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Different world dungeon life chapter 11 (18+)


After finishing the meal made by Kuon and I soak in the bath together with Tia.
For the time being, Tia finishes her work in a hurry and came back.

"Is your work already over?"

"For the time being, but I will have to return again."

"I see, as I thought busy, aren't you?"

"Even so, because I am a goddess."

"That's right."

Embracing Tia and massaged her chest in the bath.
It is like absorbing my hands with a touch and it felt very familiar.

"Fuff... Aa~... what did you...nn~."

"No, it felt too good."

"Even so...... No don't... Aa~..."

"Tia, you are cute."

"Wha... What are you sayin... nfu~."

"Yoshi! Let's go to bed!"

I embrace Tia and left the bath, by carrying Tia in a princess carry hold and as it is I put her on the bed.

"Is it good?"

"What are you saying now, even if I refused, you would do anyway, do not you?"

"You know well."

I put Tia's modest chest in my mouth and my hand reached to her lower abdomen.
There, it was already wet and the nipples gotten hard.

"As ever, Tia is easy to turn-on."

"N~... different... It is because... Kyosuke ... Aa~."

"But, it is this guchaguchada yo?"[it is this wet.] (guchagucha - wet sound)

"Nn~... Aa~... ku~u~."

"Here, see."

The hand that put in Tia's that place and teased and showed her my hand that was coated with Tia's love juice and sticky treads of love juice is flowing from my hand when I spread it.
Tia takes my wet hand to her mouth and licks it.

"Nn~... chu... picha..."

"Is it already good?"

"Come, Kyosuke."

I put my son against Tia, I slowly push my back and move deep inside to reach deepest parts.
My thing pushed through the Tia's inside and headed to the back of Tia and reached her uterus.

(Translated by Novel 44)

"Ku~... Aa~... Oo~ ku~u."

"Ku~ it feels too good."

"I also... good... Kyosuke~e..."

"Ha~a ha~a... ku~... Tight!"

"Nn~... so deep... feels good..."


"Aa~... don't... cumming..."

"'Ah' I also, together!"

"Come Kyosuke, Aa~... I am cumming!..."


I put a lot of sperm inside Tia.
Next moment after I cum inside Tia, her insides move and squeezes my thing as if do not want to let go of anything out.

"Wa ~aha~aha~a..."

"Come, Kyosuke."

"Come, Tia."


I embrace tears while I'm inside, I stroked her head.
Looking at the Tia who seems to be happy.
I thought that, I can not win against Tia~.
While wrapped in that happiness, I sleep with Tier.

"Ku~ it's already morning?"

"Uni~yu ~ki~yousuke~e~." (still sleeping)

"Oh, did you sleep well? You have a happy face."

I rubbed sleeping Tia's hair and looked at the connected part of Tia's lower abdomen.
My sperm flowed out and it was solid. (Read it in

"N~u~ Good Morning Kyosuke."

"Good Morning Tia."

"I'm going to take a bath~."

"Be careful."

With 'furafura' foot steps, Tia headed towards the bath. After seeing off Tia to bath, I called and asked Kuon to make ready breakfast. In the meantime, Lumidora also came to the room.

"Lumidora, I ask for today's morning report."

"Yes, the familiars are orc General is 2, orc Knight is 2, orc is 1 and Goblins are 2."

"orc generals are increasing up steadily, goblins should have to work hard on the farm fields, What happened to the Ellis's side?"

"She is doing information gathering in the town without betraying, but it seems that this dungeon was exposed to the town before Ellis arrived there."

"I see."

"I think that this dungeon is acknowledged by the adventurer guilds and in the near future, it becomes the target to be captured."

"Until then, I hope they do not make a move..."

"Shall I lend you points?"


"What do you mean to lend points?"

"It is good, that I lend my points to Kyosuke."

"Certainly, I want points, but I do not want to depend on Tia more than this ..."

"What happened? Kyosuke-sama."

"It's good, I have to work hard to earn, with Tia's string I may look uncool."

"That's why, it's Kyosuke."

"That's it, Kyosuke-sama!"

"Master-sama, as expected!"

Even though I just said normal thing, somehow, praised by three people makes me feel strange.
I don't know when Kuon finished preparing the meals and joined together to praise me.(Read it in

"That's right, Lumidora, what happened to that thing that asked you yesterday?"

"Yes, it took 300 points but I did it."

"Then, later I will go to see it."


"Well then, let's eat before it gets cold!"

Four of us ate the breakfast prepared by Kuon, change the desk to a little big size and we have chairs, so we can have meals with 4 people together.

