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Different world dungeon life Chapter 03

For the time being we made sure the fox girl does not move.
Together with Tia, we look at smartphone screen.

"Yeah, the points are accumulated."

"Well, it was because I got ridden of the intruders."

"Was it good?"

"Well, this time it's service."

"Thank you."


Kissing while giving thanks to Tia will make her face red and looks down.
That's cute!

"But, is 4000 points expensive?"

"What do you think Lumidora?"

"Well, that number is enough to increase the floor by one."

"fumufumu tte, if you use all the points on a single floor, there will be none left!"

"That will be true."

"Kyosukee~ I want to take a bath."

"Oh, that's right."

After all it was after the sex with Tia and then there was a fight with intruders.
Tia's body covered with my sperm, Tia's juice and sweat, it's becoming sticky.

"Lumidora, I ask for bath and Tia's clothes."

"I understand, It will be 2000 points."

From the smartphone screen 2000 points are reduced and a glass-enclosed bath is complete in the room.
Tia's new clothes are same as the one she wore before.

"Tia, want to go in together?"

"Cho, I will not enter!"

"Oh, well then, go ahead before me. I have few things to take care off."

"What? I got it."

As Tia entered the bath, I returned my focused on the smartphone screen.

"At the front of the dungeon we need protection."

"I agree."

"Is there any suggestion for demons?"

"Well, maybe goblins and orcs do not need to do anything to increase, so it may be good to summon them, is not it?"


When I check on the screen, one goblin was 50 points and one oak was 70 points.

"Then, please give me 10 goblins and 10 orcs."


When Luomidora-san operates, the points are reduced by 1200 points. 10 orcs and 10 goblins are summoned in front of me, the goblins and the orcs were aligned with their heads lowered.

"Please, give an order."

"You all go and get rid of the intruders, women should be taken alive."

That said, Goblins and orcs went out of the room and scattered inside the dungeon.

"Haa~. It was a good bath."

Tia comes out from the bath while wiping her hair.

"So, what happened?"

"I placed goblins and orcs for the time being."

"Well, that's fine, but is not it necessary for you to have your equipment as well?"

"Is that so?"

"You have not noticed, but if you are against goblins and orcs as opponents, you can win 50 of them with ease, you know?"


"That's right, if with the power of Kyosuke-sama, the intruders before were defeated with ease."

"What do you say!"

"Well, goblins and orcs will increase over time, and at worst by killing them you will get points back, so is not it good?"

"Is that so?"

"If it was points for ten, you would recover it in three days if killed all the babies born?"

"Huh, is that not infinite growth of points?"

"It will be, but I will not recommend it."

"Well, I also do not want to kill my allies."

"For the time being, even if cheap, you should buy weapons and armor."

"That's right."

I operate smartphone to check equipment and buy the cheapest iron sword, leather armor and boots, which costed me 500 points. Then water and food are bought for 100 points."

"200 points remaining."

"What about that girl?"

"Ah~ I forgot."

I completely forgot about the fox girl who was caught.

"How about making her a slave?"

"Ah, that's good."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, a slave cannot betray."

"I see."

"If it's a slave collar, it comes at just 200 points."

"then, let's buy it."

I bought a slave collar at 200 points and headed to the sleeping fox girl.

"Hey, is not this a slave collar?"

"That's right."(Tia)

"I am sorry, I did not notice that she was already wearing it."


Fox girl wakes up and her eyes meet with my hand holding a collar.


"Ah, your companions were killed by me."

"To be exact, by me."
Tia says something in the back, but I let it slide.

"Do you mean masters-desuka?"

"If  the masters were the ones who you followed with, then they are the ones."

"Then, are you the new master, are not you?"

"Is that so?"

"Yes, when a master of a slave dies the ownership changes, Kyosuke-sama is the new owner now."

"I see, then what's your name?"

"Yes, my name is Kuon."

"Then Kuon, tell me about you."

Kuon starts talking, the story goes like this, she is looking for medicinal herbs in the forest.
She encounters a slave hunter while searching herbs. She was sold as a slave in this neighboring village, was bought yesterday and then brought here.
Since Kuon can use magic, she was bought as a recovery user, and while they were adventuring in forest this time got lost, then it began to rain so decided to take shelter in the cave.
In this dungeon, there are no monsters, so they ventured into the inner part of the dungeon.
Fortunately or unfortunate Kuon was not touched, she is still a virgin.

"I see."

"Right Kuon, be at ease in front of me, I am not good at being respectful not used to it."



"But that is good part of him, is not it?"

"Ugh, right but...."
Tia was made fun of by Lumidora-san, Kuon is laughing cutely.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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