing inside and tightens her vagina unintentionally. Dee because of tightness it became big again.

"I am sorry... I will pull out now... What's this?
Uoooo! I cannot remove!"

Lina with both legs locked Dee to not escape.

"I'm sorry, even my body has moved without permission!
No good! More! Ah, more move it.
Well, good! large! "

Dee desperately moved his waist and endured pleasantness.
And, Dee kissed her like distracting and pour a lot of his saliva down her mouth. Unwinds her legs and made her on four and attacked her from behind.

"Oh, it's awesome!
No! It goes so deep! Ahn Ahan."

Dee who was attacking from behind.
While watching the hole pf the butt in front of his eyes, licked his fingers and put his finger in the hole of the butt.

"Ahn! There is Ahn! It is a bad idea...
Don't put! "

Dee started stirring his fingers, to that stirring cannot stand it and Lina cummed and tightened her vagina and at the same time Dee cummed inside her.

"Oh! Tight! Aan~ cumming~!"

Dee was ejaculating a lot of semen into the vagina of Lina.

"Oh, great! I came by cummed inside and cumming cumming~ No! Aan~."

"Ha ha! Hua ha ... ... fu"

"Ahan ...... Uuun ... Fufu ~ Hu"

Dee calmly moves his body and removes his penis from Lina's vagina.
Otitin was extracted from.


"Are you OK? Lina?"

"Well, yeah... I'm fine, why am I?
How do you know my name? I have not said it yet, am I?

"That was because I said Lina! It was good, you are safe♪."

"Huh! Shakti, are you okay? it was good!"

When Shakti and Lina confirmed the safety,
The sitting Dee fell down suddenly.


"What?! Dee, Dee, what's wrong?"

Shakti rushed over to Dee by surprise.
When raised Dee, Lina looks at the face of Shakti with surprised eyes.
There was.

Waht? For Shakti makes such a womanly face.
No way~ ~? But who is that boy?

Shakti hugged Dee


And it sounded.

"Shakti, I, I am hungry~ No more..."

"Dee ... I am amazed by you..."


Thank you for reading.
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