"By the way, what has become of our clothes?"

"We have completed everything."

"O~ Let's quickly change and see."

I and Kuon began changing clothes, because there is no room to change, so we change as it is.
It's just embarrassing as the three gazes are concentrated on me.
Well, I am looking at Kuon's changing, I am enjoying modest breasts and pretty buttocks.

"How is it?"

"It looks good on you."(It suits you.)

"You look good, Kyosuke-sama."

"Your master, as expected!"

"Kuon also well suited."

"That's right, it's cute, Kuon."

"It's cute, Kuon-san."

From tattered Miko-fuku to new Miko-fuku changed Kuon 'kururito' turns around.
I also changed clothes, before I wore armor but now black pants, shirt and red jacket. For Kuon and myself for easy to move wear boots.

"Oh, it's light and easy to move, it's totally from the previous armor."

"It's smooth and it feels really good."

"That's for sure, but you two should get strong or it cannot show it's real ability."

"That's right, we should get much stronger..."

"I also do my best!"

"Oh that's right, Kuon come here."


Tia puts her hand on Kuon's head and starts stroking her head.
And muttered something, Kuon wrapped in light.

"This will be fine."

"Tia onee-chan, what is this?"

"Tia, what did you do to Kuon?"

"I just blessed her with my protection, because Kyosuke already has protection."

"Did I become stronger?"

"That's right, now Kuon became as strong as B-rank adventurer."


"Thank you!"

"Kuon, protect Kyosuke while I am away."


"What? About me?"

"Since, Kyosuke raised LV, you should be able to win against B-rank opponent."

"If A-rank comes, what should I do?"

"At that time... Lumidora will..."


"No way, Lumidora! You still have not made a contract?"

"Oh that..."

"It was a miscalculation, I thought, if it's Kyosuke, should already done it..."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's nothing..."

Without knowing me, the story is proceeding on it's own between these two.
I left the 3 people who are friendly talking to each other and headed to the prison.  When I reach the prison, I hear a low voice as well as a muzzled sound.

"Ku~... Aa~... Cum..."

When the owner of the voice is about to cum the machine stops.

"No, please let me cum!"

And then again the machine sounds echoed and attacked the girl and again when she was about to climax it stopped. Like this process continued since yesterday.
It is about time.

"Iris, it seems good."

"Aaa~, let me cum..."

"Have you broken already...?"

I removed the toy that Iris is wearing and put my son inside of Iris. And at the same time, I put it all the way in, of course she was wet from yesterday and ready to go.

"Did you want this?"

"Yes! I wanted this!"

"This nympho!"

"I don't mind being Nympho, let me cum!"

I stop shaking my waist and stops Iris from cumming.
When I cease movement Iris begins to move her waist and pleads to make her cum.(Read it in

"Let me cum, do not stop..."

"Iris, I will let you cum only if you become mine."

"I will, I will become so let me cum!"

"Okay, cum!"(ike)

"Ah, Dameiku! Ah ah oh ah ah ah!"

When I shake my waist violently, the Iris starts cramming with love juice and starts cumming.
Even though Iris came, without stopping my waist, I shake it more violently.
After Iris cummed many times, I put my sperm into Iris at the same time she reached climax.

"Aa~... I came..."

"Oh, with this Iris, you are mine."

"Yes... I am Kyosuke's thing."

"Come along"


Although she was a bit fluffy, the original was an adventurer and Iris came along with me.
When I returned from the prison to the room, I saw the nurse's room. There Orc General was shaking his waist vigorously, the opponent was Iris's ex-boyfriend, who put I in the nursery. Iris also caught a glance with a sideways eye, but came without saying anything.

"Iris, is it good?"

"Yes, I already dedicating my body and mind to Kyosuke-sama."

"I see..."

Move to the room as it is, returned to Tia and others.

"Finally got back."

"Have I kept you waiting?"

"Not really, who is she?"

"Oh, one of intruders, I made her mine."

"Yes, I became Kyosuke's thing."

"The number of women are increasing as it goes down..."

"Tia and Kuon are the most important."

"Same as Kuon is a little subtle, but it is nice to be the first."

"It is the same as Tia-sama."


Tia and Kuon are pleased, somehow Lumidora depressed.
I used 200 points to buy Iris clothes, put on a piece of clothing made in time.
This dungeon was exposed to the adventurer guild, the number of adventurers coming to the dungeon will also increase.
If so, I should be able to earn more points from that, as Tia and Kuon are  also there.
As orc general increases in number, it becomes fighting power.
For a little while, if weak adventurers come, it would be good for earning points...

(Please read it in by Novel 44)

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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